Business potential of data solutions


Information options within the Kolkata SME market”'s task “Business potential hasbeen completed within my Summer Internship Program to May of 2011 at Vodafone India during January, like a partial satisfaction of the necessity of PGPM plan of IBS Kolkata.


Summer Time Internship Program at Vodafone India was an excellent learning experience for me personally. The task was very fascinating whilst the telecom business is just a very changing business in a lot of changes occurring and India with extreme opposition.

The task wouldn't have now been a sleek work for me personally with no aid of many individuals. I'd prefer to note Mr. Saugat Kumaris (organization manual) assist to useful exposure at Vodafone with respect to the telecom business. He also caused useful publicity through number of actions and had provided me comprehensive understanding in to the character of the telecom business. I'd also prefer to recognize Mr. Siddhartha Karis (advertising supervisor) assistance regarding project formula, survey creating and chalking out an agenda towards efficient delivery of the task. Additionally, have been lots of others at Vodafone, who assisted me sort out my task and to comprehend this business.

Within the educational entrance, I'd prefer to note my drink planner Dr. Subir Sen. They've provided me continuous assistance throughout my task regarding drink procedures and teachers and the assistance of my school manual Prof. Bhaskar Basu.

Most of all, I'm thankful to my loved ones who'd not been unsupportive and stimulating in most my efforts.












Table of Items



Executive Summary






Telecom Industry: Market Scenario



Global Situation



Indian Situation



Indian Telecom Sector



Indian Telecom Industry Construction



Indian Telecom Groups



Vodafone: Concerning The Organization



Vodafone: SWOT Analysis



Explanation of the Task in Brief



Goals of the Project



Kolkata SME Market



Vodafone: Products & Services



Overview of the Job Done






Restrictions of the Research



Questionnaire Design



Evaluation of the Marketplace Survey









Appendix (Survey)



Bibliography & References



Included in my Summer Internship System of IBS Kolkata, I acquired a chance to do an assignment. The task was “Business possible of information options within the Kolkata SME market”. Vodafone is among the initial telecom businesses obtaining a chance to work-there assisted me acquire lots of publicity within the world and internationally.

The Telecom is just a high-volume business in India with large amount of opposition. The Telecom business in India is divided in to 23 circles and around 14 telecom providers are currently working in these groups. Probably the most notable one of the providers are Tata Teleservices, Vodafone, Airtel Conversation, BSNL, MTNL Cellular Uninor etc. The telecom services and products could be generally categorized into information and speech. The information options mainly contain broadband, cellular web, internet leased-line and datacards, Rim providers. The company procedures of Vodafone are generally categorized into customer and company sections. Our task was available department and was concentrated in to Kolkata's SME marketplace. For Vodafone, there is a SME organization usually a business with yearly return which range from 10 to 250 rupees. The SME marketplace of Kolkata is extremely varied with businesses which range from numerous sectors, including production, executive, IT/ ITES, health, training, food, economic solutions, vacation & vacation, logistics, property, trading (entire sellers/ merchants), drugs, etc.

Within the preliminary stage of my summer internship at Vodafone, I had been necessary to do extra study concerning the telecom business (both nationwide and worldwide). In the extra study, I learned the crucial functional problems of the telecom business, development of telecom systems and also a good deal concerning the main telecom businesses, telecom goods & providers. I had been provided contact with area procedures through tele marketing, SME customers that were visiting, touring using the salesforce, visiting marketers of the industry and organization mapping. The area publicity helped me to obtain a sense of the marketplace in the basic-level. After I began performing market study this publicity later turned out to be vastly helpful.

The strategy of the task was to complete market study on the test (comprising SME businesses within the Kolkata region). At 65, the sample-size was stored for time restrictions. Survey was created and industry study was performed. Evaluation was completed about opposition among service providers, customer notion regarding numerous characteristics of telecom providers, the information gathered, which range from SME business pages, industry dimension of the test regarding various items and potential SME market effects.

In the preliminary evaluation it had been unearthed that the SME customers are extremely challenging regarding the cost of these products and also price they're obtaining. These were extremely conscious of the end-to-end operations of their company and understood perfectly what type of items might include price for their business functions. Regarding information options, instant information has large potential within the coming decades.

The entire task assisted me get contact with the revenue & advertising procedures of the MNC company as well as to understand a great deal concerning the telecom business.


The Telecom Business has developed a good deal in the last 2 decades. The composition has transformed significantly. Our conversation requirements were limited to home telephones. However now almost everyone includes a cell phone link. Our lives profoundly has transformed. It's provided the ability of communication anywhere to us. At the moment the is certainly going through great change using the unity of I t, telecom and computer engineering and therefore producing huge assets of info obtainable in the hand of our fingers. Instant web may be the newest pattern in the market using the introduction of 3G technology as well as in the long run there must be info growth, with steady development towards LTE (long haul development) and 4G. Instant internet growth was already experienced in United States, Western and Southeast Asian markets primarily outside India. Asia has been joined by it very overdue with roll-out of 3G and it is likely to produce large effect within our professional and interpersonal lives.

This task is just worried about information solutions' company potential. Prior to going deeply in to the task I would like to provide a short concept concerning the telecom business, telecom systems, different items and main telecom people & solutions.



  • From 2010's end, there is an around 5.3 million cellular mobile subscribers global, including 940 thousand subscribers to 3G services.
  • Use of cellular systems has become open to 80% of the populace and 90% of the planet citizenry residing in areas.
  • Individuals are shifting quickly in both created, from 2G to 3G systems and developing nations. This year, 143 nations offered 3G solutions commercially, when compared with 95 in 2007.
  • Towards 4G: numerous nations have began to provide solutions at broadband rates that are actually greater, shifting to next-generation wireless systems - they contain the Usa, Norway and also Sweden.
  • Mobile growth is currently slowing global. In nations, the cellular marketplace is achieving saturation ranges with normally 116 subscribers per 100 occupants at a minor development of 1.6% from 2009-2010 along with the end of 2010.
  • In the same period, its share of cellular subscribers is growing at the conclusion of 2005 from 53% of complete cellular subscribers to 73% at the conclusion of 2010.
  • Within the world cellular transmission prices was likely to achieve 68% at 2010's end - driven from Pacific and the Asia area. China and Asia were likely to include 300 million cellular subscribers this year more than.
  • Within the African area, transmission costs might achieve approximately 41% at the conclusion of 2010 (when compared with 76% internationally) departing a substantial possibility of development.
  • Internet users' number has doubled between 2005.
  • This year, both million mark, which 1.2-billion could be in developing nations would be surpassed by the amount of online users.
  • Numerous nations, including Italy and Estonia have announced use of the Web like a legitimate right for people.
  • With over 420 thousand online users, China may be the biggest Web marketplace on the planet.
  • Just 21% of the populace in developing nations are online although 71% of the populace in developed nations are online. From the end-of 2010, Web consumer transmission in Africa might achieve 9.6%, significantly behind both globe average (30%) and also the developing nation average (21%).
  • During developing countries 72.4% of homes possess a Television, just 22.5% possess a pc and just 15.8% have access to the internet (when compared with 98PERCENT, 71% and 65.6% respectively in developed nations).
  • At the conclusion of 2010, half of a million homes global (or 29.5%) might have use of the Web.
  • In certain nations, such as the Republic of Sweden and Korea, over 80% of homes have access to the internet, the majority of them.
  • Individuals accessing the Web at home's number has improved this year to nearly 1.6 million from 1.4 million last year.
  • There's been robust development in (wired) broadband subscribers, in developing nations and both created. At the conclusion of 2010, set (born) broadband subscribers might achieve approximately 555 trillion internationally (or 8PERCENT penetration), up from 471 thousand (or 6.9% penetration) annually earlier.
  • Despite these developments that are encouraging, transmission ranges in developing countries stay reduced: 4.4 subscribers per 100 individuals when compared with 24.6 in nations that are developed.
  • The world's share of (wired) broadband subscribers keeps growing continuously. From the end-of 2010, the developing world might take into account approximately 45% of worldwide subscribers (up from 42PERCENT five years earlier).
  • Africa still lags behind as it pertains to mounted (wired) broadband. Though subscribers are growing, a transmission rate of significantly less than 1% demonstrates the problems that continue in increasing use of highspeed, high-capability access to the internet in the area.

Using the fast growing large- programs and bandwidth information on the web, a rising demand is for greater-speed connections. At least broadband-speed of 256 kbps, for instance, installing a higher-quality film requires nearly 1½ times - when compared with five minutes in a link rate of 100 Mbps.

With escalation in GDP per household, the tendency therefore escalates the accessibility to numerous providers and to eat increases. Within the above number, the transmission degree of broadband providers and also GDP per household are planned against one another. Nations like England, Europe, US, Italy Belgium have high GDP and also the broadband transmission can also be saturated in these nations. South Korea has broadband transmission that is relatively reduced per capita GDP but high. About the hand, Saudi Arabia and UAE have relatively high GDP. China and Brazil have relatively low GDP as well as their broadband transmission can also be reduced. Asia is nowhere within the image when it comes to broadband transmission.

Information company is currently viewing a constant development across international markets. This year, information income produced per customer is greatest in US followed closely by Asiapacific, Western Europe and Western Europe.

According Vodafone, the continuing future of telecom company is based on the cellular information class with most of the income share being produced from there to. From cellular information company, approximately $337bn income is likely to be produced in 2014, nearly $138bn boost from 2010.

China and Asia would be the two rising companies with considerable quantity of cellular clients but still having typical cellular transmission degree at 45 respectively producing them extremely profitable areas for cell phone providers.

Having market clients growth, a large GDP growth and possibility of SIMULATOR transmission, Asia is just a quality value industry.

Number: Marketshare of Telecom Providers Internationally (by quantity of subscribers)


Internationally, China Mobile is within the first placement (522m customers), followed closely by Vodafone (333m), Telefonica (202m), America Movil (201m) and Telenor (172m). Two Indian businesses Bharti Airtel (125m) and Dependence Connection (100m) have been in the most effective 15 listing.


Phone customers in India's number improved from 671.69 thousand in Jun-10 to 723.28 thousand at the conclusion of Sep-10, joining a consecutive development of 7.68% within the prior quarter as against 8.11% throughout the QE Jun-10. This shows year-on-year (Y O Y) development of 42.09% within the same fraction of last year. The entire tele-thickness in India has reached on September 2010.

Membership in Cities increased from 452.59 thousand in Jun-10 to 487.07 thousand at the conclusion of Sep- taking the Metropolitan Tele-thickness from 128.20 to 137.25. Rural membership elevated from 219.09 million to 236.21 thousand, and also the Rural Tele-thickness improved from 26.43 to 28.42. 10 has improved somewhat from 32.62PERCENT in Jun to 32.66% as a whole membership -.

About 66.83% of the sum total net improvements will be in cities when compared with 63.47% in the earlier quarter. Rural membership documented a decrease in price of development throughout the fraction, from 9.18PERCENT in Jun-10 to 7.81PERCENT in Sep-10. Price of development for Metropolitan membership improved slightly from 7.61PERCENT in QE Jun-10 to 7.62PERCENT in QE Sep-10.

With 52.21 thousand net improvements throughout the fraction, complete instant (GSM + CDMA) customer foundation listed a development of 8.21% within the prior quarter and elevated from 635.51 thousand at the conclusion of Jun-10 to 687.71 thousand at the conclusion of Sep-10. The entire year-on-year (Y O Y) development within the same fraction of last year is 45.79%. Wireless Tele-density achieved 57.99.

Wireline customer base more rejected at the conclusion of Jun-10 to 35.57 thousand at the conclusion of Sep-10, lowering the Tele-thickness from 3.06 in Jun-10 to 3.00 end-of Sep-10 from 36.18 million.

Net customers increased at the conclusion of Jun-10 to 17.90 thousand at the conclusion of Sep-10 from 16.72 million, joining a regular progress rate of 7.02%. Top ISPs together maintain 95% of the Net customer base that is sum total.

Quantity of Broadband customers increased at the conclusion of Jun from 9.47 million -10 to 10.30 thousand at the conclusion of Sep-10, joining a regular development of Y-O-Y and 8.79% development of 42.93%. The development within Broadband customers throughout the fraction as well as on Y O Y basis' quantity is less or more like the development within the phone customer base that is general.

Share of Broadband membership in Web membership that was total elevated from 56.7PERCENT in Jun-10 to 57.6PERCENT in Sep-10. 86.89% of the Broadband customers are employing Electronic Subscriber Line (DSL) technology.

Average Income Per-User (ARPU) for GSM-Complete Flexibility support rejected by 10.16%, from Rs.122 in QE Jun-10 to Rs.110 in QE Sep- 10, with Y O Y loss of 33.1%.

ARPU for CDMA - mobility support rejected from Rs.74 in QE Jun, by 1.34PERCENT -10 to Rs.73 in QE Sep-10. ARPU for CDMA has rejected by 17.5% on Y O Y foundation.

GSM membership keeps growing in a pace that is quicker. At the conclusion of Sep-10, GSM customers constituted 84.12% of the instant marketplace.

The GSM customers were 578.49 thousand in the quarter ending Sep- against 527.62 thousand at the prior quarter's end, displaying a development of 9.64%. Bharti with 143.29 million customers remains the biggest GSM cellular owner, followed closely by Vodafone (115.55 thousand).

The CDMA customer base risen throughout the quarter to 109.22 thousand ending Sep-10 from 107.88 thousand at prior quarter's end, therefore displaying a development rate of 1.23%. Dependence with 55.29 thousand customers remains the biggest CDMA cellular owner. Nevertheless, when it comes to online improvements throughout the fraction, Sistema included the greatest quantity of subscribers (1.54 million), followed closely by Tata (1.20 million), remaining providers documented decrease in customers.

Number: Marketshare of Telecom Providers (GSM) in India (by quantity of customers in thousand, 2010)





India (TRAI) may be the impartial regulator proven in 1997 from the Government of India to manage the telecommunications company in India's Telecom Regulatory Power.


The Telecom Fee and also the Division of Telecommunications are responsiblefor plan formula, certification, instant range management, administrative tabs on PSUs, study and improvement and standardization/approval of gear etc.


The Instant Planning and co ordination (WPC) Side of the Ministry of Communications, produced in 1952, may be the National Radio Regulatory Authority accountable for Consistency Spectrum Management, including certification and attracts the requirements of wireless customers (Government and Personal) in the united states. It exercises the Main Government's legal features and preserve, problems permits to determine and run wireless channels. WPC is divided in to main areas like Certification and Legislation (LR), New Technology Group (NTG) and Standing Advisory Committee on Radiofrequency Percentage (SACFA). SACFA makes the tips about main volume portion problems, formula of the volume part strategy, producing tips about the different issues associated with Worldwide Telecom Marriage (ITU), to straighten out difficulties known the panel by numerous wireless customers, etc.


TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal) was put up in May 2000 from the government of India. The TDSAT was put up such that it may adjudicate conflicts that occur within the telecom field over. TDSAT was founded using the watch to safeguard the curiosity of the telecom sector of the customers and providers also to motivate and guarantee the telecom sector's development. The different capabilities of TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal) are that it may adjudicate any conflicts that occur between several customers and support providers, a licensee along with a licensor, as well as between several compared to service providers.


The Indian telecom field is divided in to 23 groups that are the following:

Company Potential of Data Options within the Kolkata SME MarketPage 1

Soumya Santa Dwari


PGPM 2010 - 12, IBS Kolkata

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Assam
  • Bihar and Jharkhand
  • Chennai
  • Delhi & NCR
  • Gujarat
  • Haryana
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu & Kashmir
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Kolkata
  • Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh
  • Maharashtra and Goa (except Mumbai)
  • Mumbai
  • North-East
  • Orissa
  • Punjab
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu (except Chennai)
  • UP(E)
  • UP(W)
  • West Bengal (except Kolkata)

Company Potential of Data Options within the Kolkata SME MarketPage 1

Soumya Santa Dwari


PGPM 2010 - 12, IBS Kolkata



Vodafone Group plc is just a worldwide telecommunications organization headquartered Uk, in Birmingham. It's the world's biggest mobile telecommunications organization calculated by profits and also the worldis second-biggest calculated by customers (behind China Cellular), with around 341 million related customers by November 2010. Systems operate in more than 30 countries and it has associate systems in more than 40 additional nations. It possesses 45% of Verizon Wireless, the 2nd biggest cellular telecommunications organization within the Usa calculated by customers.

The title Vodafone originates from speech information fone, selected from the organization to "replicate the supply of information and speech providers over cell phones".

Its main record is about the London Stock Market which is a component of the FTSE 100 Catalog. It'd market capitalization of around £92 million by November 2010, which makes it the 3rd biggest organization about the London Stock Market. It's another record on NASDAQ.

Vodafone's procedures are classified in two sections:

  • Customer - This department mainly works just like a FMCG business and suits the B2C marketplace.
  • Enterprise - This department works a lot more like a solutions organization and suits the B2B marketplace.

The ‘Business of Vodafone India' department is functional in 9 groups. Vodafone's Company department works through advertising & support group and sales team. The advertising & salesforce again works through

  • KAM (important account supervisor) - they provide immediate and highly-customized support towards the corporates and government and therefore are intended for businesses having yearly return more than rupees 100 crores.
  • Channel Partner - CP accounts for providing support to small businesses having yearly turnover rupees 100 crores.



Varied physical profile with powerful cellular telecommunications procedures in Europe, the Middle-East, Africa, Asiapacific and also to some degree the united states

Exceptional model picture

Excellent community structure

Revolutionary services and products

Powerful reputation within the cities


Company extremely focused within the Western region than different worldwide areas

Fragile existence within the rural places


High-growth growing areas, BRICS nations containing Brazil, Spain, Asia, China and Southafrica

Combination within the telecom business

Study and improvement of fresh telecom systems


Highly-competitive marketplace with important people involving in price battles

Aged Western marketplace with high transmission prices


Determine customer requirements when it comes to information options and we've to discover the SME marketplace of Kolkata area. We have to evaluate Vodafone using its rivals within the regions of company information options for that SME section when it comes to merchandise choices. Lastly, we have to assess the Kolkata SME segment's company potential at the moment, equally when it comes to information options for Vodafone as well as in the long run.


  • To locate & comprehend the necessity of information options in Kolkata SME foundation (company sector-specific information remedy needs).
  • To calculate information solutions' market dimension within the Kolkata SME foundation.
  • To evaluate Vodafone's information options using its rivals.
  • To predict potential solution/ support needs in Kolkata SME foundation.


The Kolkata area is basically made up of SME businesses in the place of big MNCis. A SME might usually be considered a business, whose yearly return is within the selection of 10 to 250 crores. Vodafone (Kolkata group) has split Kolkata area into 6 areas - CBD 1 (main business area), CBD 2, Northern, South, Howrah and Hoogly. The primary focus of SME company in Kolkata is within the main business area region containing of Dalhousie, BBD Carrier, Esplanade, Central Avenue, Burrabazaar, AJC Bose Road, Chowringhee, Park Neighborhood, Playground Show, Camac Street, Shakespeare Sarani, Sarat Bose Road, Minto Park, etc. lots of SME businesses in Kolkata will even drop within the IT/ ITES class, that are primarily focused at Field V, Salt Lake and Rajarhat New City.

Common functions of the SME could be:

  • Little staff
  • Unorganized
  • Will appear for more affordability
  • Less purchasing energy when compared with corporates
  • Crucial decision-maker could be a couple of people for several procedures


The different services and products of Vodafone that people are coping with are the following:

Wireless Data Solutions (2G/ 3G)

§ Datacards/ USB Dongles

§ Rim Ideas

§ Vodafone Mobile Link


§ Speech

§ Information

Machine-to-Machine Options

§ Telemetry Options

§ Vehicle Tracking/ People Tracking/ Tool Tracking Options

§ Security Options

  • Volume SMS
  • Toll-Free Figures
  • Audio/ Videoconferencing
  • VPN (online private community)
  • GVN (worldwide digital quantity)/ Fun SMS
  • 3G specific items

§ Workplace in a Container (INCH 3G simcard, 1 fixed-line position, 4 slots - LAN + Wi-fi)

§ Wi-mi (INCH 3G simcard, 5 wifi contacts)


  • Originally, we did extra study on worldwide & Indian telecom market, development of telecom systems, SME market, newest developments within the telecom business (3G, 4G, Machine-to-Machine options, LTE) and different telecom products & services.
  • Next, we received area publicity when it comes to tele marketing, touring with FOS (Navy On-Street) group, visiting SME customers, visiting organization station partners and industry mapping.
  • We created survey bearing in mind the project goals.
  • Lastly, industry study was performed by us.

The training that people attained by performing the duties that are above mentioned are of great price for our project's delivery. It-not just offered us an understanding into exactly how we went to approach the task but additionally an useful walk out industry coverage. In the area publicity we got a definite image concerning the micro-level revenue procedures of the Kolkata SME marketplace summary, the telecom company & most significantly the soft-skills of customer handling. Those activities undergone's training results are briefly explained below.


Learning Outcomes

Extra Research

Got a summary of the telecom field (global & national)

Turned conscious of the main telecom businesses

Found learn about the different telecom goods & solutions

Learned concerning the development of telecom systems

Additionally learned concerning the newest developments within the telecom business

Got a concept of the SME market company framework


Learned the-art of sales hype

Learned about phone etiquette

Got a concept of just how to talk to some business-client

Learned about how to affect a possible client and shut an offer

Touring with FOS

Got a concept concerning the basic-level revenue and customer handling procedures of the telecom organization

Got working experience of face-to-face company discussions

Learned about how to maintain business model with customers

Channel Partner trips

Learned concerning the sales & submission of the telecom organization within the B2B field

Got a concept of the procedures of the station partner

Learned about how organization and station partner procedures are integral

SME customer sessions

Got a sense of the Kolkata SME businesses

Turned conscious of the customer objectives from the telecom company

Got a concept of the customeris notion of Vodafone and its own goods & solutions

Learned about how to appropriately manage customers and reliably perform duties

Industry Mapping

Pursuit of the Kolkata company places and id of potential customers

Turned conscious of the roads of Kolkata available places and also the essential office properties

Questionnaire Design

What info to fully capture to be able to satisfy our task goals

Just how to body concerns to ensure that we are able to seize the specified info


Samplesize is likely to be 65 SME businesses within the Kolkata region comprising its rival balances in addition to Vodafone accounts.

Main study

§ Vodafone administration and salesforce

§ Vodafone channel partners

§ Customer appointments and industry study

Extra study

§ Web

§ Publications and publications

§ Publications and papers

Qualitative evaluation to discover (utilizing club charts, pie charts, point images & scatter plots)

§ Customer faculties

§ Customer ideas

§ Customer consciousness

§ Customer wants (present & future)

Quantitative evaluation to discover (using Excel)

§ Rival evaluation

§ Connection with enterprise field & item needs

§ Connection with customer notion & purchase conduct


  • Time restrictions: Kolkata SME marketplace is very large and telecom information options are constantly changing, hence a few months is extremely short-duration to complete an in depth evaluation.
  • Accessibility to extra information: SME marketplace is not basically organized, therefore assortment of data from business bright publications, publications, publications, printed reviews and the internet is not basically easy.
  • Information-sharing: All of The SME businesses don't follow industry lack openness and best methods, consequently collecting info from these businesses is just a boring work.
  • Obtaining info: achieve to top administration and getting use of the most effective management via the gatekeeper, assistant and also the worker are very challenging.

15. SURVEY DESIGN (see appendix for survey)

Issues 1 - 7: to obtain a summary of the organization no, concerning the company field. Of employees, organization decision-maker, annual return, no. of offices.

§ Company field divided in to 16 groups to fully capture the Kolkata SME marketplace

§ Yearly no and turnover. Of employees: Alternatives have now been classified into 5 slots bearing in mind that between 10 to 250 crores, a SME firm's yearly return is likely to be for Vodafone.

Inquiries 8 - 10: to obtain a concept concerning the telecom supplier of the company's, the telecom providers and also yearly telecom spending currently utilized by the company.

§ Telecom company: taken into consideration main telecom businesses like MTS, Vodafone, Airtel Tata Teleservices Aircel Mobile and Uninor.

§ Yearly telecom spending: Labeled into 5 choices bearing in mind the return categorization. Usually it's anticipated that the annual telecom budget of a SME company's could be 1% of its return.

§ Telecom goods & providers presently in use: the primary items & companies which can be utilized by a SME are required to become fixed-line speech & data, instant speech & data, mass SMS, toll-free numbers, M2M solutions, VPN, GVN, audio & video-conferencing, etc. for every of these products in use, we shall attempt to seize the fulfillment degree (climbing 1 to 5) as well as customer comments.

Issue 11: the crucial decision-maker of Company's is consciousness regarding providers and telecom goods.

§ Consciousness concerning services & the item: in this instance we shall attempt to seize how conscious the customer is by using performance and the power of these products & services.

§ Consciousness concerning the service companies: This to fully capture the consciousness degree of the customers concerning the numerous telecom service providers regarding support & each item.

Issues 12 - 17: to obtain a distinct image concerning the client requirements, notion of the client regarding telecom providers & goods and also the crucial characteristics that may affect the customeris purchasing behaviour.

§ company significance and option: Here we shall attempt to seize the degree of impact of particular characteristics about the customeris purchasing behaviour.

§ Assessment of telecom providers that are various based on clientis notion: Here we shall attempt to obtain a relative image of the providers that are different based on the clientis perception regarding goods and particular characteristics & solutions.

  • Concerns 18 - 26: to investigate hence the clientis potential solution needs, modifications within the clientis business & its merchandise requirements and also the effect of telecom options about the client's company.
  • Climbing hasbeen completed from 5 to at least one, 5 being even the greatest value or the preferable and 1 being even the lowest price or minimal preferable.


The marketplace research's goal businesses belong with yearly return running between 10 to 250 rupees, to the SME class. These businesses fit in with numerous enterprise industries for example production, engineering health, ITES solutions, etc. to 65 the sample-size continues to be restricted Because Of time restrictions. The goal businesses are primarily situated at Central Kolkata and Salt Lake Field 5. The evaluation may protect businesses' account explanation, SME market dimension evaluation (on the basis of the test) regarding numerous telecom items especially information options, SME customer notion regarding need for particular characteristics of telecom providers, opposition one of the telecom companies and lastly potential ramifications in framework of enterprise potential within the Kolkata SME marketplace.

Number: Business Field-smart Department of the Test Businesses

The companies within the test primarily participate in the IT/ ITES field (9 companies), followed closely by additional providers class (8 companies). Another providers class primarily contain CA companies, authorized companies, consultant, etc. Next comes bank & financial solutions and production (7 companies each). Next comes executive and training (6 businesses each).

From enterprise sector to field, a good deal changes and therefore changes support needs and their item.

Number: Annual Return of the Test Businesses

Most of the businesses within the test have yearly return within the array 50 - 100 rupees. Just not many businesses have return within the amounts that are greater. As a whole about 21 businesses drop within 50's return category - 100 rupees. This really is carefully followed closely by the number 101 - 150 rupees, by which around 18 businesses drop. Next comes the group of < 50 crore rupees, in which 17 companies fall.

More the return the tendency to get for greater performing of business functions, of the business increases. Hence aside from the cost, their capability to eat services and superior-quality telecom products raises for businesses with greater turnovers.

Number: Staff Power of the Test Businesses

Most of the goal SME businesses have workers within the array 50 - 100, with 19 businesses slipping within this class.

Number: Annual Telecom Spending of the Test Businesses

Most of the businesses' telecom spending drops within 1-50 lac rupees' category. Just six businesses have yearly telecom spending above 150 lac rupees.

Number: Market Dimension of the Goal Test

Fixed-line speech has got the greatest quantity of connections (1479 connections) within the goal test followed closely by datacards (592 connections) and rim (348 connections).

Using 3G in India's introduction, the development potential of instant information options like rim providers, datacards and web on cell is enormous. Within the coming decades, instant information would be the primary income generator for telecom firms.

Number: Fixed-Line Speech Market-Share among Goal Businesses

Airtel has got the biggest quantity of fixed-line style contacts one of the test businesses with quantity of contacts at 563. BSNL comes minute with quantity of contacts at 458.

Number: Internet Leased Line Market-Share among Goal Businesses

In this instance, Dependence (11 contacts) may be the market-leader followed closely by Airtel (7 connections).

Figure: Wireline Broadband Market-Share among Goal Businesses

In this instance, Airtel (64 connections) has got the biggest existence with BSNL (47 connections) within the next placement.

Number: Datacards Marketshare among Goal Businesses

Within this item class, Tata Teleservices (167 contacts) may be the market-leader followed closely by Dependence (126 connections).

Figure: Rim Market-Share among Goal Businesses

Vodafone has got the biggest quantity of Rim solutions customers (97 contacts) one of the test businesses which is carefully followed closely by Airtel (89 connections).

Figure: Customer Notion regarding the significance of the Telecom Providers' Features

Manufacturer picture could be that feature of the company which describes how that organization would be perceived by a client. Greater brand value indicates the client may connect with the manufacturer and desire to connect. Brand price about the other-hand indicates the client and the manufacturer may most improbable keep company. Manufacturer picture of the business may mostly rely on just how thoroughly it permeates the lives of individuals and it encourages its products.

Quality in case there is information options indicates community connection, the information transfer velocity and community protection.

Cost in case there is information options contains the main one period expense within the gear (rim phone, hardware dongle, modems, etc) as well as periodical subscription costs.

Customer support suggests how client issues are managed to what degree client inquiries are resolved to also.

Offers are recommendations to current clients regarding cost effective offers so they stay faithful towards the organization and are happy.

Revolutionary solutions show how efficient the organization is in handling the customer requirements by giving personalized services and products and continuously enhancing their items.

Ease of use of services and products means how quickly the client get the providers with minimal quantity of mistakes and may use these products.

Openness and professionalism show just how data is discussed with no disturbances and as to the degree the organization is open towards customer requirements. For instance, how organization addresses client and payment complains.

All of the customers respect customer and quality service whilst the two significant characteristics due to their selection of telecom providers. Next come visibility and professionalism & cost. Offers are not least unimportant for them.

Airtel gets the greatest model price in the test customers and follows Vodafone. It was very anticipated because of the truth that Vodafone also does sponsorships and stays lots of cash on ads. The ‘Zoo Zoo' strategy has already been a huge hit.

Dependence has been ranked by the test customers whilst the many customer support oriented organization. It's carefully followed closely Vodafone and by Airtel.

Within this respect, Airtel ratings the greatest and follows Vodafone.

In this instance, Dependence (4.2 score) ratings greatest when it comes to excellent, BSNL (4.1 score) ratings greatest when it comes to cost and Airtel (3.9 score) ratings greatest when it comes to promotional offers.

In case there is Rim providers, Vodafone (4.6 score) ratings greatest when it comes to excellent, Tata Teleservices (4.2 score) ratings greatest when it comes to cost and Airtel (4.2 score) ratings greatest when it comes to promotional offers.

In this instance, Tata Teleservices (4.6 score) ratings greatest when it comes to excellent, BSNL (4.2 score) ratings greatest when it comes to cost and Tata Teleservices (4.1 score) ratings greatest when it comes to promotional offers.

Those who replied that they're probably to change their telecom company, one of the test businesses, the key reason for changing has ended-listed followed closely by solutions & items .

Most of the businesses replied that a likelihood is that the company's staff may improve.


  • The SME marketplace is just a profitable marketplace with high-potential for data options.
  • Customer support and quality would be the two significant factors for SME customers regarding telecom company option.
  • Contemplating information options utilization, businesses owned by industries ENJOY additional services, training, economic services, IT/ ITES, production and executive would be the frontrunners.
  • Fixed-line marketplace is likely to progressively stagnate.
  • Using 3G's introduction, instant information would be the high-growth company straight and mostly income creation may happen out of this section.
  • Within the instant information marketplace, Vodafone is to Rim providers in aggressive placement with respect, however it is lagging behind others regarding datacards.
  • Vodafone is better than others in framework to professionalism and model image & openness, but is behind others regarding customer support.
  • Vodafone is just a new entrant within the fixed-line company and could rigid opposition from current people like BSNL and Airtel.

18. TIPS

  • Vodafone must concentrate on wireless info site.
  • Vodafone needs to enhance when it comes to customer support.
  • Vodafone includes a lot to complete regarding datacards regarding market penetration and item enhancement.
  • Enterprise industries which have big needs for information options should be focused on by Vodafone and people industries mainly are additional services, training, economic services, IT/ ITES, production and executive.