Immense cooperation and support

The Standard Subscription Guide has turned into a truth using assistance and the enormous assistance of respectable individuals of the university.

We've good satisfaction to recognize the aid and assistance made by Dr Shakir Al Mosouli by decorating supplies and useful recommendations for doing this guide necessary.

Dr Mohammed Hassan, Associate Dean for Fund and Management matters of the establishment needs to be recognized with appreciation for participation and that regular tips in showing and planning this guide.

Your appreciation can also be expanded to Dr Nasser Al Fouri, Associate Dean Mind of the Executive Division, for Academic Affairs and Dr. Ayham Yahya, for recommending appropriate adjustments and researching the manuscript and providing determination and required recommendations for successful conclusion of the job.

Lastly we recognize and remember all who've been within the acceptable achievement of the undertaking around.


This Sub- Guide may be the area of the primary quality guide of the faculty, which can be used like a leading record for ensuring quality in Technology Labs and Electric and Courses. Exactly the same is definitely a try to create adjustments that are qualitative within the lab procedures within Technology's Schools. This guide can help in reaching uniformity of numerous actions associated with the labs including examination, useful courses and analysis. The Standard Sub-Guide may be the preliminary action for changes and quality methods within Technology's Schools. Fresh methods for example club-coded pda-based labeling program are also applied for gear monitoring.

The guidelines associated with the lab team, including duties and their obligations, instruction applications is briefed in Part 1. Part 2 provides information on training and understanding procedure within the laboratories and courses (such as the alignment programs). Part 3 covers safety and health guidelines, Part 4 are about cleansing and preservation actions. Part 5 handles the plan of enhancement and upgrading. Additionally, it provides a summary of the various actions associated with lab assets and supplies including storage, marking, Digital Purchase and Inventory Control (EPIC), Purchase and Getting of Substance etc. Parts 7 to 9 provide the guidelines concerning the Lab Framework and Features, Budget allowance and Internal Auditing.

Examples of related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Platforms, Platforms, Brands, Graphs, Guides and Cards are offered within the Appendix.


To supply in a brief and short structure, the declaration concerning the Guidelines and Goals of the Establishment for accumulating An Excellent Management program and therefore reaching Quality Assurance within the Electric and Technology Labs and Courses to ensure that

  • Preferred level of usefulness and quality of the assets are guaranteed.
  • All actions done within courses and the labs is to the specified Degree of precision.
  • Mistakes within the actions deviations and could be reduced in the quality plan Could be discovered and required remedial steps could be obtained.
  • The tests performed and outcomes of those activities could be produced trusted towards the Degree that is desired.
  • Risks and dangers could be avoided ensuring Security Tools, of individual and Machineries active in the operations.


  • Creating appropriate lab tests regarding results and goals of the program.
  • Arranging and doing Useful Courses/Exams
  • Evaluation and Analysis of pupil actions
  • Doing designated coaching plans
  • Assisting in central auditing and assessments


Coach /Teacher

  • Making certain the pupils follow safety and health methods.
  • In knowledge the lab experimental helping the pupils set-UPS.
  • Helping the lecturer in doing exams and useful courses in Labs and courses.
  • Guidance of sustaining and the student actions of documents and record books.
  • Producing presentations, examining and confirming the signal contacts.
  • Outcomes, screening the job versions and installations completed from the pupils.
  • Problem cleaning and trouble shooting of lab and tracks supply systems.
  • Managing the ability resources of work-tables and various tools.
  • Helping within the alignment plan for individuals that are brand new.
  • Managing the program maintenance and fix works within the labs and Courses.
  • Undertaking every other job designated from the worried mind of team or division In control.

Assistant Coach

  • Making certain the pupils follow safety and health methods.
  • Helping the coach in doing and arranging the lab classes / Course methods and practical exams.
  • Taking part in the functional teaching activities.
  • For making presentations helping, examining and confirming the signal contacts.
  • In screening the job versions helping, installations and outcomes completed from the pupils.
  • Trouble shooting cleaning in lab supply process and tracks.
  • Managing the program maintenance and fix works within the labs and Courses.
  • Managing the stock control of tools and the substance.
  • Undertaking every other job designated from the worried mind of team or division in control.

Lab/ Class Technician

  • Handle of the lab shops, upgrading and Maintaining stock records of all of the Supplies and tools within courses and the labs.
  • Supplies, equipment, giving devices and elements necessary for the pupils For that functional courses and getting them back after-use.
  • Applying regular examination and the gear maintenance routine of the Operating conditions of the devices.
  • Getting supplies from providers, guaranteeing compliance and their quality with all the Requirements and producing the items into shop documents.
  • Helping the coach in doing the lab course, practical courses Practices.
  • Taking part in the functional teaching activities.
  • For making presentations helping, examining and confirming the signal contacts.
  • Helping in screening the job versions, outcomes and installations completed from the pupils
  • Trouble shooting cleaning in lab supply process and tracks.
  • Doing the program maintenance and fix works within the labs and Courses.
  • Undertaking every other job designated from the worried mind of team or division In control.


Those activities of quality assurance plan applied within courses and the labs need to be examined and examined often for usefulness and its correctness. A panel headed teachers and from the university Dean from an instructor or specialist and each expertise might be constituted for this function.

Duties of inner quality control auditors are:

  • To guarantee the quality of devices and the tools.
  • To check on the experiments' potency.
  • To confirm the precision and stability of the experimental effects
  • To gauge usefulness and the improvement of the program and education programs.
  • To recommend or suggest remedial measures that are necessary.
  • To check and make sure that the standard assurance plan is successfully implemented in most the lab activities.

Interior Quality Control Auditors of the faculty for Courses and Electric & Technology Labs.


Both specialized in addition to training encouraging team will be in familiar with procedures and all tools as well as using the various tests and instruction programs performed within the laboratory. Required education supplies associated with tools, the lab procedures and machineries will be provided in each lab to make the operations and working organized, effective and simpler. Education plans that were required will be organized for that team, when machineries or new tools are mounted in colaboration with specialized specialists of the provider/producer, within the laboratories. Additionally a rigorous induction plan shall be conducted by the faculty to new team joining in course and each lab.


the following shall be included by working out Supplies:-

  • Safety Precautions and Safeguards to become seen in the lab
  • Operation Guides and Magazines of machineries and numerous tools.
  • Lab Guides comprising methods and Directions of tests that are numerous and activities of the research.
  • Analysis and evaluation strategies.


An plan for minimal 1 week length will be performed for that fresh team that is registered before operating of the lab and using cost in virtually any of the brand new labs in order to get familiar with the whole procedures. Those activities of the induction plan will contain

  • Security work safeguards and methods, security guidelines to become seen in the Labs and courses.
  • Familiarization of the lab procedures and operating (such as the general Laboratory established- up, gear business, Tests and assessments, Storage program, Report Maintaining and upgrading, Indenting Techniques etc.)
  • Research and knowledge of maintenance methods and procedures of various Tools and devices.
  • Research and recognition power control points, of the lab present program, Changes and breakers for disaster procedure etc.
  • General knowledge of the educational framework, regulations, evaluation and students evaluation strategies.


The full time routine of courses and the labs will be organized in this method that the efficient and maximum usage of the lab services is possible. To get a minimal level of usage of equipment pupil percentage will be within its decreasing border of just one:3 the operating of the labs will be precisely planned. Involvement and the pupil actions in tests will be organized in this method that every pupil can get great contact with the experiment's entire functional facets. A personis logbook will be preserved in each lab and course to report the students' activities. Activities of every lab will be counter-signed from the lecturer/Teacher that is worried. Such documents will be provided for auditing exercise and that inner quality-control.


Courses and labs perform an essential part in design expertise, the research of executive cope with the useful programs of regulations and medical concepts. Thus, labs and courses are performed using the goal of providing intense functional instruction using the concept coated within the classes to pupils in synchronism. Tests and course methods will be structured based on the program results of coordinating using the worldwide technical improvements and data interchange having a view-point. The labs and courses should be designed with screening devices and all required tools, which help the planned tests to be performed by the pupils /exercises.

E learning applications boost knowledge and the understanding capacity of the topic in an excellent degree. Required course and lab guides ought to be provided for every test/workout. Additionally, listing of tests and instruction applications performed will be shown in each laboratory.


An efficient and intensive alignment plan will be invented towards the new pupils in an appropriate method before they start the course or lab courses. the following shall be contained by the goal of the alignment plan.

  • To create them conscious of the dangers and risks involved with lab works and store methods
  • To show mock exercises to combat risks and incidents.
  • Allow them utilize and to comprehend safeguards and required security guidelines.
  • To familiarize using the lab setup, common methods and functional strategy active in the efficiency of tests and course methods.

It'd be appealing deliver and to describe the regular laboratory routine so the pupils understand ahead of time which workout they'll do in each course. in creating a thorough planning of the laboratory activities this can assist. A arrange for course is proven in Appendix I.

In the semester's beginning, the pupils ought to be educated how they're evaluated within course and the lab. the weightage provided and also the various grading elements ought to be told the pupils. An evaluation plan is proven in Appendix II.

The pupils ought to be evaluated during and after every course and lab course to be able to check the data obtained. This can inspire the pupils execute tests carefully with due importance and to organize prior to joining the course. An example content of the pupil evaluation plan is provided in Appendix-III.


  • Familiarizing safeguards and the security guidelines.
  • Learning and Exhibiting graphs and cards associated with Safety and Health
  • Utilization and comprehension of security tools and dress-code to be utilized in Labs and courses.
  • Doing displays and class discussions.
  • Power-Point Exhibits secure and focusing the dangers and risks in works of preventing them method.
  • Familiarization of offer resources and various tools.
  • Making recognition methods hazards involved, concerning the and safeguards required In managing resources and the various voltage ranges.
  • Determining the places of primary changes and control factors and breakers for emergency procedures.
  • Familiarization of creating exercise to construction stage in the event of and training Problems.
  • Training the evacuation procedure that is safe in dangerous circumstances for example flame.


Security may be the primary prerequisite in most the job locations. A healthful and secure functioning environment is just a fundamental requirement and it has to become guaranteed without fail in most the labs. A foolish error could actually result in irrecoverable harm to individual lifestyles, equipments and can lead to serious risks and incidents. Rigid adherence to methods, security guidelines and safeguards guarantee and may help an operating atmosphere that is secure on-site.

Safe Working Plan

The secure operating plan continues to be presented from the division to:

  • Give a secure operating atmosphere
  • Give a secure operating atmosphere
  • Supply security instruction to team and pupils
  • Doc and talk secure methods that are operating to pupils and all team.
  • Check secure operating methods

The factor to some secure atmosphere that is operating should contain:

  • Creating and applying secure operating paperwork and methods by:
  • Starting risk evaluation for almost any of one's actions that'll include danger.
  • Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for actions and gear Related to your projects that's a possible security threat.
  • Acquiring authorization to carry the methods which for individuals need written out Agreement.
  • Joining security courses
  • Joining security assessments that are workspace participate in and as necessary Security workouts
  • Confirming incident, event or any security risk.

Medical techniques etc, images and required graphs, cards focusing the significance of security, safeguards to become obtained, will be shown within the labs and courses along with education programs and required directions.

An example poster is listed below

In any accident's case, there's an "Accident-Reporting and Analysis Type" that's to become loaded. A duplicate of the type is proven in Appendix IV. Preventive incident steps will also be applied to make sure security during school hours inside the labs. A duplicate of the type is proven in Appendix V.


Recommendations and the next security precautions will be totally adopted in each lab.

  • Usually use a defensive labcoat safety shoes and /general.
  • Find and determine the jobs circuit breakers, of primary changes and emergency changes.
  • Make certain of access and the accessibility to medical packages, other and fire extinguishers Security tools.
  • Determine the emergency construction and exit methods factors to become utilized in case of fire or Risks that are related.
  • Usually energy the signal just following the problem lecturer/specialist certifies the signal connection's correctness.

General Methods for Employed In Labs and Courses

  • Operating alone with available currents more than dc or rms isn't allowed.
  • Establishing tests with high-voltage or when creating OFF should be turned.
  • Before energy is switched on a course and lab teacher or other qualified specialist must always checks first tracks.
  • While energy has been utilized no person ought to be in touch with any gear.
  • Power equipment and all devices should be correctly seated or be double-insulated.
  • The lab and course shan't be properly used without guidance by an instructor and/or person in the device space team
  • Laboratory seats delivered towards the situation discovered when you're completed and should be stored in nice purchase.
  • Know about all equipment before trying to utilize its correct procedure. Make reference to the Gear Person's Manual if required.
  • Conduct should be noticed all the time within course and the lab.
  • Don't make use of a pencil like a tip when studying oscilloscope or yards.
  • Avoid eating about the area.
  • Smoking is forbidden in courses and all labs.
  • Only Sneakers, slippers or not sandals, should be used all the time.
  • All connection products for example GSM should be turned off just before entering course and the lab.
  • Breakdown or any gear injury should be noted immediately.
  • No person transfer, might tinker with or eliminate tools.
  • Don't remove power wires or exchange gear around.
  • Clean hands after handling.
  • If required, use glasses that are appropriate.
  • Before planning to next test make sure that the methods included are well-understood.
  • Clear the job desk from obstructions and undesirable components.
  • Maintain just the tools and necessary supplies within the function desk.
  • Follow all spoken and published directions. Please request to explain while in question.
  • Simply no horseplay. Be attentive and mindful all the time. Behave like a grownup.
  • Statement damage or all incidents, incidents towards the teacher immediately.
  • Additionally, record any gear which you believe is deteriorating.
  • Dress accordingly. Avoid carrying excessively- loose-fitting or cumbersome apparel, or hanging jewelry that'll become entangled inside your experimental equipment.

Use glasses:

  • While warming something.
  • When utilizing any kind of projectile.
  • When directed to do this.
  • Use gear carefully with the objective that it's meant.
  • Don't execute tests that are unauthorized. Obtain the authorization before you try anything unique of the teacher.
  • Be cautious whenever using equipment which may not be cold. Should you desire to choose up it, use tongs, a moist paper towel.
  • Advise the teacher immediately if your thermometer breaks. Don't contact possibly even the mercury or the damaged glass .
  • Eliminate and undesirable supplies in the function desk.
  • So the device amounts are within its boundaries also have a watch about the metering guidelines.
  • In case there is breaker vacation, every other sudden occasion or blend setback, contact the team in control.
  • Switch the mains off and remove the signal following experiment's Conclusion.
  • Make sure that the present is switched off prior to making changes within the signal whenever using electric circuits.
  • Don't link the devices of the power or battery supply having a cable to one another. This type of cable will not become dangerously cold.
  • To not lighting shoots of any kind, or utilize bare fires, or weld in locations where inflammable materials are now being utilized or are saved.
  • Request the best requirements for that transportation, storage of elements, goods and harmful materials.
  • Restrict the levels of harmful materials in the office to these totally required.
  • Avoid putting pots of materials that are harmful close near or to resources of warmth to additional resources of initiation.
  • Where unique function has been completed make sure that locations are accordingly closed and suggested, using the goal of stopping entry by unauthorized individuals, underneath the path of the Supervisor of the column traces.
  • Utilize individual protective equipment suitable towards the function being completed.
  • Alert instantly of item or any reduction, actually minimum, of any harmful or damaging material and, to put indicators and obstacles to avoid use of the contaminated region.
  • Prevent cross-contact between chemical compounds that are incompatible that may create inflammable or poisonous fumes.
  • Return all gear, in as well as clear good shape, towards the specified area at the laboratory period's end.
  • Abandon your laboratory region solution than it was found by you.
  • Use means and resources suitable towards the character, form and amount of the strain
  • Confirm the effectiveness of the means and resources for that raising (rules, wires, hooks, stores) and the notice indicators (flashing lamps and/or sirens)
  • Advise the supervisor of the type of any possible problems
  • Never exceed the most training capability of the equipment and also the areas of the throw as demonstrated about the proper updates
  • Examine the lifestyle and regular operating of the closing system about the raising catch

Take notice of the sling's restrictions, the strain of the straps to become utilized differs with regards to:

  • The form of the strain
  • The positioning of its center of seriousness
  • The oscillation occurring throughout the motion
  • The escalation in the position of vertex between your straps (not 60°)
  • The catch should be put into a barycentric place as well as in a means that eliminates sideways draw that may trigger harmful oscillations
  • Confirm the right slinging of the strain to prevent, particularly with taxi
  • Take advantage of another owner to exchange impulses and, or even, examine the workplace offers total presence of the region of procedure.
  • Don't wander across the route of link cranes or cranes until at specified details.
  • Don't begin a device which you've not obtained the operating guidelines.
  • Ensure that u understand before u start it how to quit the equipment.
  • Ensure that all pads have been in placement.
  • Prior to starting the fix works onto it separate the equipment.
  • While using the table milling equipment usually use glasses.
  • Ensure that while using the drilling device the vice can be used to secure the job.


The medical products that were following will be completed ahead of time

  • Supply sufficient quantity of medical packages in each lab at places that are readily available.
  • Maintain required fire extinguishers, mud containers, fire covers in most the labs and courses
  • Guarantee operating situation and their conformity prior to the required requirements imagined.
  • Deploy fire alarm create guarantee their working situation occasionally and cum sensor tracks.


Rigid adherence towards the preventive and program maintenance routine is crucial for reliable and sleek procedure of machineries and all tools.


An effective routine will be preserved for equipment and every gear. Required records will be produced on conclusion of each preservation function in the routine, using the trademark of boss and specialist joining the task.


Preservation information will be provided for equipment and every gear. The preservation guide will retain the following specifics:-

  1. A short explanation of the gear /equipment using the clarification of its use and Function.
  2. Detailed Specification of every product
  3. Constructional Facts, block images, signal diagrams etc.
  4. Information on preventive maintenance for example alternative, lubrication and cleansing of Components.
  5. Details for example alternative and dismantling of problem and components of remedial maintenance Analysis methods.


Following would be the numerous preservation actions to become completed in courses and electric laboratories.

  • Program and regular assessments and checking.
  • Ensuring correct performance of components and various components and tools.
  • Cleaning of bearings and connections.
  • Remedial measures against connections and free associations.
  • Calibration at efficiency assessments and necessary periodicity.

    Machineries and defective Tools will be fixed or changed on regular schedule with respect to character and the kind of the deficiency. A variety of repair function will be completed by just by approved and experienced company reps. Tools which CAn't be fixed will be changed for constant and trusted operating of the laboratories. To ensure that any enhancement is likely to be centered on this analysis an evaluation form ought to be dispersed at the conclusion of every term. An example content of "Improvement Education Pupils Feedback" for physical course is proven in Appendix-VI.


    All lab equipments, devices and devices combined with the operating areas panels etc., including platforms will be stored nice and clear from dirt and dust for guarding individual health insurance and toughness of the equipments. Just cleaning supplies that were permissible will be employed for the gear washing.

    • Maintain units, tools and devices, devices, shelves and all of the work-tables from Soil, dirt and oil spills.
    • Regular Cleansing of the whole lab corridor will be completed without having crash.
    • An example content of the work register type for laboratory cleanup staff is provided in Appendix-VII.


    The different routines and procedures of the labs will be constantly checked and analyzed for analyzing required remedial measures and the efficiency. Appropriate plans and recommendations for enhancement and up-gradation of amenities might be organized by considering the growing need and technical development.

    It might become essential to update the laboratories/course when it comes to other training products, elements, furniture along with tools like CDs, projector etc. the teachers and teachers will identify the things needed. What's needed will be consolidated by the HoS from all laboratories and you will be paid towards the HoD to start the purchase methods. To be able to create the things obtainable in the new year, for obtaining the things all of the methods is likely to be finished prior to the annual vacations.


    Contemporary tools, machineries along with other amenities should be provided within the labs so the useful display and experimental confirmation of regulations and theorems, screening and research of efficiency traits of numerous products and training current methods for installations could be completed prior to improvements and episodes in engineering.

    Comprehensive listing of supplies, all of the tools, equipment, devices and elements etc. stored and will be organized within the lab / course. All related info shall be contained by the checklist with appropriate categories, sub- code, games along with other essential facts.


    A well-organized and proper shop maintaining program needs to be adopted for every lab. Appropriate mug- panels, cabinets, holders, and units will be utilized in the shop for maintaining supplies and portable tools, devices like consumables. To ensure that each product could be easily utilized places of the various products will be precisely organized. Specialists of the laboratory in charge - shops revise the information regular and will maintain the inventory register.


    Devices, machineries, all tools and various courses of consumables will be supplied with appropriate brands displaying signal, them title and requirements for simple recognition and evaluation. Additionally described to supply a simple entry and the storage racks, units and mug panels, holders of supplies including consumables should be correctly designated.


    EPIC, which supplies a simple and trusted stock data-base for substance approval, shop and enrollment maintaining etc, is recommended for course and every lab. This process helps utilization of methods and regular files for digital stock control. Applying this technique all documents associated with substance approval resource enrollment, gear monitoring and follow-up, reviews of preservation actions etc could be quickly joined, inventory evaluation, monitored on potential needed.

    Each stock product is likely to be provided a bar-coded tag organized with all facts and requirements before the approval. Exactly the same bar-code is likely to be supplied against each product within guide, the resource register and other files associated with it. This makes the monitoring of anything simple by utilizing bar-code viewer and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).


    The specialist in charge of the lab will observe that usable product and any lightweight devices, resources released through correct just to pupils or additional person expects authorized from the team in control. Expects will be stored within the worried document to guarantee all products issued's secure return. Products released for long haul use will be documented within the register that was worried. Necessary information back-up will be created occasionally within the inventory sign up for removal and all inclusion of supplies including consumables. The indent performa is shown -VIII.


    Purchase of supplies necessary for the labs (including tools, machineries devices and consumables etc.) will be produced in progress, predicting the near future requirements. All needs authorized, organized in specific laboratory requisition type and counter-signed by worried HODs will be submitted towards the purchase area for further control. The ultimate purchase order will be positioned after thinking about the quality of shipping period, the merchandise, Guarantees and procedures for after-sale maintenance and instruction.


    Supplies being provided towards the labs and fresh Tools will be obtained by store or specialist keeper after confirmation of operating situation and specific quality in existence of the team in providers representative and charge.

    • All construction, installation works of advanced tools will be completed by specialized specialists approved from the provider.
    • The recently bought tools licensed and will be examined for proper operating Within the existence of the representative of the provider.
    • Magazines, working guides, check records along with other documents will be obtained And stored in files.
    • Items that were required will be produced in documents and inventory registers.


    The Labs will be superbly created and organized by considering the next crucial facets:

    • Right Ventilation and AC
    • Correct Lightning
    • Primary Doorway and Emergency Leave door
    • Store-Room with covers and units
    • Administrators Cottage
    • Washbasin
    • Drinking Tap Water
    • Medical Kit
    • Firefighting Tools
    • Non-Slippery Ground.


    The faculty will possess a plan of enhancing and improving amenities and the lab tools to deal up with systems that are changing. Expected annual rates might be organized to worried regulators for yearly budget allowance and posted ahead of time for every lab and course. This budget will be adequate to meet up the next:

    • Operating Costs (wages, preservation and cleansing, energy water-supply etc)
    • Purchase of Consumables
    • Up-gradation and enhancement works
    • Purchase of Fresh Tools and Devices
    • Furniture: Fix & New Acquisitions


    Required examination and auditing activities should be performed from the university central auditing panel to check on the everyday activities of the laboratory, efficiency of the team, substance stock, preservation and cleansing actions, paperwork, tracks etc.

    Required feed data back will be gathered from pupils whilst the end users of the lab usefulness of working out and team efficiency, concerning the amenities.

    Internal Auditing and quality Assessment protects the next:

    • Tracking and follow-up of all of the actions within the labs
    • Perfecting the power of the lab and course
    • Enhancing the caliber of providers
    • Creating a fruitful time-management routine
    • Planning yearly enhancement or more gradation guidelines


    The standard subscription guide for electric and technology laboratories and courses hasbeen organized using the purpose of reaching a fruitful complete quality management program (TQM); which-when applied may guarantee the reliability and stability of working out and learning activities within the labs. Additionally efficient usage of period, the assets and room is possible. Rigid adherence to regulations and HSE rules can help in sustaining wellness and security of end-users tools and. Correct follow up and overseeing actions on the basis of the guide will mention courses and the labs in most regard towards the preferred level of higher requirements and quality efficiency.