Indian outlook on Public sector Logistic providers

Indian perspective on public-sector Logistic companies

The logistics field adds considerably towards the improvement of the economy and has exploded into over a $100 million business. Across industries that are numerous leading Indian companies don't have any question large outlays on logistics. Industries for example cars and FMCG, cement durables invest over Rs-2,000 crore each each year. The Logistics spend that is sum total happens to be 13% when compared with 8.7% of different developed nations and therefore Range that is enough to lessen the Logistics Invest which may need enhancement in Structure and development of 3PLs.

Public-sector Businesses in Asia

Presently you can find 3 main companies within the public-sector that are involved in supplying logistic providers: Food Company of India (FCI), Condition Warehousing Business (SWC) and Main Warehousing Business (CWC).� Other public-sector logistic companies are Indian Railways and CONCOR.� � If we take a look at warehousing, the general public sector dominates and makes up about a somewhat significant share of the sum total capability obtainable in the economy.

The General Public sector businesses in India possess the following benefits:

Obtain and develop go-downs and stores at appropriate locations.

Organize services for that transportation of agricultural produce and inputs.

Donate To the share capital of State Warehousing Companies.

Does buy purchase, storage and submission of agricultural produce and plants by performing as government's brokers.

Government projects

Privatization of ICD

Establishing of National Highways Power of Asia� (NHAI)

Suggestion of establishing a NMDP (National Maritime Development Program) for enhancing Interface Structure.

Establishing of Integral Railways Modernization Program(IRMP)

Capacity Growth of Delhi/ Mumbai Airport; establishing of Air-Ports at Bangalore/ Hyderabad.

100% FDI Permitted Street, for Port Airports.


The economy is trying for changes in logistics providers and supply chain management to achieve a competitive advantage also it might assist when a more natural strategy is taken by the government, experience business chiefs.

Structure that is ineffective may be the single-most crucial problem today India looks. Despite remarkable economic development, Indiais dilapidated streets, busy locations, insufficient energy and complicated Condition rules are impeding improvement within the supply chain and logistics sector.� 


Worldwide Perspective

Whilst the globe gets flatter daily due to liberalization and globalization, all of the businesses have to focus on a global class system and apply first class procedure. Same goes for companies aswell.

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Rising developments in logistics

� Yesterday's logistics and factory

  • Traditional stores using only forklifts and guide stacking
  • Application-MRP(supplies needs planning)
  • Present day logistics districentre / Centre & systems being used
  • Ã? ASRS, Aircon/Low-Aircon Traditional, Refrigerated Stores
  • Web based Monitoring (OMS, WMS, TMS)
  • Radiofrequency Technology(RFID)
  • Integral Finish-to-Finish Pipe Options
  • Two-dimensional bar-coding program
  • Use application that reduces carbon emissions and improve financial savings eg DHL
  • Utilization of WMS(factory management program)
  • Utilization of TMS(transportation administration program)
  • Digital information interchange
  • Global-positioning, onboard computers, AGV (automated guided cars), automatic factory.

Salient Characteristics of�  new developments in�  logistics

� Smaller, More Foreseeable Supply Chain

� Growing Outsourcing of Logistics Providers

� Higher Collaboration Among Supply Chain Companies

� Proceed To Strategic Sourcing and Offer Administration

� Include Remaining Price to Item Nearer To Client

� Using on I T


Next-generation logistics developments

  • DTD-DDP/DDU-Sent conditions
  • Vary from 'require based' to 'expection centered' providers
  • Complete supply chain integration-value string involved
  • Large customer software
  • Parallel online running and information-flow
  • Providing at both stops -including intermediates.
  • Post-delivery solutions & value-added solutions
  • Reverse logistics & purchase order administration
  • Advanced storage and submission
  • Merchant managed stocks: much more offshore production and more interplant movement.