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Looking Back, Continue

Was 2004 for you personally? For that business in general, researching the improvements that people lined this past year in Holography Information, we are able to determine that it had been a great year for many, with several good improvements that set the picture for 2005 and beyond, but with adequate clouds coming to avoid any complacency.

When it comes to areas, within the high-security industry the development of holograms on banknotes proceeds apace (view site 3) which may continue being crucial industry notwithstanding the current information the new $100 along with other variations won't, in all probability, incorporate a holographic function. In high-security areas, anything was taken by passports of the back-seat, for holograms atleast - not due to engineering issues but due to the present pre occupation with biometrics. As the duty press marketplace proceeds supply substantial high-volume possibilities for providers, but elsewhere in doc safety, AAMVAis specification of holograms on all people driving permits was a substantial increase for that business. There have been several main improvements in model safety - although the Olympics 2004 merchandising plan, and also the utilization of holograms whilst the primary certification function on the new labelling plan for pharmaceutical items in Malaysia exhibited holograms in these areas' ongoing achievement. About the disadvantage, the Foodis questionable choice to look at RFID-centered monitor and track whilst the means to fix item security and offer chain management for drugs in america might have unwanted effects for that business must medication regulatory authorities elsewhere on the planet follow its instance. In presentation, meanwhile, whilst the Inventory view post within this problem (view page 6) highlights, it's hardly feasible to-go out today without viewing holography embellishing store racks on all types of products from luxurious top end to everyday products. Advancement and advancement About The engineering entrance, holography extended to show its natural convenience of improvement and advancement. The incorporation of holograms with additional systems for improved protection and performance continued apace - illustrations including Schreineris KeySecure engineering, Securikettis Authentikett brands, mixed hologram/genetics/RFID labels from ADNAS and Holomex and improvements to teas scribos' Holospot program (view page 8) to mention but several. Within the banknote marketplace, Kurz and De La Rue launched fresh protection functions during 2004 centered on combinations of line, substrate and foil technology. When it comes to manufacturing, Gidue and Newmec equally joined the marketplace with foil programs methods, Common Machine released its fresh small metalliser while the new Lightspeed electronic hologram printer of Spatial Imaging designated the start of new period in large-format hologram source. Besides the improvements within the ‘conventional' marketplace for ornamental and certification products, holography can also be just starting to show its possibility of use like a function in addition to a device. Types of this potential incorporate Smart Holograms' improvement of holographic data-storage methods from Optware and reflection holograms as diagnostic products. Openly- businesses that are listed were coated within the November problem of Holography Information at length. But there is information from a number of other groups aswell, such as the growth programs introduced AFC, ITW Covid, by ABNH and AET Films' transfer to broad embossing about the presentation entrance. Louisenthal, a significant participant within the banknote business, exposed that it today provides full scale hologram manufacturing, including source, while its former ideal partner in foils, Hueck Folien, registered the rates of banknote providers using its first-order for lines for that Indian currency, signalling a possibly substantial new entrant towards the marketplace. Its appearance was partly offset by AOT's choice to abandon foils, as its purchase, staved off the bankruptcy of another high-security provider, Mantegazza by German protection papermaker Fabriano. Outside the conventional business centers of Western Europe and The United States, Cina, Asia and Western Europe and also the CIS nations proceed to perform an ever more essential part - not only as areas for american businesses but as main centers of improvement within their own right. Spain, a hotbed of medical development, kept its first local meeting this season; the dedication amongst Indian businesses to quality and business requirements is definitely an enthusiasm to all of US, while all eyes are on China, the place for that 2005 Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing that'll supply the first chance for several american hologram businesses to see the power and range of the huge marketplace. 2004is Downside for that good. About the disadvantage, RFID proceeds to put itself, and become seen in certain groups, whilst the ‘silver topic' remedy to counterfeiting and diversion, new systems for example Nanoventions declare their brilliance over diffractive functions and top quality fake holograms have now been found on currency - particularly the pound. The latter, amongst providers, is resulting in a noticeable feeling of disenchantment with holograms when it comes to their stated protection advantages, engineering expansion and poor criteria particularly. This subject continues to be included extensively in current problems of Holography Information and was among the primary subjects for dialogue in the current Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing meeting in Prague, an optimistic results of that was the visibility of discussion and readiness amongst business individuals to function jointly to deal with the actual conditions that are creating problem and table the misperceptions in it. All for that business in all, not really a poor year. Supplied the issues resulting in disenchantment in certain industries remains accepted and resolved with suitable steps, and supplied hologram businesses proceed to purchase the brand new items and methods that type potential and the center of the business, 2005 might not be even worsen.


A Watershed Year for that IHMA

In his Chairman's are accountable to the Annual General Assembly of the Worldwide Hologram Companies' Affiliation, Hugues Souparis recognized the start of the Safe Hologram Maker Certification Plan like a watershed for that Affiliation (se HN Vol 18 No 3). This Plan, run-in co operation with Intergraf, help increase client understanding of the requirement to supply safe holograms from the competent safe maker, and must create a substantial factor to increasing methods within the safe hologram area. Souparis' organization, Hologram Sectors, was the first ever to be licensed, but others that are many have currently utilized. Another essential improvement throughout the year have been the discussions using the Hologram Companies' Organization of India (HoMAI), targeted at creating a powerful connection between your two associations and helping like a design for that IHMAis connection with additional local or national hologram organizations. An essential area of the prepared connection was the IHMAis Hologram Picture Register and HoMAIis Hologram Registry could be connected to ensure that all looks for a hologram complement on either repository might protect both sources, enhancing the chances of determining fits which occurred from efforts to supply illegal copies of the hologram currently being used. He noted that Regardless of The information the US Agency of Engraving and Publishing is throwing its internet broader for protection functions (view page-1), banknotes continue being a great marketplace for that holography business. Numerous fresh banknotes have now been launched including two main values - the new dollar series-which includes a stripe and also the two larger variations of the recently-created each having an area, yen. Kurz was the provider for both, the latter thought as the biggest individual hologram purchase for banknotes in the market. Additional values which have launched holograms to all or the majority of their the Panel was in dialogue using the China AntiCounterfeiting Engineering Organization (CATA) having a watch to CATA creating a hologram area, which the IHMA was likewise in initial conversations with European suppliers thinking about a business company there. Souparis advised members of the links of IHMA with other worldwide along with Interpol and nationwide authorities companies, stating he wished to construct on these connections within the year. New Board Members Within The elections in the AGM, Souparis was re elected Chairman - an article another 2 yrs can be held for by him. Wilfried Schipper (Hologram Organization Rako) was chosen whilst the Western representative about the Panel, with Alkis Lembessis (Cavomit and Taurus) as his deputy; Umendra Gupta (Holostik India) was re elected as Oriental consultant, with Khalid Khanani (Metatex) as deputy. Randy James (Pacific

Holographics) was chosen as deputy United States representative and because the AGM the Panel has co opted Steve Halotek (ITW Covid) whilst the United States consultant, there being no approved nomination in the assembly. Alex Goncharsky (Computer Holography Center, Moscow) and Ken Traub (ABNH) stick to the panel to get a second and fourth-year respectively.

Distributing the Term

Along with the goals above, a vital job for that IHMA in 2005 and afterwards is to market the good advantages of holograms, especially as certification products, like a table to disenchantment using the engineering in a few groups, somewhat some areas of the high-security field. A positive publicity strategy, a larger existence at business meetings, a better site for customers and people equally like a communications device, along with a push to improve the account and also the presence of the IHMA are presently underway. The hologram business is among the several within the certification field to possess its affiliation and also the IHMA is devoted to building with the talents and also this placement that the combined speech can offer for hologram businesses.

Contact: www.IHMA.org.


Common Machineis New Compact Metalliser (Pg #5)

Common Machine, producer of vacuum metallising gear, revealed further information on its fresh compact Holosecâ?¢ metalliser (notice HN Vol 18 No 2) in the current Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing meeting in Prague.

Machine metallisers have so far been provided with manufacturing sizes of 800-3000m, restricting their use for manufacturing reasons as well as both economically among slim and little -internet hologram makers and making these foil pre and to purchase within their movie -metallised from wide-web providers. The Holosec was made to load this market and allow slim -internet suppliers to create metallising in house, therefore raising their protection of manufacturing and allowing them to make the most of the specialized remedies the machine presents. The Holosec includes the vacuum rewind and chamber models, lcd pre- demetallization, therapy and evaporation supply within one small device having an impact of x 3m. Along with the traditional aluminum employed for films it may cover zinc sulphide, opera, silver and silicon oxide for large refractive index movies. Additionally, it provides routine demetallisation with-in- lcd pre and point enrollment -therapy that improves adhesion and therefore quality to enhance. The run-rate differs to some maximum of 200m each minute from 10m. Common Vacuum area of the Bobst Group and today Valmet, rejected to provide prices declaring these rely on specification. However it may thought that they can be significantly less than the costs for wide-web methods. When asked at Holopack.â?¢ Holo-printing concerning the dangers of distributing low cost safe hologram manufacturing engineering on the market, Dr Nadir Ahmed, who offered the demonstration with respect to his former organization, said the company might examine the authenticity of clients before offer. With additional purchases in the offing for 2005, two devices have now been offered up to now.

Contact: Andrew Port, Common Machine

Gear. Tel: +44 1706 622442;



Menzel Vision System for Web Guiding

Menzel, a German business specialising in equipment for completing and examination devices for fabrics, extended into comparable gear for that plastic films business within the late-1960s, and at Holopackâ?¢ Holo-printing showed a machine vision program for control of internet handling devices for holographic movies. Internet outlines are kept by the machine in register to enhance quality and the precision of slitting, winding rewinding, stamping and hologram procedures that are finishing. On the basis of the firm's expertise building linen and movie internet leading methods, the hologram leading program could be set-to browse the fringe of the hologram movie or perhaps a particular area of the routine within the hologram - the camera tests over the thickness of the movie to report the advantage placement, the registration tag position or even the position of the specific picture component. Once designed, it feeds the picture information to a control, which changes the web instructions to keep the positioning of the net along with an indicator.

The Menzel perspective program for holographic movie charges around â?¬17- 20,000, with respect to the setup needed.

Contact: www.menzel.net.


Visual Document Security

The research guide Visual Doc Security's 3rd version has become accessible from marketers Artech House. Compiled by Rudolf van Renesse, a specialist within the area and publisher and co author of both prior models (printed in 1994 and 1998 respectively), the guide supplies a thorough and natural treatment of facets of visual record protection, based on its


The guideis items have now been considerably updated and modified in the prior version, and extended to incorporate protection of analysis and extra protection functions. The launch about the concept of colors is followed closely by sections on lighting interference and diffraction, substrate-based protection, printing inks and publishing methods, published security designs (including display decoded pictures and electronic watermarks), diffractive- and disturbance-based security functions, security style and analysis and an introduction to biometrics. The importance is on both science of protection functions in resisting counterfeiting as well as their worth, as the section analyzing protection style discusses the individual facets of first-line record examination.

The 350 pages of the guide include more than white pictures and 270 black, including an appendix with examples of essential safety functions, and security files. Additionally, a CD ROM is roofed which includes all pictures of the guide entirely-color. Writer Rudolf van Renesse was senior research manufacture within the Optics Division of TNO Institute of Applied Science Within The Netherlands and it is today

A completely independent advisor on record protection for bank and banking institutions and government sectors. He's substantial expertise within the areas of holography, visual examination methods, and also the concept of shades and record protection, and it is the writer greater than 80 guides in these places, in addition to a factor to Holography Information and its own sibling guides Certification Information and Currency Information. Visual Document Protection can be obtained in the reduced price £72/$118 from Artech House -



Display Holography increasing

"Photopolymer is currently making progress... Earning initiatives that possibly printed hologram suppliers may have likely to offer"

We experience for Valerie Enjoy of OpGraphics, the organization that's outlined its DuPont photopolymer hologram manufacturing gear available on eBay and Nick Hardy. Op continues to be creating show holograms for that present and promotional industry since 1983, initially on Agfa silver halide movies, subsequently within the 1990s Nick Hardy began dealing with DuPontis holographic photopolymer, partially

Since Agfa stopped production of its movies, partially since the photopolymer reflection holograms were lighting effective and had sound. Sadly, when DuPont Authentication Methods was proven like a partnership with Tag Systems Inc, the organization chose to limit the submission of its photopolymer picture that was unexposed to security hologram suppliers that were sanctioned. Op were one of the hologram suppliers that have been provided notice of the cessation of offer. They attempted to combat this under competition regulation in the united kingdom, but despite the time for you to perfect their procedures and also their substantial expense in DuPontis manufacturing gear, it was to no avail. The result manufacturing package being provided on eBay.

Photopolymer's Entire Year?

The time couldn't be much more touching as there seems to be an increase of curiosity about photopolymer holograms - might 2005 be photopolymer's year? The entire year has started nicely for DAS with NASCAR's statement of its certified merchandise certification tag, a designated photopolymer reflection hologram (view page 4). Up to now, stamped holograms have focused the United States activities licensing certification tasks. NASCAR (typically the most popular motorsport company in The United States) might not rival the large national sporting leagues in recognition, but large battle conferences for example Daytona and Indiana attract big crowds of keen souvenir seekers. This past year, DAS launched its izonâ?¢ advanced photopolymer holograms, providing immediate holo pictures about the movie, which makes it especially ideal for identification files. And over the Pacific, Dai Nippon and Nippon Paint co-announced that Teikoku Piston Ring Company had become the very first main client for certification holograms on Safe Imageâ?¢ warm-stampable photopolymer. So photopolymer is making improvement within the manufacturer safety marketplace, possibly earning jobs that printed hologram suppliers may have likely to offer. Two ads don't create a fully fledged industry, but do represent improvement. Returning Full-Circle

And today, arriving back to where it started, Liti Holographics has introduced that it's shipping a brand new immediate holographic movie ideal for reflection holograms for that house and interest marketplace (view page 3). Meanwhile, silver show holograms stay a pressure available on the market. Slavich proceeds to locate a market for movies and its halide plates and beyond in Spain, and Color Holographics, which overran offer and the manufacturing of HRT discs, discovers a marketplace that is constant or even stunning. While additional silver halide show hologram suppliers stay in constant creation, the organization is getting a prepared marketplace because of its own large-format colour holograms. The accessibility to small LED lamps which illuminate holograms in a high quality, and also the enhanced reputation by holographers they have to provide an entire, illuminated and framed installment, is improving the preparedness of show designers and interior designers to think about show holograms like a method. As you who got involved with holography due to the pleasure of 3D pictures, it's fairly astonishing to determine the ongoing curiosity about complete parallax holograms, complementing the large-volume marketplace of stamped holograms and comforting.


Liti's New Reflection Picture

Liti Holographics, that provides inexpensive face hologram packages promoting for $99 (notice HN Vol 18, No 9), has released a brand new hologram video. Based on the organization, this movie has all of the ‘instant hologram' characteristics of its prior movie but has become with the capacity of producing transmission holograms in addition to representation. The brand new movie is reddish-delicate, which makes it suitable for both laser diodes along with other hologram packages, in addition to the Litiholo .

Contact: www.litiholo.com


The New Pharma Certification of Nigeria

NAFDAC, Drugs Company & the Nigerian Food, has launched a brand new certification to become released to sanctioned locally made and imported drugs. A protection printer in the united kingdom is producing the brand new certification and carries a hologram. Involvement is followed by this Representative of NAFDAC within the first Worldwide Community on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting, by Dr Dora Akunyili, where she made contact one of the participants with probable providers.


Drugs: Endangered or a Hologram Marketplace Growing?

In London, organized by Holography Information' writer, Reconnaissance Worldwide, the Next Global Community on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting has only completed at that time of publishing. Among the styles to arise throughout the 21/2 evening meeting's span was the significance of certification of real items included in the machine to fight fake medications, noticed from nationwide drug regulatory organizations and from producers from speakers. A number of the speakers suggested, but Doctor Thomas Zimmer of Boehringer Ingelheim clearly mentioned, the perfect certification system for drugs is yet unavailable. As Dr Zimmer was talking in his capability as Chairman of the Anti-Fake Number Of the European Federation of the Pharmaceutical Industry Organizations (EFPIA), his findings should be taken seriously by providers - or ambitious providers - of certification items towards the pharmaceutical field.

Up to now holograms have now been the key system employed for obvious certification on drugs, therefore the declare that the perfect system isn't yet accessible can only just be translated like a

challenge to hologram providers. Possibly holograms have didn't provide exactly what the pharma field demands in begging their clients to make use of all of the degrees of protection that the hologram could possibly offer or hologram producers haven't succeeded; that's next, first and next ranges - obvious, hidden and device study. To apply device and hidden read demands extra expense by clients in instruction, studying resources and - for device read - structure.

Perfect Field

The field is fantastic for this kind of infrastructure's launch. Another phone in the Worldwide Community was for improved harmonisation of examination and certification methods. In a field that will be as controlled so that as managed as that one, where all medications (atleast, the genuine types) are dispersed via a managed program in a prepared relationship between producers, marketers, merchants and authorities, instruction and equipping people who manage the products to look at the certification system ought to be possible. As if the machine's launch -read structure, let's assume that there's of what's to become read commonality. The phone call for harmonisation outcomes in the heterogeneity within the field at the moment, making evaluation and inpsection a tougher job for several concerned.

At the moment each hologram provider presents its amazing approach to studying and coding information that is concealed. It's improper to get pharmacist or a factory to become designed with hologram reading methods that were numerous, each one of these necessary to browse the differently protected info on the holograms the many manufacturers whose medicines they provide from each. Similarly, government personnel are unable to transport around portable devices that are numerous. But whilst the well- precedent of bar-codes and charge cards exhibits, merchants and marketers may provide themselves to see rules that are standard the compatibility is maximum and also when the gear impact, price and instruction needed is minimum.

May the hologram business accomplish this for that pharmaceutical field? That's to express, may the hologram business understand that this is a trigger where cooperation about the ownership of the typical method of development and decoding can offer the chance to fully capture that marketplace for several years in the future to the? Any competitive method hasn't simply to show itself exceptional, but should also conquer the expected unwillingness of the complete field to alter the way in which it will factors since once proven.

Large Benefit

Since holograms have a recognised customer-base within the Pharma field the hologram business begins having a large benefit. And the community like a tag of certification perceives holograms - its existence provides a comfortableness although the general public might not understand how to analyze a hologram. However when no coherent motion to interact is taken by the business, this benefit will be squandered by it. The Pharma field (producers, specialists, actually individuals' teams) is creating a situation for that perfect certification unit, without possibly understanding that what's really required is definitely an authorization program. That program might be constructed around holograms - however it might alternately be constructed around other forms of system. There are lots of options all currently trying to usurp holograms. Lately, the operating has been created by RFID, in publicity and lobbying conditions atleast, but additional systems - taggants, magnetics, complicated bar codes yet others - all are searching for their ‘killer software' and find out the pharma field as fresh because of their efforts. The pharma field is currently providing mixed signs concerning holograms' utilization. On a single side, Pfizer, in its present era of item certification, happens to be employing color change inks in the place of holograms whilst the foundation because of its answer; about the good side, Malaysiais Meditag runs on the three-degree hologram (obvious, hidden and device-read) in the centre of the program of enrollment and examination. May the hologram business - not providers, however the business operating together - convince the entire pharmaceutical field that Malaysia's may be the way not Pfizeris?

Even though it has quit the doorway available for additional systems by not mandating the usage of RFID the RFID business effectively lobbied the usa Food & Medicationis Management anticounterfeit taskforce such that it has recognized RFID whilst the easiest way forward. This is actually the instance the hologram business must follow, since it needs to convince producers, marketers and authorities the pharma field may proceed to make use of - and sometimes even, must employ - holograms at a program of authentication's heart. The reward is enormous, since the drugs field would be followed by additional industry industries. There's no consolation award, since an inevitable signal would be given by surrendering the forex market field to an alternate engineering to additional industry areas.


HoloTouch Improvement

HoloTouchâ?¢ Inc, a growth organization located in Darien, Ct employed in affiliation with Atlantex Corp, has released the BeamOne HoloTouch analysis device, a functional display of its noncontact control method. HoloTouch was started by R Douglas McPheters to manipulate its complex procedure for predicting a genuine holographic image of the keyboard or comparable fingertip control panel so that moving a genuine product, like a finger, through the picture, triggers the handle (US Patent 6377238 - observe H-N Vol 17 No 6). Atlantex specialises in assisting provide services to promote, particularly within the area of computer components and digital settings.

The BeamOne is just a four- switch container to matter directions to some Computer, to which a cable connects it. The holographic picture of the switches drift about 4" (10-cm) above the BeamOne container and certainly will be designed to teach the pc to do the necessary capabilities. It's fully-functional, costing US$1995, but is characterized HoloTouch and by Atlantex being an analysis system. Nevertheless, visitors of Control Design have selected it as ‘the many revolutionary individual-device software highlighted in the year in Control Design.' HoloTouch is identified by McPheters as meeting programs where low-contact is essential, for example in a clean environment, or wherever switches or changes CAn't be created tough enough for that environment. The hologram picture may also be bigger than the keyboard it mimics, which makes it appropriate where the unit is little or perspective might need help, such as for example for sight impaired people or while operating an automobile, in which a rapid look into a little switch could be harmful. The hologram can also be, obviously, inherently lit, so it's helpful for dim surroundings or evening. HoloTouch are searching for programs companions who'll adjust the HoloTouch method to their control products.


HoloTouch Chosen for FastTrack

HoloTouchâ?¢ Inc, the organization that's created a holographic software for contactless control products, hasbeen chosen for Ct Technology Councilis fast-track plan for encouraging

High technology start ups. FastTrack is definitely a corresponding and advisory program that assists start ups with revolutionary suggestions and quick development potential to achieve seed- business-planning feedback and phase money through the mobilisation of the community of skilled providers, experts, traders and business connections. Commenting about the plan, HoloTouch founder said: ‘FastTrack provides possibly useful help in connecting people with experts and teachers and certainly will market our merging with businesses who observe worth within our revolutionary holographic actuation'.

The organization has partnered to start the BeamOne HoloTouch device. This permits providers of control panels for example keypads to enter instructions by simply moving a hand through holographic pictures that represent these instructions and drift before the unit (notice HN Vol 19, No 3) and it is suited to programs where low-contact is essential for operability of health, including electronic devices, kiosks, ATMs and medical equipment. HoloTouch and Atlantex also have introduced the BeamOne has become accessible with relay result, stretching the

Engineeringis reach to digital equipment managed by programmable logic controllers (PLCs).


Currently provides conversation with computers through sequential, Hardware and other locations. Based on McPheters, this newest improvement implies that the engineering are now able to be properly used aswell, for example factory ground gear in a commercial programs. McPheters is likely to be showing a document about the HoloTouch technology at Holopackâ?¢ Holo-printing 2005.

Contact: www.holotouch.com


Holotek Profits and Doubles Sales

Holotek Technologies Ltd, of Sanzao Zhuhai in China, it is planning to accomplish atleast 50% growth and has doubled its profits in 2004. Its 2003 audited revenue of RMB103m (±US$12.5m) increased to RMB210M (±$25.5m) in 2004, with online revenue hiking from RMB58m (±$7m) to RMB123.5m (±$15.2m), but observe that the 2004 numbers aren't yet audited. Even though organization wasn't prone to duty in its first decades of procedure (like a start up within the Zhuhai Economic Area), these prices of nearly 60% create Holotek the absolute most lucrative holographic maker on the planet, equally by border as well as in its dollar amount. 98% of those revenue are for move metallising of smoke ships and packages, primarily for presentation; 85% is using the indication on DOG on OPP. Holotek has experienced possession changes because we first documented about the organization (notice HN Vol 17 No 6). It had been put up by Fong Teng Engineering of Taiwan, but the expense that may be put in a Chinese business from Taiwan is limited by government rules. foot has appropriately offered its curiosity to four personal investors, such as the boss Mark Chiang (like a group operator), and Holotek works like a part of Aimrich that will be authorized in Samoa. The organization in addition has divested its 49% keeping a Shenzhen organization that creates smoke packaging supplies, in Yong Feng Tian Engineering. Each one of these improvements imply Holotek has additionally delayed its ideas to drift about the Hongkong stock market. It'd initially mentioned its goal was to drift this season having a market capitalisation people$150m, however it has become aiming having a capitalisation for floatation in 2008. Chiang informed Holography Information the organization also plans to begin exporting to be always a worldwide player within the holographic presentation movie marketplace and he's wishing to market a substantial shareholding - including upto many position - to some proper offshore companion to assist Holotek become this international player.

Contact: www.holotek.com.cn

Holotek -Supply Companion for people Industry

Oriental wide web hologram maker Holotek Systems Ltd and longtime National printed hologram maker Holo-Supply have put up a combined US enterprise, Holo-Resource Supplies

Organization (H-SM), to promote the previousis holographic movies for presentation in The United States. Though just recently introduced, the organization was proven adhering to a lengthy connection between your two businesses and Holotekis unique Taiwan guardian, Fong Teng Engineering, in regards to a year-ago. Leader of Holotek, Mark Chiang, was documented in Holography Information this past year to become searching for a global companion to increase international revenue.

Holo- Lee Lacey started in 1986 Supply and it has been a reliable area of the National holography business. He's held the organization little and personal - it presently includes a team of 13 - however it has succeeded by specialising in restricted-work embossing, completing and publishing. The organization did with for many years has additionally been dealing with Fong Teng, as well as additional people suppliers, for example CFC International after which Holotek to supply experts. Lee Lacey informed Holography Information he continues to be really pleased using the quality of the manufacturing of Holotek and started working to promote their supplies in The United States. Following two of evaluating the marketplace and also the easiest way to approach it or a year both businesses decided to create the partnership for growing the procedure like a car.

H-SM is posting 15 μ DOG and 22 μ OPP. It's warehousing restricted shares of common designs that are standard, but may provide custom designed supplies within 4-5 months, including delivery from China.

Contacts: www.holo-source.com;



Enjoying the Blame-Game - the Causes in Counterfeiting

"Anything created in the situation of holograms really effectively, although not robbery, as well as as an authorization system stops duplication and simulation."

The current fatalities because of bootleg alcohol laced with deadly amounts of methyl alcohol in Poultry display all to obviously the measures to which counterfeiters may visit correct their illgotten gains. Additionally, it demonstrates how, each time a disaster occurs, man made or organic, people locate a goal to

Blame and choose a simple one that will be the incorrect one, as well as how there'll continually be businesses or people seeking to change the problem for their benefit. In this instance the goal was foremost and first for increasing the fees on raki fourfold over 2 yrs, resulting in a scenario which, within the phrases of the tones business, was the federal government'. The 2nd goal was the holograms about the brands, for declining allow a difference to become created between the deadly bootleg edition and also real raki. It's undoubtedly correct that authorities might help produce by which counterfeiting flourishes a breeding ground. There's a place where any duty-increasing steps become counterproductive - the purpose once they are recognized to become extreme and/or unjust towards the degree that regular people consider steps to prevent paying them being attained. In circumstances that are such counterfeiting may thrive - specially when it's regarded as a crime where the patients that are only are faceless companies and authorities - and also the counterfeiters truly capitalised with this.

Holograms Not To Blame

It's not the case, nevertheless, the holograms were by any means to blame. Anything created being an authorization system stops duplication and simulation, as well as in the situation of holograms really effectively, although not robbery (as Microsoft discovered many years before when its Scottish printer was raided - twice - because of its inventory of holograms). When thieves break-in through the windows accusing the holograms in cases like this is approximately as reasonable as placing locks in your doors. This reality that is apparent didn't prevent individuals with a pursuit in RFID, nevertheless, from utilizing the scenario to advertise the advantages of their engineering. No sooner had information of the very first fatalities than statements seemed within the press the utilization of RFID might have avoided the misfortune been documented. Because these reviews were within the common in the place of specialized press, was the business giving such findings towards the commentators' palm. The truth that RFID provides distinctive item identification-which might have created it feasible to recognize stolen brands disguises the truth that holograms could be designed in a portion of the price with comparable id. And also the remarks about RFID conceal the truth that at no stage, it seems, did half of a thousand labels' robbery - a quantity that is not-insignificant - function as an earlier notice of the fraud that is fake. There may just be one reason behind the robbery and, provided the lack of any type of distinctive id about the brands through which they may be tracked, just one accountable strategy - specifically, an instantaneous change of tag. This didn't occur - atleast not till following the fakes completed and choose to go into flow their harm. ‘Hindsight is an excellent point', whilst the saying goes, but in variety there is experience in an incident such as this also. Engineering, whether RFID, additional or holograms, can proceed to date - sooner or later intellect and individual instinct includes a component to perform. In this instance it seems to get been sadly missing. Therefore where does the fault rest? Using the government? Their duty- counterfeiters require small motivation to ply their bad industry, although increasing steps haven't assisted. Using the engineering? Not within the feeling because it was never meant to determine stolen brands that it failed. But an incident is undoubtedly to become produced in the near future for implementing a braces and ‘belt' means to fix both robbery and counterfeiting providing you with distinctive item id along side certification - anything that holograms are matched. Using for not getting suitable remedial activity when it'd have created a distinction the producers? Undoubtedly, the indicators are for as well as there whatever cause, not served on. This can be a traditional situation where ‘doing nothing' shouldn't have now been a choice. Counterfeiters The Causes But fundamentally, the fault lies using the counterfeiters for that questionable manner in which they've created and dispersed a deadly item within the complete understanding of the harm it'd, possibly for profit situation. Extra levels of methyl alcohol cause problem, blurry in some instances death and, vision, severe abdominal discomfort, coma. The fake raki had 200 instances the amounts that are allowed. In enjoying the blame-game, no one must lose sight of the actual causes within this misfortune.


No Color Holographic Paper

PROMA Technologies has launched ‘No-Shade'holographic document containing a brand new number of holographic designs and pictures that show distinctive visual results. Unlike common printed holographic document that creates a range of reflective color and diffracts light, the ‘nocolor' designs don't display colour that is conventional moving qualities. Based on the organization, this insufficient color history indicates no disturbance with printing artwork, permitting a genuine display of brand personality and copyrighted colors. Or, as the leader of PROMA Joe Serono places it ‘depth without disruption.' Victoria's the surprise container selection was the very first industrial software for that new document of Key.

Vacumet Buys PROMA

Vacumet has obtained PROMA Technologies' belongings . As consequence of the purchase, the 140 of PROMA,000 square-foot Boston service will end up section of Specialty Coatings Department and Vacumetis Metallized Paper. A part of the Scholle Corporation, Vacumet, makes a broad selection of metallised items including document, movies, panel and materials, for attractive presentation programs and practical buffer, as well as supplies a custom metallizing support. It had been started in 1969 and it has eight websites in america. PROMA Technologies was previously referred to as Van Leer Metallized Products (USA) Ltd just before its management purchase in 2000 (notice HN Vol 14, Nos 5/6). It focuses on holographic documents and it has the planet's biggest document metallizer at 90" wide paper, creating HoloPRISM® documents for ornamental programs and safety documents for model security. It uses 100 people and before purchase, was independently-possessed. Its purchase and inclusion to Vacumet will build up items in both gold and holographic metallized

Documents. This is actually the newest of the number of Vacumet purchases. The organization and it obtained Ultravac's Midwestern department and belongings and the company Ga, of Himac Atlanta, respectively. In the united kingdom, Vacumet obtained the united states metallizing functions of Rexam in 2000. & most recently, it's exposed another manufacturing facility in Ct and transitioned its South Plastic procedures from Atlanta to some fresh 81,000 square-foot service in Austell, Atlanta in January, 2005 that'll home a variety of metallising and slitting gear as much as 130" large.

Contact: Ruth Kemp, PROMA Technologies;

+1 508 541 774;



Taken Holograms utilized on Fakes in Turkey

As much as 35 individuals are documented to possess died in Poultry after eating a bootleg version and a whole lot more have now been hospitalised. The manufacturer which was counterfeited, Yeni Raki, is produced by Mey Icki, which purchased their state's booze procedures -possessed tobacco-company this past year that was Tekel. Summer roughly 500,000 manufacturer brands, including a duty hologram, were taken from the bottling plant in Izmir of the company's. These brands have now been utilized on the fakes, which makes it difficult to differentiate between fake and real containers. Following a breakthrough of the fakes, all Yeni Raki containers are now being remembered (as much as five-million) and fresh container lids, in platinum in the place of gold, are now being launched. Meanwhile, 85% have slumped -. The hand of fault for that misfortune has been directed in the government since visiting energy in 2002 for implementing a number of four duty increases on tones, a cost ignored from the government that will be declining to reduce fees. Concerns are also lifted concerning the credibility of holograms, the primary

Certification function with recommendations they have failed within their purpose to recognize fakes, of labels. There has been requires enhanced protection about the brands, with a few tv and paper reviews recommending by allowing the labels to become recognized the utilization of chips might have avoided the misfortune. In reaction to these remarks, the IHMA has released a declaration repeating the requirement for certification holograms to become produced, moved and saved under safe problems and going out the theft of the protection labels must have supplied a definite and early-warning that the fake endeavor was impending, because there might be no additional description due to their theft (the producers didn't, following a robbery, alter labels). The IHMA has additionally noticed that holograms are extremely effective validation products that guard items from modification and counterfeiting, although not from robbery. Nevertheless, several holograms today contain hidden, obvious and distinctive id markings, for supply chain management reasons which, like RFID but in a less expensive, might simply be properly used to recognize brands that are stolen.


SK Hologram - Chief in Korea

Sunshine-Kyung Hologram (SK) may be the top security hologram maker in Korea, and also the first in the united states to participate the IHMA. It had been started in 1987 like a department of chemical conglomerate SKC and the movie and turned a completely independent organization 10 years later. SK continues to be situated in a purpose built manufacturer in Hwa-sung Town since 1999 which includes source, electroforming and learning, embossing as much as finishing services and 760mm large. Source systems incorporate Nanoseal for high-security pictures and 2D/3D, 3D and dot-matrix underneath the logos Holoseal. In 2000 a complete security-system was launched by the organization as well as to ISO9001 was certified in the year. Items include HRIC laminating films for identification cards, hot-stamping foil, tinker- integral and apparent protection brands and shrink sleeves with extra systems including magnetics, barcodes and demetallisation. The primary areas of sK have been in model security and safety, currency and identification files. Clients range from the Korean government (its holographic movie can be used within the line for that Japanese 5000 gained), banks, the National Police Company and also the military. In model safety it's provided Hyundai, Korea's biggest vehicle producer, with certification brands since 1993 as well as provides Honda, GM- Daewoo - Samsung and so forth. Outside the automotive parts marketplace, main clients in model safety contain Samsung Technology, LG (Home, Technology and Style), Sony, Callaway yet others in electronics, amusement and consumer products. The return of sK this past year was $5m also it presently uses 55 people. Nearly all its company is in providing the domestic marketplace however it exports to the Middleeast and America.

Contact: John Keum, SK Hologram,

Bunchon-lee, 108-4 Bunchon-Up, Hwasung,

Kyonggi-do, Korea. Tel: +82 2 2057 7223;

email: brian@skhologram.co.kr;



Warm-Stampable Flying Null Labels

Flying Null, the British organization that's created contactless magnetic tags, has transferred into manufacturing of the new-making foil edition of its Electro Magnetic Id EMID) tags. Foil producer Hueck Folien hasbeen dealing with Traveling Null on developing preparations of films and the 12 μm cotton video, and assisting the organization to optimize these to get a warm-press label that is magnetic. Based on Ian Wills, Traveling Nullis programs supervisor, it has decreased the label production actions from 13 to eight, therefore the organization are now able to provide a hot-press label to be used on the number of presentation substrates in a competitive cost, benefiting from the already-high foundation of mounted hot-creating equipment at presentation converters and models. For individuals who like the label in self-adhesive moist or -stick tag structure, additionally, it implies that tag converters or Traveling Null have a simple procedure to create brands, merely warm-creating the label onto the tag substrate. The procedure entails the sputtering of the 0.8 metallization onto the launch-coating covered DOG given by Hueck in one single-meter reels that are large. Where the required dimension layer is utilized the reel is subsequently delivered to Hueck and also the movie is slit into ribbons. Flying Null runs on the Nd Yag laser to ablate the film in to the secured routine necessary for each client. Flying Null applies a subscription tag so the warm-press die applies each distinct label that is coded to join up. Dealing with Hueck, Traveling Null are now able to provide EMI labels to be hotstamped by preparations onto materials, panel, materials and paper. Certification information labels need a bow about 10-12 mm long; order info (for example day and/or host to produce) needs 20-25 mm and personal code requires 25-30 mm, or around 40-45 mm when the label will be go through external presentation (ie from in the delivery carton)

This improvement enhances Traveling Nullis low-special license contracts with Light Thoughts and Mark S Smith Presentation (DSS). Sometime previously LI introduced the start of Optocodeâ?¢, a brand that mixed a hologram having a magnetic label. Based on Wills, this could currently be created like a warm-press foil mixture, though they're also trying to mix both in one single foil coating installing a stamped hologram within the stamped EMI label.

Contact: www.flying-null.com.


Within the Certification Business, It Is Period That RFID Was Raised

Producers of the various systems getting pot-shots through damaging advertising that wanted by belittling the resistance to advertise their choices at-one another characterized on several events the introduction of the certification business throughout the 1990s. Within this regard, hologram producers were not as innocent as their alternatives in the areas of certification. However the business has exploded up and managed to move on, and several providers of the certification systems nevertheless declare to provide the mythic gold round, with many identifying that various systems tackle different factors of counterfeiting, diversion along with other types of piracy, but not one engineering handles all of them. This reputation is confirmed from the growing pattern for erstwhile rivals to participate forces, providing so-called ‘layered' options that mix a variety of supporting although various systems to deal with the requirements of anti-counterfeiting monitor, certification and and track. One engineering, however, that seems to be heading from this pattern is RFID, which in several groups has been recommended, within the phrases of Lester Crawford of the usa Food and Drug Administration, whilst the ‘cornerstone technology within the combat fakes due to the capability to monitor, trace and authenticate'. Not just are followers of RFID positively marketing this concept, however they tend to be doing this of disparaging different options within the framework. Once we documented in last monthis Holography Information, for instance, such followers were fast to capitalise about the current fatalities in Poultry brought on by fake alcohol (in containers covered with real holograms taken in the manufacturing facility) by declaring the utilization of RFID might have avoided this from occurring by permitting the stolen brands to become recognized. And

Therefore might once we stated the holograms had they been numbered or designed with various other type of special id. Crazy Statements This month, in a framework that was different but a notice within the SunWeekend, with related undertones, a paper, required The Ministry to look at RFID labels in the place of holograms for that Meditag medications certification tag. The author, who'd just be recognized as a business expert', stated holograms aren't used-to base piracy and do not work anyhow that. (Their crazy statements were refuted from the IHMA in a notice printed within the document the next weekend.). These are simply two types of an emerging technology has been sold within an business that has long managed to move on from methods on the foundation of aggressive disinformation. RFID offers substantial advantages in stock control and item monitoring, which by itself helps you by which makes it tougher to integrate these in to the established source stores to decrease the occurrence of fakes. But anti counterfeiting is just a side-benefit and RFID is unproven for certification reasons, costly (equally within the price of the labels as well as their visitors), demands substantial infrastructural assistance as well as in some instances is merely not practicable (for instance, the steel in blister packages stops radio stations transmission sent from the system). Critically the sign could be compromised into and also the information documented within the system transformed using PDAs that were easy. And not just may the information be reprogrammed, but you will find main issues about privacy. As HolographyNews' sibling book Certification news-reports, hand held PDAs might study which kind of underwear you're sporting, what publications you're transporting.

They might actually be properly used to fully capture individual facts included in the chips that shop biometric information in passports. RFID is Fallible in a nutshell, RFID is costly, fallible and misguided. None of those elements show that it generally does not possess a component to perform in certification, however they undoubtedly show that it's not the ‘cornerstone' engineering that some declare it to become. Certainly there's no such engineering, since of counterfeiting, along side piracy and diversion within the area, there's not one issue. RFID may be hence the possibility of infiltration of fakes, and the best answer for a company using the structure for supply chain logistics currently in position that really wants to avoid item diversion. However it isn't any great when the answer demands 100% evidence of credibility or public confirmation in a judge of regulation. Holograms, about the other-hand, will be the answer for certification that is obvious and certainly will be coupled with additional systems to supply tracking capacity. But when there is a hidden remedy needed, for instance, or one which offers evidence of dilution and adulteration holograms aren't the solution. "Horses for programs", as the saying goes. Quite simply, various systems have particular advantages associated with a few of the issues of diversion and counterfeiting, but each also offers restrictions that make them inappropriate for others. Providers of other certification systems along with holograms understand this. It's time for its own followers and that RFID business do also and to develop up. Till it will, both cases cited above display the hologram industry CAn't be satisfied but must be equally meticulous and conscious of assaults for example these such that it may - through the IHMA - create an industry reaction These illustrations also place - all over again - towards the requirement for a business-broad press relations work to rebut allegations that holograms do not work with protection. Put they are doing.

Meditag Starts inMalaysia

After numerous setbacks Malaysia applied its Meditag pharmaceutical certification tag on May 27 2005 (notice HN Vol 18, No 9). The plan, initially because of start on January 1, demands all distributed medications and within the- table (or self medication) drugs to transport the certification tag, that will be constructed around a hologram produced by Hologram Sectors. The machine has been given by nearby organization Mediharta, that'll monitor the managed problem of labels to producers and importers and educate the Ministry's personnel to look at the holograms. the pharmaceutical business, both manufacturers is, boring the cost in the area of 1 US penny each. The start of the Meditag program was postponed to permit the pharma industry in Malaysia up by that business, but additionally after intensive lobbying for that software of holograms to almost all their items. Because the statement of the plan in middle-2004, it's fulfilled with intense resistance, using the business actually

Using the aid of the usa Chamber of Business and also the EU in its statements the program is needless, won't function,


Centro Grafico - A Well Kept Secret

Dino Radice in 1970 started Centro Grafico to printing protection types, cheques, deals etc. In 1995, the organization shifted into hologram manufacturing using the purchase of the slim internet JRP embosser to be able to include holograms. The gear was utilized equally to create model safety brands for businesses for example Exxon and Layer and also to direct images. 2 yrs later the organization purchased a dot-matrix program that was Holomagic and started beginning holograms in house. The purchase of 2D/3D source gear adopted, plus a replicate and action program from Newport which allows shims as much as x 600cm to be created. 2 yrs later the organization created and mounted embossing point and its wide web layer to create movies and foils as much as wide. Centro Grafico, that will be centered near Milan creates a broad selection of items and supplies in sizes as much as 1.6m in as well as large indicators from 16 to 100 micron. These contain DOG and OPP movies, throw polypropylene for in- holographic document, labels, plastic, hot-stamping foil and tinker -visible labels. In addition to providing completed holographic items to stop clients, the organization can also be a significant provider of foundation supplies to different hologram makes. In 2001 the organization expanded its product variety using the launch of large refractive index covered items and it is today a number one provider of laminates (including pockets) and thin films for identification programs. Extra amenities for that identification and high-security areas contain demetallisation to join up (as much as 800 cm broad), foil application (both roll-to-roll lines via its program in addition to Dimuken gear for area and stripe software), four color internet intaglio printing and, lately, a brand new laser engraving program for cards. Using the creator Dino Radice operating his child Luca and the organization accountable for R Centro Grafico remains a household company. It currently uses 65 people in A - 20,000m facility is approximately to become expanded ‘considerably'. Return is roughly â?¬15m, most (80%) which is in holographic manufacturing, both completed items and foundation supplies to different hologram producers. The majority of this really is in protection company - passports that are mainly, manufacturer safety and, increasingly. Its primary areas outside Italy are the China and Europe. Based on business expert Paul Samuels, who registered Centro Grafico in 2004 as Representative of Business Improvement pursuing over 20 yearis encounter in holography with CFC International and Used Optical Systems, the organization continues to be covering its light. ‘We are among the best-kept strategies in the market' he explained. ‘I always knew of the organization like a provider of a few of the greatest foundation supplies - for example foils and HRIC - available, but till I acquired speaking with them about joining them I'd no concept of the degree and quality of the product selection. Several people do. Your power that is essential is our development and we've an excellent group of systems and amenities for protection from manufacturer safety to banknotes.'

Contact: Centro Grafico dg, Via Einstein

76, 20010 Marcallo (M), Italy.

Tel: +39 (0) 2 976 1301,



Electronic and Alfa Matrix Synergy as JRP Shuts

Nj organization Alfa Machine Company, well known within the industry because of its holographic embossing devices, and Electronic Matrix (DM), producer of electroforming techniques, have joined up-to begin a combined procedure to promote towards the holography business, to become named Alfa Digital Matrix. Both businesses' items enhance one another, as between them-they can give you the crucial gear for creating embossing shims (DM), recombining and embossing (Alfa). The brand new company is likely to be run by David Pan, previously advertising director at slim-internet embossing device producer James River Items (JRP). The transfer of pot evidently uses JRP's closing. Because the demise in 2002 of its creator Drury Baughan JRP have been run by H Finchum, his boy-in law. Nevertheless, phone-lines towards the organization aren't any longer operating, email continues to be delivered, and contains been documented that purchases have possibly been turned unfulfilled or down. David Skillet has dropped to answer inquiries concerning the organization, choosing to speak about his place. More will be reported by holography Information for that next problem.

Contact: Alfa Electronic Matrix, 92 Madison Ave,

USA, Hempstead, NY 11550.

Tel: +1 516 750 0431;

email: stevepan@alfadigitalmatrix.com


Format Color Forces Development in Display Holography

The usage of large-format show holograms experienced a peaceful interval through the late-1990s, as holographers needed to uncover fresh publicity supplies to displace Agfais silver halide, costs delay corporate clients along with other 3D show methods for example lenticular pictures surrounded into holographyis marketplace. But established holographers and many stalwart remained effective in large-format show function, and current improvements are now actually getting their benefits. Substrates have managed to move on to provide greater reaction, lower sound and greater lighting effectiveness over the range to help the manufacturing of color holograms that were accurate. Significantly these new supplies have refined the article-publicity control needs. This, as well as improvements in electronic source systems, has permitted the launch of manufacturing systems that were integral to become offered as stand alone printing systems. ABC Imaging in Canada and Zebra Imaging of Florida have equally only released such methods, to convert pc pictures to holograms, therefore we consider the chance to check out improvements in large-format screen holography from these businesses, in addition to the path obtained by Color Holographics.

Zebra Provides Imager

Zebra Imaging, started in 1996 by MIT Media Research students Michael Klug and Mark Holzbach to build up their Hogel electronic hologram program (see sidebar), has revealed the Imager M1 high speed

Imager. Utilizing the firm's amazing and complex electronic program, the Imager creates high res (1 mm square Hogel) complete parallax holograms in dimensions as much as 24"/594 mm x-33"/841 mm at an exposure price of 20 units per sqft (930 square cm) on DuPont photopolymer (DuPont is definitely an entrepreneur in Zebra). Holograms are made by the M1 however the organization is creating a color edition that they try to have accessible from the end-of the entire year, president told Holography Information. The M1, that will be the most recent configuration of Zebrais imaging program, costs $1.2m (differs based on remaining setup). Similar advertising methods have been developed by the organization, for the manufacturing of custom pictures as well as for that Imager. It's presently concentrating on three ideal areas: government (protection and homeland protection); automotive and production (Honda is just a main backer and promoter of Zebrais ideas for that car-industry), and new imaging. Zebra is kept busy producing holograms for that three areas, although the Division of Protection will require the Imager. The organization operates two of the prior

Technology imaging methods in house to begin holograms for clients who don't normally need their very own manufacturing service or just need color. An monochrome Imager runs internally for support clients. The experts are ripped on the replicator program which creates a duplicate every 90 seconds. The Hogel program gives itself to big holograms and also to tiling (appropriate models together) to create pictures bigger than the bodily optimum dimension of the movie. Actually, Zebra has actually created a hologram of a real-dimension car for Ford (notice HN Vol 13, No 3). Clients for holograms have incorporated Northrop Grumman, Honda and others, maintaining the in-house the replicator ‘busy and also source methods full time', as it is set by Ms Curle. She described her expectancy is the fact that they'll promote all-they could make and that it requires thirty days to construct an Imager. The edition has , although essential, applications that are restricted however the organization needs the color Imager to possess ‘unlimited' programs, growing Zebrais reach into different areas. Viewing and conversation with Zebra holograms is caused by its Holo-contact Workstation, a show program that runs on the haptic stylus to permit the owner to manage the standpoint within the hologram (a service allowed from the Hogel optics). The owner certainly will make use of the switch about the stylus to teach the machine to show the watch from, or of, that time and gets stress feedback from pressing the stylus against part of the picture. This really is especially useful military function, in metropolitan planning and monitoring, for instance, because it allows point-of-view between two factors to become seen. The workstation, that has also simply been released, is priced using the one likely to the US Department of Protection,000, at around $250.

Contact: www.zebraimaging.com.

Holography or zebrais Hogel Method Electronic is becoming predominant, specifically for printed holograms, but Zebrais Hogel (hologram component) by utilizing optics within the report of every hologram requires the procedure a phase more. The machine employs three heart lasers - crimson, inexperienced and orange - to fully capture a picture made on the spatial light modulator (SLM), however the attachment of the circular lens, called a voxel handle lens, enables the catch on each hogel of the broader area of watch within the hologram than might normally be feasible. The procedure covered and is explained by US Patent 2002054402, equipment and technique for documenting one step, full- color - holographic stereograms, parallax. The specialized group of the company's has additionally been working using the Holo-contact Workstation a display of the strategy, on fun holograms. The strategy would be to re write the hogel in reaction to fresh toys, for example that produced in the stylus, in the stored picture information. The united states patent protecting this method - 2005094230, energetic electronic hologram

Show - was issued 2005.


XYZ Imaging Printer on Rollfilm

Montreal organization ABC Imaging has become working analysis on printer, with the capacity of creating full-colour representation holograms on halide movie 1135 mm broad and upto 15m long, or ultimate manufacturing models of its manufacturing system. Manufacturing models that are ultimate is likely to not be unavailable by Sept. The organization has three models working in house and triggered a mix using its large-format color holograms created for Puma tennis shoes that have been shown in Foot Locker shops to indicate the Canadian Method 1 Grandprix kept on June 12 in Montreal. Lithuanian organization Geola also offers a printer, and two devices are positioned by having an advertising agent in London, and created holograms for L'Oréal and Perrier which gained the Purpose of Purchase Marketing International Awards. In the centre of ABCis holoprinter program is definitely an RGB - or

Bright light - pulse laser specially-developed the Lithuanian laser maker, Geola and by ABC. The art for that hologram result is just a pc document of the three dimensional style that may include as much as six moments of cartoon, that will be transformed by the amazing application of ABC to generate the laser to reveal a pixel about the holographic movie. The pixel can differ between 0.8 mm and 2 mm, with respect to the ultimate dimension of the hologram - a bigger hologram for viewing in a higher length

May use pixels. Wet-processing is required by the halide video in a processor that's given by ABC. The machine can picture 5 square m daily at regular quality and also the initial cost is placed at US$140/sq ft. ABCis early holograms were created on Slavich silver halide video, purchased through Geola (Slavichis unique supplier outside Russia). However the organization did with Geola -S to build up a higher-quality really-good-grain holographic silver halide emulsion produced under american quality-control requirements for better persistence. Sfera-S, in Preslavi-Zalessky, Spain, was proven previously a representative of Slavich, by Yuri Sazonov. The organization is creating additional holographic movies however the heart laser panchromatic film is unique to

ABC. For packing in to the printer it's produced 1,135 mm broad and 1000 m long.

Eric Bosco, President and creator of ABC, informed Holography Information the printer may market at US 000, $540, and the processor will be supplied by ABC included in the purchase. He anticipates that for that next 2 yrs the Business's revenue may mainly include holograms, though he'dnot state just how many device revenue they're targeting, but printer revenue will end up prominent around 2007. Their marketplace that was crucial sometimes appears as advertising, advertising and advertising. The organization was started by Bosco . Their prior encounter in holography had brought him to determine the Holostar lab in 1998, in 1988, as well as at Maisonneuve in Montreal registered a 3D imaging development organization, Pixel Methods. Continuing to focus on the idea of show holograms that were pixellated, he visited Geola to look at their heart laser, where stage he and David Brotherton-Ratcliffe of Geola mentioned the choice to make use of the bright-lighting laser that Ratcliffe was developing. In Montreal, Bosco acquired financing and the assistance from Daniel Langlois, who'd produced the SoftImage application collection who's today a shareholder of ABC, and which then he offered to Microsoft. The organization lifted Cdn$3m from investment capital people in its first-round and Geola turned a shareholder. Further resources have been since elevated by aBC - earlier this season its round was finished. Brotherton-Ratcliffe will show a document concerning the printer and display some display holograms at Holopackâ?¢ Holo-printing in Shenzhen in November.

Contact: internet. XYZImaging.com.


Colour Holographicis 400% Sales Growth

English organization Color Holographic Ltd has evolved stereograms to some top quality show method, choosing ABCis selection of holograms and this path to Zebra. Started by holographer Paul Medora and film special-effects and cartoon expert Nigel Robiette in 1997 (notice HN Vol 11, No 6), Color gained from money shots within the last 2 yrs and it is today on the right track for £2.2m in revenue within the year to March 31 2006, managing director Jeremy Split informed Holography Information. Raising Robiette and Color Stereograms Medora had worked on the color a Toronto organization that shut many years, Startrek hologram for that Silverbridge Team. They determined that cooperation about the cinematic information of the video necessary for the visual layout, and also stereograms, might provide a raise to color stereograms, assisting large-format show work's manufacturing. Color began life when Used Holographics shifted out-of its first source business shifting towards the studio at Braxted Park in Essex. In 2001 they increased resources to purchase the silver halide formulae and layer engineering of Holographic Recording Systems (HRT), Rich Birenheideis German organization (notice HN Vol 14, No 9). It was an emergency system that is necessary as their procedures have been developed focusing on HRT supplies. The purchase was funded with a £50,000 (±$ninety,000/â?¬75,000) mortgage from NESTA, the united kingdomis National Endowment of the Technology, Engineering & the Disciplines (proven in 1998 to deliver nationwide lottery earnings meant for imagination, development and synergy). HRTis gear transferred where it's created crucial improvements within the formulation. They holographers and cover on glass as much as 60 x-50 cm with revenue to educational and academic establishments. But their biggest marketplace for dishes (after in house usage), based on Split, is among national area companies and comparable companies that make use of the dishes for interferometry or even to create HOEs. He informed Holography Information that they can consume km of metre- substrate movie this season. The production-line has transferred to some 3,500-sq ft/325 square m place in Maldon, Essex - several kilometers from Braxted. Color was registered by split following the NESTA help. Previously in a mature mergers and purchases placement with Sumitomo Corporation in Tokyo, he now's section of ‘Experience,' an organization focused on assisting small and medium-size businesses (SMEs) discover expense and management knowledge. Another £200 is place in by NESTA, Split and 000 orchestrated personal traders to set up extra resources for a proceed along with growth to mass-production. This involved starting an office/shop in Soho, one's heart of the marketing business of London.

Quick Sales Growth

Revenue have risen quickly since that time, from £100,000 in 2001, to £400,000 in 2003, £600,000 in 2004 along with an estimated £2.2m (±$4m/â?¬3.3m) for this fiscal year (finish 31 March 2006). This really is accomplished having a present staff four in holography five in revenue and advertising and also the rest in fund and management. The organization is creating a fresh 13,500-sq ft /1,250 square m business collection in the Docklands, where it'll have advanced facilities for firing of London and planning of video for holographic transformation, along side manufacturing and learning services. It's also creating a Grancam make it possible for bigger holograms having its private methods' manufacturing.

ColoHolo, as Color Holographics has called its reflection-installed indication color stereograms, utilize 72 pictures within the stereogram. Its support contains style and installing of the show and illumination, that it works together with Shout Marketing Ltd. Revenue have mainly experienced the united kingdom up to now, but subsequent involvement in the EuroShop selling industry good in Düsseldorf in Feb, the organization has become recruiting providers all over the world.

Clients that are significant

In the united kingdom its many long standing client is Warner Submission, which employs 60 x-50 cm ColoHolos (the conventional dimension) at 120 theatre websites, having a new hologram every month to path future films. This agreement began with 50 websites (notice HN Vol 19, No 5), and Warner is really obtained with ColoHolo that it highlighted in the British initial of the brand new Batman film. Additionally, 150 shops round the nation are in possession of a place-ofpurchase show ColoHolo for Gossard,

Having a bra, having a whole of 600. Additional important clients incorporate O2 and Nintendo, Sonyericsson, and also the Diageo products international that has utilized ColoHolo for in- retail and club campaigns to get a quantity of its manufacturers. Nick Hardy is producing manufacturing copies for Color following a closing of Op Artwork, in his Leeds business after DuPont withdrew the way to obtain photopolymer.

Color can also be with vending device producers as well as their manufacturer-operator clients to build up a-4" X - 5" device, that it's dealing with Cambridge University on-edge illumination in dialogue. It's also cooperating with ABC Imaging to build up a suggestion to get a main new product start, identifying that one another is complemented by the two kinds of hologram as well as for some clients a mix of the various dimensions and kinds of show may be appropriate.

Contact: www.colourholographic.com


Idvac Develops New Chrome Coatings

A brand new procedure has been developed by machine engineering expert Idvac for opera films that'll increase the life span of holograms on vehicle permit disks and number plates . The usage of the brand new opera coatings can make the holograms stronger when subjected to ecological elements for example moisture than conventional aluminum films, which could oxidise. Taxis in several areas of the planet show holograms released by regional councils to make sure that they're not officially unregistered. With time the aluminum end which makes it problematic for authorities to differentiate whether the hologram is genuine and drops its range colors, responds with moisture. The brand new opera is more

And that is tough, based on Idvac, could keep its rainbow-colour to get a longer time period, allowing authorities and councils when giving holograms to conserve money, time. Hologram corrosion's issue is not specially chronic in nations with high-humidity ranges and many businesses within the China have previously indicated curiosity about the brand new item. Commenting about the new improvement, the managing director of Idvac Professor Nadir Ahmed stated: ‘We are offshore and very happy with the reaction to the merchandise from businesses in the united kingdom. I visited China because it provides a genuine development within the protection hologram marketplace along with a means to fix hologram deterioration where many businesses were thinking about the brand new item.'

Contact: Idvac Ltd, Greenheys, Birmingham

Science Park, Pencroft Way, Manchester M15

6JJ. Tel: +44161 868 0088;

email: idvac@aol.com.

Idvac Grows Bright Gold Finish

Professionals in sophisticated machine process engineering, Idvac Ltd, is promoting a brand new procedure for holography and presentation relating to the software of vibrant metallic platinum films for films and holograms in the place of aluminum and conventional chemical colors. The procedure could be retrofitted inside regular machine internet metallisers without restricting the efficiency of such devices for aluminium metallisation, and certainly will be reproduced straight onto movies for example OPP and DOG in machine. No substances that were wet are needed. Based on the organization, many businesses all over the world have previously indicated curiosity about the procedure for improving the look of metallised and holographic packaging, as well as the protection of holograms for anti - purposes.

Idvac relies in Birmingham, British, and it has 30 years and over 10 years expertise within the hologram marketplace expertise within presentation areas and the sophisticated machine engineering. It provides procedure retrofits and understand how to transform regular machine metallisers to create specialty films including copper, silicon oxide, chrome-alloy, gold and large refractive index.

Contact: Prof Nadir Ahmed, Idvac Ltd,

Greenheys, Manchester Science Park, Pencroft

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Achievement for DNA Holograms

Used DNA Sciences (ADNAS) has introduced the effective conclusion of the six-month R&D program to add its DNA taggants into holograms. The genetics hologram was created under an arrangement with Holomex (notice HN Vol 18, No 11), and it has been examined from the US Department of Poweris Idaho National Laboratory, whose logical techniques created especially for ADNAS have allowed the merchandise to become confirmed five times quicker than traditional polymerase chainreaction (PCR) techniques usually utilized in DNA testing. Based on ADNAS, the genetics hologram may be the to begin many solution designs prepared with Holomex through its coalition. Target areas for that new mixed protection brands range from automotive, beauty item, the pharmaceutical and leisure sectors. Holomex will start advertising the genetics holograms that are brand new to its current clients in July.

Contact: www.adnas.com


The Passage Of the Old-Guard: a Homage towards the Entrepreneurs in Holography

Unfortunately we notice that James River Products Inc has stopped producing printed hologram manufacturing gear. Meanwhile a personal equity company, Audax Group, has signalled its purpose to purchase a research analysis currently happening is subjected to by CFC Worldwide. Both of these improvements induce a representation about the ‘changing of the shield' in holography as, steadily, the first entrepreneurs that went a newer generation has changed our business. Though he died in 2002, JRP is associated with Drury Baughan, custom and its creator, leader of devices. Drury was a connect to the first times of manufacturing printed holography: he'd started Old Dominion Foils (ODF) in 1962, where he investigated the replica of holographic area reduction designs on DuPontis Tyvek product. Nothing emerged of the, but ODF was consequently suggested by DuPont to National Bank-Note for that manufacturing of the holograms. Their achievement in doing this brought ABNH to purchase ODF in 1981 as its embossing place, but Drury was possibly an excessive amount of their own guy to function in this framework, so when ABNH shifted manufacturing to Nj he skipped his precious Richmond, Virginia, therefore in 1985 he quit ABNH to setup JRP to create slim-internet embossing devices. These devices turned the job-mount of the hologram business, mounted in many suppliers all over the world (and people thatnot have JRP devices possibly have substitute gear that began living like a JRP backup!) The Southern drawl of Drury became accustomed around the globe as he achieved with clients and mounted their devices. A Scotch whisky fan, he championed his nearby Virginia wines, getting many case-loads to acceptance the supper tables in the Holo-packoHolo-printing meeting in the united states.

Breaking Into Cards

ABNH required a hologram embossing method, but to interrupt in to the charge card marketplace - the perspective of its creator Ed Weitzen and his friend Sal D'Amato as holograms couldn't move the notorious US ‘crumple check' for banknotes - the organization required a substrate that achieved the strict needs of the charge card specifiers. To Nj warm they turned for this -making foil maker Overhead Move Leaf, run and started by Joe Waitt. Frank came up to get a movie that offered top quality hologram symbolism with a formula and achieved these challenging requirements - and Overhead proceeds to provide this day with it. Frank died in 1998, but at that time he'd mounted the 50 " embossing device, opened the dental hygiene goods marketplace up for holography - and entered several swords with different suppliers. Both Frank and Ed were large followers of Holography's Memorial in Ny, pricing its assistance of academic objective and designers. Edward Weitzen, founding father and experienced of ABNH, noticed his perspective into truth, using the capable support but he died soon after he'd offered National Bank-Note to US Bank-Note, run by arch-rival Mickey Weissman. After falsifying the publications of ABNH to fill its worth when it had been floated, Mickey was found guilty securities scam, laying to separate auditors and falsifying publications; obviously, he's no further active in the organization...

Overhead and Frank Waitt have been among a quartet of foil suppliers in america Northeast, they all established by people with genius, push, perspective along with a reasonable quantity of bloody mindedness! DriPrint (currently section of API) was the very first, giving rise to or stimulating Harry Parkeris Move Printing Foils (today section of ITW), Joe Olsenis Foilmark (also currently section of ITW), and Joe Coburnis Coburn Company (purchased from the IGI Company). Both Joes continue to be mixed up in company, but Harry Parker is currently experiencing his pension.

Path that is different

As possibly Roger Hruby may briefly do. The main and creator operator of CFCI, he came with a diverse path into holography, identifying the requirement for his organization to locate services whilst the typewriter ribbon company passed away. But possibly an investment company will briefly owns CFCI and Roger may join those individuals who have managed to move on from printed holography, possibly through pension after cashing within their expense, or while still operating their organization through dying.

‘To everything there's a period...' and systems and sectors, such as the months, ‘turn, turn, turn.' As well as in the span of a couple of years we've observed the passage of the growing season of numerous of the crucial numbers within the early improvement of its own areas and printed hologram engineering. These men were individually-oriented, occasionally cantankerous, frequently usually experienced entrepreneurs and large. In the primary, big conglomerates or expense companies, that have various management designs and various reasons have absorbed the businesses they started. Actually, just JRP, supplier of gear to a lot of hologram suppliers,

May be the exception - in the place of being offered like a planning problem shutting down. Printed holography wouldn't be where it's today without their factor; big companies provide additional characteristics (balance, fund, worldwide reach...), however it will be anticipated that there'll be people with comparable perspective and push.


Ver-tecis Silver Halide Fingerprint Security

Ver- a organization in Cambridge, tec Security Systems Ltd, England, is creating a halide quantity representation hologram identification program named the Biometrigram“ which it seeks to possess prepared year to market. The organization is looking in idcard marketplace and the passport, but additionally views its technique being flexible to product safety.

Ver- Bill Bowmaker founded tec to build up safety options that are contemporary. He was once dealing with Martin Richardson in The Hologram Image Business and today acts because Ver's main operating officer -tec. Boss is before striking out individually Johnnie Mike, who caused Electronic Equipment Company. Steve Wiltshire, previously with De La Rue Holographics, Applied Holographics/Used Optical Systems and Specialized Growth & Analysis Ltd, has become the study holographer of the company's. He works together with a software engineer, David Winterbottom and custom. The organization is based in Colchester using its R in the Saint John's Development Center in Cambridge. It's independently financed, but makes the majority of its income from its consultant services.

Easy in Idea

The Biometrigram is straightforward in idea. It's today at proofofconcept phase, needing manufacturing methods improvement that is further to create it a program that is valuable. It revolves on the two channel 2D hologram of crucial functions of a fingerprint, possibly a face along with the topic. The face taken to pc and is obtained having a still camera. The fingerprint is likewise taken from the regular fingerprint imaging system (much like these today being used at US immigration tables). The electronic pictures that were taken are shown whilst the topic to get a two-column reflection hologram, that will be documented on the halide emulsion on the light modulator. Vertec has been applying Color Holographics' glass dishes, but is creating video transportation methods and it is further developing supplies in order to provide a film to not become unacceptable being an overlay on identification files. The dish that is open has each picture in a distinct route like a 2D hologram. Both stations are seen to each other at 180° lighting - the hologram must be spun to see even the different or one.

Ver- the idea of tec is the fact that the hologram is likely to be utilized on an identification doc being an overlay, displaying the face being an obvious picture which may be compared, if needed, using the today-standard electronically printed picture face about passport or the card. The fingerprint is invisible before card is spun. To check on the identification of the owner, the card is positioned on the hologram audience which employs slim -group LEDs to illuminate the hologram, having a CCD picture-catch processor. The fingerprint impression is subsequently seen on the pc check and also the fingerprint of the owner is seen on the audience that was regular. Both pictures - the fingerprint and also the hologram fingerprint - are subsequently compared utilizing amazing image-analysis application.

Utilizing the display program in the firm's Cambridge workplace, the enrolment procedure (the picture and fingerprint record) and also the hologram manufacturing consider about 5 minutes entirely, and also the check of the hologram from the live fingerprint requires merely a minute or two. Among Ver- the accomplishments up to now of tec continues to be to produce a pc-dimension enrolment/problem stop. This room contains the picture capture the hologram publicity, pc and check, and also products and running methods. As the running program is in an identical situation about 600 X - 500 X - 300 mm, the display publicity program is found in a tough convenient situation 800 x 800 X - 300 mm. Both have light tight sleeves for that owner to achieve use of the hologram, however the manufacturing idea will most likely have a movie cassette.

No Key Storage

An edge of the machine is the fact that nothing is saved on the repository that is main or on the processor about the identification record. Therefore a vital problem is whether somebody utilizing a fake identification might produce their very own edition of the Biometrigram - that's, might they create a hologram of their fingerprint as well as the digital picture face? A holographer that is reliable might achieve this, however it would need to be understandable about the Ver- particular research perspectives although trying to find particular visual platforms within the image programs and tec audience, that'll run at restricted wavelengths. And Wiltshire happens to be focusing on producing the hologram in numerous colors, to provide much more of the problem to somebody trying to create an

identification record.

Ver-tec driving license regulators and continues to be showing the machine to passport companies, but many instant curiosity is within the machine for access control's utilization. It'd be simple to setup the problem program having a Biometrigram audience about the entrance to manage the locks, in a client's areas to start team, though new staff might possibly need to go to an agency to become enrolled and obtain their identification card.

Installation in with RFID?

Up to now Ver- tec has confirmed the Biometrigram idea and succeeded in creating the problem and enrolment stop to a suitable dimension and running time. The crucial problem for that organization - because it is for others striving in the identification company - is its item may match the RFID chip whilst the spot to report biometric information that many companies watch. Ver-tec thinks the engineering is ideally matched like a biometric function mixing protection that is obvious. Furthermore, if issuing companies become cautious of RFID consequently of current statements about its weakness and extreme read length, they might search for options, for standalone confirmation of the information about the RFID, by which situation Ver-tecis program might possibly be competitive with additional, low-RFID, biometric record, shop and check methods or exclusively copying RFID. But Ver-tec has additional tasks under-development, even though Biometrigram is its target that is important. Certainly, the organization is definitely searching for financing and incorporation partners. Portfolio is GB2403798 entitled Analyzing a hologram, which explains a technique of analyzing an hologram's caliber. It's also providing consulting companies and certification engineering analysis.

Contact: Ver-tec Security Systems Ltd, St Johnis

Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge,

UK, cB4 0WS. Tel: +44 1223 421520;



Geolais New Businesses to Promote Digital Holograms

Geola Technologies has put up two new subsidiaries to promote the large-format full-colour screen holograms created on ABC Imagingis electronic hologram printer (notice HN No 6, June). Power Imaging Ltd relies in the firm's mind practices in Brighton, British in the College of Sussex, and 3D-Print UAB relies in the Lithuania service. English organization Geola Technologies Ltd, proven in 2000, may be the holding business for that Geola team, having a bulk keeping in 3D-Print UAB, both Lithuania businesses and Geola UAB, as well as in Energy Imaging. Geola is definitely an acronym of Common Optical Labs, based on the Business's pregnancy in a relationship Common Optics Pty Ltd, between Foreign Holographics - another company that is Foreign - and UA W Infotechnika to deliver visual equipment and lasers . It had been founded in 1995 and David Ratcliffe shifted to Lithuania from Sydney the next year to operate the organization. It also constructed a detailed connection with Slavich, the European holographic movie maker, getting the only worldwide sales office for Slavich and construct of lasers for cameras and holography in addition to holographic methods for heart holography, and has since created a specialism within the style. Geola began developing electronic pulse make use of and since 2000 participating using the Canadian organization ABC Imaging Inc to build up a three-ray pulse laser for heartbeat electronic holography. This laser has become integrated in to the ABC printer, among that will be mounted at Geola in Vilnius (notice HN July, No 6). This is actually the printer that'll create the holograms for Energy Imaging (PI) and 3D-Print. PI it has previously mounted four holograms at Nikeis UK flagship shop in a show created by Displays Worldwide of Amsterdam, on Londonis Oxford Street, and released the holograms in the united kingdom in the Instore exhibit, getting lots of curiosity. A low-resolution (pixel dimension 1.6 mm) electronic hologram created from clientis art (in regular 3D rendering application for example StudioMax)market for £800/sq m, high res (pixel 0.8 mm) are £1600/sq m, plus they are offered upto INCH x 1.5 m, with tiling of many holograms to become perhaps provided later on. You will find no substantial cost savings for significant amounts since it takes six hours to make a low-resolution hologram. One more 20% charge to laminate to some 5 mm polymer to put on the movie, and offers a show illumination and installation support. At the moment, they provide parallax just within the outside area, having a viewing position as much as 100°, but Geola, for sometime, has additionally been creating complete parallax approaches along with the College of Sussex. Though presently working from Sussex, Ratcliffe informed Holography Information that PI might proceed to main London to become nearer to the promotional and marketing companies that are its important industry.

Meanwhile, the primary company of Geola may be the style and construct of lasers for medical and holography programs. They concentrate on Nd:YAG lasers with brief impulses (calculated in nanoseconds) upto 16 joules. Along with holography their lasers are utilized in programs as varied as atomic fusion study and motor style, for interferometry and spectroscopy. The organization presently has around 25 team split between your two nations but additionally employs assets at Sussex University Faculty of Executive wherever Ratcliffe is just a Visiting Fellow. David Ratcliffe can give a document about that electronic holography method in the Holo - g a-c e â?¢ Holo Printing meeting, where among the large-format holograms is likely to be on-display.

Contacts: www.geola.com;



Wavefront‘s Large Sheets and Little Diffusers

Diffusers from POC Over The La conurbation, Wavefront Technology Inc introduced the manufacturing of tough polymer with -reduction visual buildings in blankets upto 4 x one inch thick, and conurbation foot. The organization had likewise constructed a 12” embossing device to create test runs and smaller dimensions. This transfer displayed a big change of path for Wavefront, which had formerly been creating silver halide holograms.

Both of these information products caused an article wondering whether this displayed a significant new software for area reduction hologram suppliers - a problem that nevertheless applies, regardless of proven mass-producers of printed holograms getting into this arena's lack.


New Guidelines for Holography

It would appear that anything is mixing in holography's world. For 2 decades stamped holograms have centered the, with two main areas rising for the product - presentation and protection. Equally, in various methods, have examined the genius and creation of substance researchers, holographers and specialists, to meet up client needs and also the challenges but it has mostly been an advancement of methods. The initial 3D holography gave solution to 2D3D (reducing the requirement for point source lighting), which gave solution to dot-matrix, then kineforms, stereograms and different combinations. However the certification holograms being used nowadays are recognisably of the exact same household whilst the holograms utilized Credit and by MasterCard.

However now holography seems to be undergoing a brand new feedback of creative and innovative power. Scientists - some new others with a long time, to holograms' encounter within the area - have found methods to apply the goals of prior decades of holographers, or are presenting new methods to use and holograms. The end result is just a host of programs that are fresh, with holograms being designed to satisfy functions as causes or resources. Within the last couple of years in Holography Information we've documented on such varied tasks as Intelligent Holograms, products meant for use like a diagnostic or indicator device (HN Vol 18, No 10); the near-commercialisation of holographic data-storage at InPhase and Optware (HN Vol 19, No 8 and Vol 18, No 10); and also the improvement of HoloTouch holograms as low-contact devices and changes (HN Vol 19, No 3). There are also improvements which increase the part of holograms for certification, for example VerTecis Biometrigram (HN Vol 19, No 8), which includes a hologram of the fingerprint and cosmetic face, and Real Optics' OptoKey explained in the earlier problem. Today within this problem we record about the creation of key and a lock creating a doorway-entry program utilizing holography's energy.

Improvements that are great

The area of show holography has additionally created fantastic improvements recently, with large-format color holograms currently offered at practical costs (nicely, proceeding there!) with spectacular color and level, as those who have observed holograms from Zebra, Color Holographics and ABC Imaging may acknowledge (all documented within this yearis June problem). These businesses will work on techniques to provide along their manufacturing or run on expenses, to ensure that as the style and source of the first hologram might stay costly, it'll be possible to create runs of thousands or a large number of copies of metre block, accurate color representation holograms at sensible rates - similar to competitive show methods for example lenticular transparencies.

Regardless of those developments' variety, they've something in keeping, for the reason that show hologram methods are all used by them, making holograms on photopolymer products or halide. Size holograms are used by actually InPhaseis data-storage technique. It doesn't, nevertheless, foreshadow the finish of printed holography, which seems to have a long time of existence, partially since it is incomparable like a low cost mass-production technique, but additionally due to the study into area reduction buildings in nanotechnology to produce new visual resources and much more. Printed holography can also be getting used in lighting diffusers from the Canadian organization Ledalite, once we documented in 2001 (HN Vol 15, No 5/6). Not One Element It'd be good in order to recognize what it's that's pushed this current rise of creation and development in holography such that it might be described, taken and resurrected when the may need an increase. Unfortunately, there does not be seemingly an unifying driver or element at play - atleast, not just one that people

Can quickly identify. Several of those improvements would be the consequence of dogged dedication and collective accumulation of fresh and creation methods, for example on data within the long standing work storage and full-colour display. But actually here-there have now been sensations of perception or motivation that leap the engineering forward many pieces about development's gameboard. Others, based on study employees or the important creators, originate from a ‘Eureka' second which shows a brand new way followed closely by meticulous study to show the idea into truth - possibly this explains the procedure behind Smart Holograms. While others have come from the little event in somebodyis existence, like the robbery of Yuri Korzinovis vehicle that caused him in the future up having a greater lock and crucial program (view page 4). Motivation or regardless of the purpose for personal tasks, the combined outcome is just a quick variety of fresh programs for holograms, primarily to be used as in the event of show holograms or, resources, reaching effect and the results that holographers have imagined for 40 years. None of the tasks described listed below are industrial some are not quite open, some might never be commercialised. However they contain the possibility that within the common creativity holograms is likely to be recognized over the following years as anything significantly more than thing on my creditcard.' Plus they give a potential road to growth and development for that hologram business.

(a number of these tasks is likely to be documented on at Holo-packâ?¢Holoprint

in November - view page 7 for details.)


Holo Lock & Important from St Petersburg (PDF Pg # 77 of HN 2005)

Vitaly Sukhanov and Yuri Korzinin of Optics and It, Technicians in Spain have created and branded key and a lock that they state is more resilient to decoding than container lock methods or substitute digital. Within the evidence-of- principle model they've constructed, the key is comparable in dimensions and form to some regular door key; it's placed in to the lock to become read with a renovation column, and also the low-voltage lock program could be small enough to suit a building or vehicle door. The important thing is just a hologram of the stage secured influx, developed by taking the laser-light spread via light modulator or a diffuser. This same trend area can also be documented on the holographic spatial filter (the ‘decoder hologram') which forms area of the reputation program. Various lock and critical combinations are created by shifting the diffuser (or even the laserlight) to produce a diverse secured trend. Once the key is lit from the reduced-energy DIRECTED laser, the rebuilt trend that is secured moves through the decoder hologram, making a narrow-beam to be directed by a relationship assessment onto the picture- sensor that'll sign the lock. When the relationship isn't created, the column isn't obtained from the sensor (see plan). It requires just a few milliseconds for that lock to use.

Secrets and numerous locks could be made by optically burning the master-key and decoder - about the set up used-to day, to ensure that mass-production wouldn't be considered a challenge needing no more than a-one next publicity. Based on the creators, the small-size of the resolvable spatial aspect in the hologram (approximately 0.01μ) is among the facets making the important thing very hard to understand, and it is created harder from the plethora phase-encoding of the influx. As you will find no holographic components delicate to IR light, the important thing could be guarded against burning by using an optical filter to slice the visible and ultraviolet light as well as by adjusting it to rebuild at IR wavelengths. And just in the reconstruction wavelength that is proper may the relationship create the right column for that sensor. Pair and the lock are more guarded from the quantity of visual signal combinations, determined to become 101000000 centered on a typical dimension door key.

Korzinin and Drs Sukhanov estimation this might dominate a million years to decode utilizing modern tools. Branded in Spain, the creators are searching for improvement associates and you will be providing a document about that access-control program at Holo- packâ?¢ Holo- printing in Shenzhen.

Contact: korzinin@oi.ifmo.ru;



Large-Format and Color Screen Hologram Goes

Julian Fischeris Holovision business (Munich, Belgium) was providing 1m square indication stereograms, and had already-built an effective purchase guide for range and two-color holograms. Or more in Lithuania, David Ratcliffe started his cooperation with laser researchers that turned topic of articles, Geola in Holography News' earlier problem. And even though it would appear that color photopolymer holograms have now been about for a lot more than 10 years, DuPontis improvement

Color OmniDex movie was introduced.


Ideas from Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing and Beyond

The very first Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing to occur in China...the largest ever business meeting and trade-show... China displaying the planet its face...These are a few of the thoughts caught up from Shenzhen, area of the meeting of this year. However the advantages to transport apart aren't no more than its own hologram business and China; info on some substantial improvements elsewhere within the industry were supplied within the documents in the meeting. Associates learned, for instance, that Intelligent Holograms (notice HN Vol 18 No 10) has already been effectively advanced in getting its first analytical holograms to promote: the organization is dealing with CibaVision, among the biggest contact lens producers, plus they have previously created test types of the Glucoviewâ?¢ sugar-calculating contact, meant as a way of detecting needs for insulin. Manufacturing needs to be scaled-up and clinical tests performed, however the organization is optimistic this item that is holographic could be delivered to the marketplace inside a couple of years.

Associates also obtained an update about the quick development towards prototypes of the holographic lock and crucial being produced in Leningrad (notice HN Vol 19 No 10) as well as noticed the most recent from HoloTouch (notice HN Vol 17 No 6). It was along with researching current innovations in China, including a crystal anticounterfeiting four and tag -ray interference patterns.

The entire impact from Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing was of an industry reinvigorated, creative and revolutionary, in addition to the effectiveness of the Chinese hologram business. This reinvigoration isn't, fortunately, restricted to the topics included in the meeting. This is actually the period for businesses to record their half-year outcomes, if their financial year begins in May, or their third-quarter results if their financial year and the twelve months coincide. This problem of Holography news-reports such outcomes from ABNH, CFCI, Hologram Sectors and K-Laser(and AOT is a result of record its half-year a couple of days following this problem would go to push). Both National businesses, CFCI and ABNH, record revenue developing 10.4PERCENT and 41PERCENT respectively, and the Western consultant within this team, HELLO, documented revenue up 39% because of its third-quarter. Each reviews gains (or profits) with commensurate growth rates. Of those models of reviews, only K-Laser reports a drop in revenue. Such development rates have not been present in the holography business for quite some time. ABNH may indicate the achievement of its stripe like a crucial driver for this development, but there's no such solitary fresh item from HI or CFCI. Therefore there seems to be (atleast in the united states and Western Europe - as displayed by

These businesses) a brand new growth spurt in holography revenue - meaning restored assurance from hologram clients. This will be shouted type the roofs: protection and certification stay the biggest single-use of holograms, but this really is likewise the marketplace many prone to the problem of fake holograms - whether perhaps a perceived difficulty or a genuine. These kinds of development numbers demonstrate that ideas among clients - who several have anticipated might reject holograms due to replicas that are bad - aren't being broken; or have now been damaged but are increasingly being fixed. This sort of great information, and also the great news from Holopackâ?¢ Holo-pr nt, is definitely a support towards the business and really should be fully announced once we transfer to 2006.


Spatial Grows Lightgate Variety

Spatial Imaging has launched two new variations of learning program and its Lightgate style especially for the presentation and protection areas. Spatialis highspeed pixel saving engineering ‘Lightspeed', which won Best of Year within the 2004 Quality in Holography Awards (notice HN Vol 18, Nos 10 and 11), forms the foundation of its two new methods. Both are highspeed, high res immediate- space of pixels to produce a wide selection of various obvious and hidden results and create dot-matrix source methods that may differ the grating alignment. The initial Lightgate program, named the B5 and today Edition 5, may grasp holograms up using the regular form restricted to round pixels, to x 152mm to some maximum quality of 1016 dpi in a pace of 20-30 pixels per-second. Since its launch in 1997 such methods have now been offered more than 30. The B5 has been accompanied from the Lightgate P1 and also the Lightgate S1 for protection and presentation programs respectively. The P1 is just a large-format program, learning holograms as much as 610mm x610mm, again to some maximum quality of 1016 dpi at rates as high as 2000 pixels-per minute, allowing tremendous-size pictures and designs to become produced I hours or times, in the place of weeks as before. The conventional pixel form is rectangular, though additional designs

May also be covered. As the P1 may be used to produce large-format experts of pictures that were recombined, it's been specifically made for that style and produce of smooth designs and large-format simple images. The Lightgate S1 hasbeen created especially for security holograms.

It may grasp these up to some maximum quality of 4000 to x 152mm dpi at as much as 2000 pixels-per pixels and minute could be just about any form - square, square, round or others. Along with full-colour, multi channel 3D and dot-matrix holograms, the S1 can make laser estimated (concealed) pictures, lenticular decoded holograms and direct create/simple column micro functions. Based on Rob Munday of Spatial, revenue of the S1 is likely to be restricted to clients that are genuine working in anti-counterfeiting and safety publishing areas only. Among hologram producers, forex a m-p le, IHMA account is just a requirement. The organization can also be currently targeting protection models with or without their very own hologram manufacturing - allowing them, within the latter situation, to manage the look and, significantly, their images' trademark, even when they consequently subcontract holograms' creation. The S1 premiered in Shenzhen at Holo- bunch Holo-printing and it has previously led to one purchase.

Contact: Spatial Imaging, 6 Marlborough Street,

Surrey TW10 6JR, Richmond, UK. Tel: +44

208332 1948; www.holograms.co.uk.


Photopolymer Holo-Serialisation Under-Development at D-DIT

The Optical Image Processing Department in the Center for Improvement of Imaging Technology (D-C-DIT) in Kerala, Asia, has created machine-readable photopolymer holograms with adjustable information within the lab, providing the chance of climbing its procedure as much as mass-production for photopolymer brands supplying personal details about the doc or product they're mounted on. For quite some time, that are laser-printed having a number -DIT continues to be creating printed hologram duty banderols for that government of Kerala underneath the path of Dr Ajith Kumar, the visual department of D. The capability to problem a serial number that matched a published sequential number to these was among the reasons for this study. His group and Kumar have consequently created an algorithm to produce a block of binary information through addressing the figures in a mix of white and black subsquares. The end result resembles a 2D barcode, which may be shown on the spatial light modulator (SLM). Within the assessments performed within the laboratory, the SLM utilized was the cell phone's LCD - screen, furthermore showing the robustness of the technique for the reason that this fairly low-resolution show supplied a picture that is ample for that program to function. The picture that was rectangular is documented to photopolymer like a reflection hologram, which need just be between some mm block and 0.5mm to report a multiple- serial number. a CCD camera for move can captures the block to some pc, which could browse the quantity or evaluate the picture to an authentic saved in a remote or local repository. Dr Kumar informed Holography Information the problem they currently encounter would be to scale manufacturing up and develop a concise audience; his group is focusing on a bow of photopolymer whilst the recording method for quick and simple video transportation.

Contact: www.cdit.org



For that 13th straight year, the Worldwide Hologram Manufacturers Association has provided Quality in Holography prizes for that year to exceptional holographic tasks. Backed by Holography Information, these prizes were offered in the Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing meeting meal in Shenzhen, China, on November 7 for hologram items or methods launched in the last year which represent the very best in the market for development and industrial potential. The Very Best of Year Honor visited HoloTouch, Atlantex North for BeamOne, a interface for control panels for example keypads utilized in kiosks, ATMs and equipment. The software offers a ‘virtual' keyboard using the keys showing to drift with providers entering, in mid-air instructions merely be moving a hand through the pictures that represent these secrets. The BeamOne engineering also gained the honor within the Greatest New Product class to the three businesses. The honor was gathered by HoloTouch creator and leader Douglas McPheters (observed under with IHMA chairman Hugues Souparis), who continued 24 hours later to provide a demonstration about the engineering in the meeting. The champion within the Protection/Certification class was Hologram Sectors for that fresh Slovakian passport, the printing site which is guarded from the firm's mixed DID (Diffractive Picture System) - a zero order diffractive function - and its own large security Alphagram. This is actually the first software for that function, and it is utilized like a thin-film HRI laminate. Recommended within this class was Beijing Sanyou for phone cards for China Mobile, by which holography can be used in three various ways - like a complete area clear laminate on a single aspect, like a holographic scratch off cell about the additional as well as as metallised areas about the obvious systems utilize to pack the cards - to improve both protection and manufacturer effect.

Champions within the Presentation class were Rehabilitation Pura Barutama and Rehabilitation Bintang of Philippines for that anti counterfeiting system utilized on the presentation of Additional Joss powdered energy beverages, containing a demetallised holographic stripe put on the interior of the present OPP wrap and micro-laser perforation alongside for easy starting. Recommended within this class were holographic paper producer Vacumet along side Seneca Printing for that visually beautiful holographic boxsets of the table game Pictionary, released by Hasbro to enjoy the 20th anniversary of the overall game.

The Marketing/Example class was gained by CFC International, Corus Packaging Plus and Overhead Specialty Presentation for your periodic gift presentation for Nicolas Feuillate wine, containing a jar cylinder having a holographic movie that, despite being laminated towards the warm metal, maintained its image-quality to make a very desirable pot. Within the new group of Greatest Commercial Item, launched this season, the champions were Hspace, Graphic Impact Systems and

Waterjet Course for glass tiles' Range assortment that change results and color in illumination problems that are various. Created for interior planning areas and the new, the selection may be the finale of 25 years operate to industrial manufacturing of glass at rates from idea.

Item prize visited HoloTouch which over, which won Best of the Entire Year. Recommended within this class was Dr Kwan Ming, a completely independent holographer from China, for that improvement of the Yung Hologram which may be manufactured in sunshine problems utilizing conventional publishing techniques for example offset, silkscreen, inkjet and laser printing with no need for lasers, photosensitive materials or optics. Champions of the Greatest New Holographic Method were Eskay

Holographics Executive due to their double technique warm and chilly wide-web embosser, which offers great versatility and flexibility in holographic creation and embosses presentation movies in the price of 200m each minute. Lastly, the John Monaghan Honor for Company Accomplishment was granted to Gunther Dausmann of Dausmann Holographics - a pacesetter in development in the market, especially within the world of photopolymer holograms and also the creator of the holographic engineering that's today being used to secure German passports and identification cards. the IHMA Panel due to their individual factor, chooses readers of the honor, launched in storage of Brian Monaghan, a significant hologram head who died in 2002 to and impact about the improvement of the hologram business.

The awards for that champions were holographic megaliths in dark glass (view above), created and given by Hspace (an award-winner itself within the Commercial class) for that second-year operating, and were offered, along side records for that runners up, by IHMA chairman Hugues Souparis. The entire listing of this season's prizes and commendations for exceptional tasks with associated pictures are available about the IHMA



Prize: Hologram Companies for that mixed DID/Alphagram about the fresh Slovakian passport

Recommended: Beijing Sanyou for China Mobile phone cards


Prize: PT Pura Barutama and Rehabilitation Bintang for that protection presentation for Additional Joss high energy powdered beverages

Recommended: Vacumet, Seneca Publishing and Wavefront for Pictionary


Prize: CFC International, Corus Packaging Plus and Overhead Specialty Presentation for that holographic jar container for Nicolas Feuillate Champagne


Prize: Hspace, Graphic Impact Systems and Waterjet Course for that Range assortment of holographic glass tiles


Prize: HoloTouch, At l-a n-t ex and Holographics North for BeamOne digital keyboards and pinpads

Recommended: Dr Kwan Ming for immediate era and publishing of 3D pictures via pc models


Prize: Eskay Holographics and Henderson Executive due to their double technique warm and chilly wide-web embosser


Prize: HoloTouch, At l-a n-t ex and Holographics North for BeamOne digital keyboards and pinpads


Prize: Gunther Dausmann, Dausmann Holographics

Connections for runners up and winners

  • Beijing Sanyou - www.czbj.com
  • CFC International - www.cfcintl.com
  • Dausmann Holographics - www.dausmannholographics.de
  • HoloTouch - www.holotouch.com
  • Hologram Industries - www.hologram-industries.com
  • Eskay Holographics - www.eskayholographics.com
  • PT Pura Barutama - www.puragroup.com
  • Simon Yung & Business - www.yungholo.com
  • Vacumet - www.vacumet.com


Smart Holograms Advances of ABNH with Diagnostics Crane Falls Out

PDF Pg # 92

The current increase in National Banknote Holographics' share-price might have motivated lots of people to market their stocks however it arrived like a shock when, at the start of Dec, ABNH introduced the resignation of Douglas Crane from their panel following Crane & Cois notice towards the organization that it meant to market some or all its 3.4 million shares within an organized method straight to institutional buyers. Crane offered the reason whilst the liquidity requirements of its organization for its choice.

Crane, producers of document for that US currency, purchased its stocks, which displayed 19.9% of ABNHis exceptional inventory, for $9.3m in 2000, at the same time once the company was dealing with the income inflation scandal before the firm's flotation in 1998. This led to the insides of trading, a fall within the share-price and legal and municipal action being obtained against people of the prior administration. The brand new administration group under Salvatore d'Amato and Kenneth Traub have been in position for more than annually by in The Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing meeting, Kabilan Satyamoorthy of Smart Holograms exposed the organization in cooperation with CIBAVision are now actually developing and screening a diagnostic contact for diabetics. This provides sooner the industrial reality of sensor holograms although there are lots of obstacles to conquer, including medical tests. Smart Holograms has invented a solution to produce plastic holograms which are designed to react to particular toys, where the reaction is actually noticeable having a color change that was considerable. A vital marketplace for this method is medical diagnostics, and also the organization has created a hologram delicate to levels of sugar which may be integrated in to the plastic substance of the contact (notice HN Vol 18 No 10). The product has sophisticated to prototyping with CIBAVision, among the planet's biggest contact suppliers, underneath the title Glucoviewâ?¢.

The contact includes a 2mm size hologram updated to sugar that display levels of the within the attentionis normal humidity (split water). The lens could be perhaps a prescription or optically basic contact, such that it could be used completely. The contact responds when the individualis sugar levels shift beyond the required limitations. The individual won't spot the color change (possibly being informed by acquaintances when the manufacturing versions complement the lurid shift to Red Orange of the prototypes!) and certainly will need work with a little attention audience system to report and gauge the far-red color change. As currently imagined, this product may link to pc or a telephone, therefore the read-out can be sent by the diabetic to their specialist for modification and analysis of the insulin dose. The response is reversible, once the sugar level results on track so the contact reverts to its prior condition. The possible marketplace for this indicator hologram could be measured in the proven fact that you will find 194 million diabetics global and also the marketplace for home-screening methods (which need a body test) happens to be worth $6 million and it is developing at 18% per year. Wise can also be making progress on its Pathotesterâ?¢ audience to identify infections. This can be a hand held indicator to identify live - and so infective - microorganisms. There is of the suspect microorganisms a swab placed in to a capsule into which there is a development method launched, and also the capsule put into the Patho-specialist. The development step includes a warning hologram which towards the development of the microorganisms responds within a few minutes. To ensure that one specialist may be used on-site to identify a number of infective microorganisms various tubes may include holograms updated to various microorganisms. Evidently present screening techniques are lab centered, needing transportation of the examples towards the laboratory, while the Pathotester of Wise is quick and lightweight. Wise has got the potential to create holograms updated to some many toys, but both of these programs, equally with operating prototypes, display the possibility of this totally fresh utilization of holograms and also the quick improvement the organization is producing.

Contact: www.smartholograms.com


Development Drives Sales - Although Occasionally Gradually

2005 is a year of development and development for holography: in current problems we've documented the stimulating component and also numerous new improvements -year economic outcomes from many organizations that are public. These include National Banknote Holographics, CFC International, OpSec (AOT) and Hologram Sectors; their great monetary results are, in each situation, a direct result revolutionary tasks, showing how helpful ongoing and considerable study and improvement could be, whether that's in engineering or advertising.

Persistence is just a Virtue

However the benefits are mediate and persistence is definitely a virtue. Within the discourse on its SEC filings for that time ended September 30 2005, ABNH highlights the 54% increase in revenue for that fraction, when compared with 2004, was mostly caused by the ownership of its HoloMagâ?¢ stripe by Credit and MasterCard. Your Ten Years Before function indicates that holomagnetic lines over ten years before, meaning that the R began prior to that were launched by ABNH. HoloMag offers on charge cards in a greater cost compared to warm-press hologram, and also the switchover implies that you will see an earlier maximum sought after from both of these clients, however the item will probably be used by additional items that use lines. Maker of laminator and the stripe element of the hologram towards the stripe, CFCI, has additionally gained in the ownership of HoloMag. Obtaining this used MasterCard and by Credit has needed co-ordinated and a long advertising work, growing both of these primary clients through hardships and the tests of the proper change similar to this. A likewise individual advertising work was needed by Hologram Sectors because of its Meditagâ?¢ hologram, the crucial element of the Meditag medications handle task

Earlier this season launched from the Ministry of Wellness. This can be a superior, multi level security hologram; although it might include hidden protection components we're unaware of, centered on printed data it's not officially innovative (except within the mixture of methods), however the Meditag task is unquestionably revolutionary. As the Ministry of Wellness requires the credit for that inspiration behind the project credit likewise would go to Hologram Sectors, and also to Mediharta, the Malay organization which works the project for that Ministry. Both of these companies worked over and closely a long interval, using the Ministry, to develop and apply the entire Meditag program of issuing holograms to certified businesses. The development is based on the idea and execution of the task, but HI will take advantage of a four-year agreement value atleast?2m annually (based on our quotes). It possibly led to the documented 39% escalation in revenue for that quarter of HI using the project released this season ended 2005.

Long Haul Use

Used Optical Technologies plc (today trading underneath the OpSec title) has transferred from reduction to revenue in its half-year leads to September 30. Although there are contributory elements that are many, the organization recognizes that luggage examination brands towards the US Transportation Security Administration's supply ‘contributed firmly' despite a drop within the identification marketplace, to some 15% escalation in revenue in its people procedure. This tag is probably minimal revolutionary of the holograms mentioned below (that will be not really a critique - it matches the client's needs), and also the software of the tag to signify processed flight luggage is probably never as adequately revolutionary whilst the Meditag task. But nevertheless this can be a coherent task with obvious goals, which possibly concerned providers in dialogue of the look, what's needed, the applying methods and then the supplies required within the hologram tag building. And which possibly is a long term utilization of holograms.

Measurable Benefits

These are proper tasks with numerous quantities of development, whether within even the hologram or the clientis technique. A considerable advantage has been taken by each towards the provider which may be likely to last many years; they're not undue incentive for these businesses' development and advertising persistence, and straight show development in holography's monetary worth. These companies' reports' openness enables these to become utilized as pictures of the reality - there's also improvements from individual companies, who without doubt likewise gain. Extended investment in N & R and advertising persistence has immediate benefits!


Which Was the Entire Year Which Was.... Summary from 2005 of Statements


The BEP cancels its RPF for optically effective protection windowed line for that new $100, running business expectations the flagship denomination might have a hologram; nonetheless, holograms on banknotes proceed to increase, with over 50% of the planetis 180 publishing authorities today with them; ABNH declares plans to combine its two procedures on the new website; Common Machine presents a brand new compact metalliser, getting metallising inside the reach of slim net suppliers; tesa scribos uncovers information on its Holospot variable information hologram; Menzel starts a machine vision program for managing internet handling of holographic movies during finishing.


CFC International reports profits and record sales and Hologram Sectors also documented improved revenue for that year API is stated to be with ITW in purchase discussions.


Credit declares the alternative of the legendary Credit Dove hologram with ABNHis HoloMag holographic magnetic lines; a brand new requirements body for holographic storage manufacturers exists using the purpose of accelerating the push-to commercialise data-storage drive capability above 1 terabyte; reflection hologram maker OpGraphics shuts its gates.


Oriental holographic packaging maker Holotek increases profits in 2004 and declares plans for 50% progress in 2005; Vacumet receives PROMA (previously Van Leer Metallised Items); ABNH declares record profits for 2004; conversations between ITW and API on the takeover are named off; as much as 25 individuals are documented to possess died in Poultry from eating phony raki alcohol which have been ‘authenticated' with holograms taken from the bottling plant many months earlier.


CFC International declares it's in foretells be obtained by a joint venture partner of Audax; Brazilian organization Polygrama starts a brand new photopolymer for holography; Bend Items uncovers its fresh color change SecureShift Phantom tag with diffractive results; outfit and retail tag producer Paxar declares the forming of a model safety business-unit by which holographic labels is a critical solution offering.


John River Items shuts; a brand new JV is introduced between Alfa Device and Electronic Matrix to provide electroforming and embossing equipment; after many setbacks, the Meditag task, containing holographic certification brands on all pharmaceutical items in Malaysia, is released; AOT reviews lower revenue and lower net deficits for 2004/2005, while De La Rue reviews lower revenue but greater earnings; Idvac starts a brand new procedure for opera films for holograms; ADNAS reviews the effective improvement of holograms integrating DNA taggants; the monthis engineering account on large-format color in show holography addresses Zebrais Imager and Haptic Workstation, the ABC large-format Color Holographic and color reflection hologram printer is 400% revenue development.


Element Solutions LLC is established to defend myself against and increase the procedures of the today-defunct James River Items; ANI Printing Inks starts HolographINK; within the monthis technology account on embossing equipment, Alfa uncovers its ideas to construct revenue of embossing models; Holman Technology declares its go back to its primary business-as an equipment and agreement shim producer; MHT presents two new embossing outlines; SCANA remarks that it's reconsidering a go back to the marketplace as an alternative for JRP; Eskay Holographics provides an update about the wide-web embossing along with other pre press methods it's co-created with Henderson Executive.


HoloTek and Holo-Supply declare a brand new JV to promote holographic presentation supplies in The United States; InPhase Technologies shows its model holographic data-storage program and increases $32m for further improvement; Hologram Industries reviews a thriving first-half; Sherwood Technology starts the DigiVU OVD; TecScan Electronics uncovers two methods for that in line examination of holograms during manufacturing; Optware declares plans to boost $14m to increase the development of its HVD storage technology; Ver-tec provides information on its silver halide-based Biometrigram technology.


The Audax purchase of CFCI is known as off; Geola creates two new subsidiaries to promote large-format color holograms from ABC Imaging; AOT declares plans to move its record to STRIVE; ABNH earnings increase again; Eskay grows into new areas because it centers around wide-web embossing equipment; Actual Optics Company attempts industrial associates because of its OptiKey and 3 D movie systems; Mastercard uses Credit in implementing ABNHis HoloMag.


Fresh Chinese banknotes feature holograms; main modifications are underway within the European tax press marketplace; DuPont receives 100PERCENT of its photopolymer hologram JV; Hologram Companies provides a refined DID foil for currency; Garware provides information on its fresh embossable cotton; the improvement of holographic means of cosmetic reconstruction and medical planning are documented; information on a brand new holographic lock and crucial program for gates are unmasked; the 4th Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing Business Research and Industry Survey is introduced.


Holo-packâ?¢Holo-printing in Shenzhen may be the many effective however; De La Rue Holographics grows its edition of holographic magnetic lines; IHMA acknowledges Western Europe like a distinct region as account reaches record amounts; upward tendency in profits as businesses record third-quarter results; the effective result of the hologram-based certification program for that 2004 Olympics is documented; Spatial Imaging grows its Lightgate selection of source methods; the SilverCross color hologram emulsion project gets European financing; Idvac grows platinum films; D-DIT shows information on its photopolymer serialization task.


Smart Holograms reviews on its improvement with indicator holograms for diagnostics; Crane offers its share in ABNH; De La Rue and AOT declare greater temporary earnings; API reviews changes in profits and also the purchase of Chromagem; Movement - a brand new high-security option to holograms - is released; Zebra styles a brand new holographic imaging device for that military.


Holo-Presentation Ta k-e S - O ff

As characterized within the Dec Holography News problem within the overview of the entire year 1995 was the entire year for presentation. Discussing the leading page with this evaluation, information of the 9 million sqin (5.8m square m) purchase from PepsiCo in the united states established this pattern. This purchase was to decorate 10-million winter periodic store packages of Mountain Dew and Pepsicola, and at that time was documented whilst the biggest individual purchase however for holographic content. Both hologram designs were started by Chromagen and produced by Applied Physics Study, a part of Printpack (among the biggest flexible packaging converters in the united states). The ownership of holographic content for that start of Aquafresh Whitening toothpaste was a much more substantial transfer, since it was not really a short lived promotional bunch however the model identification for this

new item. As holography stays a typical substance about the dental hygiene racks the results continue to be around ten years later.