Environmental impact assessment report for shah international airport

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The goal of this Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) statement would be to examine and gauge the primary ecological issues linked to the recommended Shah Airport Terminal (SIA). The range of Environmentally Friendly Impact Analysis (EIA) addresses suggests the dedication of environmentally friendly effects, or effect, of recommended tasks or actions. Within this framework, effect means change- any change, damaging or good from the viewpoint that is desirability. An ecological evaluation is, consequently, research of the possible modifications within the numerous socioeconomic and biophysical attribute of the surroundings which might derive from an upcoming or recommended motion. The task is known as the â??Shah Worldwide Airportâ?? in Shah Alam. Henceforward, this new airport task is likely to be referred to as â??The Projectâ??. The look and improvement of the brand new airport of Malaysia (Shah International Airport) at Selangor, Malaysia, started in early 2009 when it became apparent the offered Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport (Subang International Airport) had restricted growth power to meet up with the long term escalation in traveler and freight need. Therefore for overcome this issue, the federal government consequently chose to develop a new airport at an alternate website to support not just the fast escalation in air-transport, but additionally to meet up the expanding need of the services and vacation field.


This Task may contain the new international airport's look, funding, building, and procedure. Malaysia's Federal Government has determined the airport is likely to be made to manage no more than 4.5 thousand of guests annually and also fresh task is likely to be found on an around 1124 miles.

The task form: Community

Operator of the brand new airport: Government of Malaysia

Owner: Malaysia Airport (Shah Alam) sdn.bhd

Located area of the new airport: Shah Alam, Selangor, west Malaysia

2.1: Area and projected price of new airport

Shah Alam is just a town in Petaling and Klang Areas in Selangor, Malaysia, about 25 kilometers (15 mi) west of the nationis money, Kuala Lumpur. In 1978, Kuala Lumpur was changed by it whilst the capital town of their state of Selangor because of Kuala Lumpuris development in to a National Place in 1974. Shah Alam was the very first prepared town in Malaysia after independence in 1957. The brand new Airport Terminal is believed to construct at US$3.5 million or a price around RM8.5 billion.

2.2 Action Plan

The recommended routine for efficiency of new airport is really as follows:

Start of Building March 2011

Conclusion of Building May 2011

Start of Screening and Commissioning Might 2011

Conclusion of Screening and Commissioning May 2011

Start of Industrial Functioning October 2011


3.1: Good influences

Centered on specific project on airport influences have now been recognized which are prone to derive from the proposed airport project. The beneficial influences with this task are:

Traffic congestion reduction

Helpful effect on economy

Quick-service and security

Less gas usage

Greater streets

Job opportunities

3.2: Bad influences

Subsequently, centered on specific task on airport, the damaging ecological influences are also recognized based on three primary planning: firstly influences because of task area, secondly influences because of building and finally influences because of task procedure.

3.2.1: Influences because of task area


No move is needed. The closest citizens reside in the functional regions of the airport outside the website about 2 km.

Lack of bushes

A pine is just a traditional woody place and described an essential element of the assets since the bushes creating air as well as will help avoid the soil erosion issue and lowering CO2 within the environment, in addition to moderating floor conditions. Because of the task, it's roughly over 30 pine will probably be reduction. This means the sum total price of 30 trees is RM15000 if average-cost of the pine is RM500.

Lack of historic and national monuments

There's no-loss of social and historic monument is likely to be influenced because of the new task.

3.2.2: Influences because of tasks building

soil erosion

Sedimentation and erosion will likely be probably the most severe ecological results as a result of the project progress. Erosion may be the procedure for dirt contaminants from its unique bulk by steps of moving water and raindrop effect of transport and detachment.

Employees security and health-risk at building website

Contractual projects will protect employee security to apply website methods that are secure. You will find no risks from running plane since this can be a new airport. Sanitary methods regarding supplying the removal of individual waste and also clear water is likely to be forced to guard employee wellness included in the building contract.

Traffic diversion and danger to current building

During building, minimal traffic diversions on streets is going to be needed. In raised and the quality area is mainly on barren terrain. In undercover part, the building point is significantly from address and the recommended slice and channels. Thus, no-risk is foreseen to surrounding structures.

Effect on quality of air

Airpollution may be the existence of 1 or even more pollutants within the environment such amounts, attribute and length regarding make sure they are really or possibly harmful to individual, place or pet existence or even to property, or which unreasonably disrupts the convenience, satisfaction of existence and property. Airpollution could be brought on by the clear presence of more or one pollutants. Types of conventional pollutants contain oxides of nitrogen, sulfur dioxide hydrocarbons, ozone hydrogen sulfide matter and haze. A diminished quality of air is on a round the building site because of the lack of business and also vehicular traffic about the north's fairly low-level freeway. This wills not dramatically change. The brand new project's procedure won't lead to a rise in air or freeway traffic adequate to possess any substantial effect on quality of air.

Removal of dirt during building

Dirt selection ought to be re-locate using the pots in the sites / locations. The dirt moves from building site to prevent the dirt not pour to disposal site during motion. The dirt then used in disposal sites and is likely to be first gathered at throwing soil. Throwing places are crucial to shop the excavated world briefly for back-filling at ultimate removal and later day. It's appealing to first clear vegetation biomass' removal location website that exists over it. The top of those websites must be handled to ensure that water doesn't ruin ground and soil water. Top and the encounters ought to be handled/ vegetated to prevent erosion.

Influences on-water quality

Wastes produce throughout the building stage, particularly oil and gas from equipment, may cause pollution within the channels. The water trigger caused by the improvement of the project's pollution can also be of problem. If no mitigation sedimentation is obtained throughout the building stage, the pollution may mainly maintain the shape of large sediment masses. The escape of wastes, and pollution of groundwater programs and the top water, might happen until the wastewater produced from the procedure of the airport in the final region, is handled. This is mitigated from the building of sewage distribution lines and the wastewater treatment plant included in the Task. The sewage treatment procedure is preferred for brand new airport building. Clear water for airport procedures is likely to be supplied from the well, or wells, with therapy to meet up World Health Business requirements included in the task.

3.2.3: Influences because of task procedure

Gas pollution

Because of the risks possible concerned because of disappointment of incident and program the onsite disaster steps you will be applied and have now been developed.


Sound understood to be undesirable audio signifies that is really as a bad impact on their atmosphere as well as people, including property, buildings, and pets. Sound may also disrupt environmental methods and normal wildlife. The primary resources of noise in the procedure of trains contain: motor noise, cooling fan noise, wheel train conversation, electrical turbine and various sounds like passengerâ??s talking. Perhaps throughout the building, of utilizing the devices the sound degrees need to reduce. The results of shake and airplane sound is likely to not be raise within the residential places nearest for the website.


Public-Health amenities like sanitation, water-supply and bathrooms are required in the building site and as essential. CPHEEO has suggested 45 liters water-supply, daily to individuals operating at building site. The folks focusing on building site is likely to be roughly around than 200. The water needs on building site is likely to be for individual utilization of fireplace needs, employees or team and waste.

Elimination of decline

The decline from building site contains; junk, trash, and floor sweepings. Elimination and the selection of decline in a strategy in the building site is worth focusing on for pollution and annoyance abatement improvement, and efficient vector control. Therefore, assortment or the elimination of the decline ought to be mannerly intend to attract the visitors and also to keep up with the cleanness of the airport.

Aesthetic belief

The building of the hallway that is above mentioned brings in regards to a change in visible search of the roads by which it'll run. An smartly designed framework, that could be in a position to decrease effect because of visible disfiguration and visually satisfying have now been integrated in hallway that was existing. The fundamental raised area ought to be enhanced in the design phase itself because a low-profile might trigger least invasion.

Vacation effect

Based on the task that is new, there's no vacation effect.


TABLE 1: Record of Influences


Negative Effect

Positive Effect

No Effect

a) Positive Effect


i) Traffic congestion decrease


Two) Fast service and security


iii) Less fuel usage


iv) Decrease In airpollution


v) Greater streets


vi) Employment Opportunity


v) Useful effect on Economy


W) Influences because of task area

i) Move




Two) Lack Of bushes


iii) Lack Of historic and social occasions


D) Influences because of task building

i) soil erosion


Two) personnel safety and health-risk at building website


iii) Traffic diversion and danger to current building


iv) effect on quality of air


vi) effect on water quality


N) Influences because of task procedure


i) Oil Pollution


Two) Sound


iii) Water supply


iv) Elimination of decline


v) Visible effect


vi) Vacation effect



Cost-benefit analysis is usually utilized therefore and in the analysis of practical substitute task choices supplies a helpful device for decision making. It becomes while ecological thought is roofed and ecological cost-benefit.

5.1: Central fee of return

The financial central price of return for that new airport project was believed at 25-percent due to the big original expense needed within the airside part of the Task, the Task in general hasbeen believed to truly have a monetary central price of return of 25-percent centered on a rise in airport prices and costs that happened following the end-of summary of the TA review.

5.2: Financial advantage

The primary financial evaluation advantages of fresh planned project are:

Small of online customer expenses

The worthiness of fixed traveler and freight traffic

Time-saving of guests

Immediate or indirect era extra

5.3: Project price

Task expenses include additional building, municipal works, gear and its own installment, and engineering design and guidance. These task expenses likewise incorporate the cost of justifying all damaging ecological influences in to the running stage and during building, roughly which quantities to around 0.5 percentage of the sum total project-base price or $400.


The recommended of the brand new Shah Airport Terminal (SIA) improvement may have no somewhat negative influences about the surrounding atmosphere. The building, while regarding substantial earthwork and earth enhancement may, use traditional earthwork techniques and established construction practices. Possibly small negative influences may easily be not prevented especially unrelated to discharge system layout.

There is an easy tracking plan required to protect the first 3 years of procedure and also the building stage. the executive experts will prepare throughout the layout stage of the Task this. It'll subsequently be applied during Task building from the Task management aided from the executive experts, and from the team working the airport (Airport Authority) during airport procedure. the Directorate of Executive will supervises the tracking plan.