Managing cross cultural diversity

1. Region Source

Cubais one when Christopher Columbus visited the area during his journey of the biggest destinations within the Caribbean that was inhabited by individuals. He found it and announced it like a place of Italy 1762 England shortly kept this nation before being delivered as a swap for California. A number of rebellions happened throughout the 19th-century which didn't finish principle that was Spanish, but elevated tensions between the Usa and also Italy, led to the Spanish American Battle, ultimately resulted in withdrawal, as well as in 1902, official freedom was acquired by Cuba.

Cuba was centered by National industry throughout the first-half of the 20thcentury. US government policy steps assisted it showing impact within the area. In a revolution, Dictator Fulgencio Batista was overthrown in 1959. Cuba- Usa relationships froze as the area confirmed its religion towards the Soviet Union, which held its economy regardless of being people against Cuba operating. Following the dissolution of the east west-conflict Cuba stays on the planet as you of the Communist nations.

2. Previous company

Cuban company has primarily centered around Soviet Union & Usa. Before 1958 everything was all-right between US when an armed clash broke out in Cuba between rebels and also the Fulgencio Batista authorities and industry was transporting easily between them.In March 1958 an arms embargo has been around result. In July 1960, in reaction to Cubais new innovative governmentis seizure people qualities, America decreased the Cuban transfer allowance of brown sugar by 7,000,000 loads, underneath the Glucose Work of 1948; the Soviet Union replied by accepting to buy the glucose alternatively, as Cubais new government extended to consider further steps to take National companies and independently owned home.

In 1963, the 1963 U.S. embargo was strengthened in April 1992 from the Cuban Democracy Act (the "Torricelli Regulation") as well as in 1996 from the Cuban Freedom and Democracy Solidarity Work (referred to as the Helms Burton Work) which punished international businesses that did company in Cuba by stopping them from conducting business in america. The validation offered for these limitations were these businesses were trafficking in qualities, and really should, hence, be omitted in the Usa that.

Europe questioned it on that foundation and resented the Helms-Burton Work since it sensed the people was dictating different countries must perform their industry. Its problem ultimately decreased of settling an answer in favor.

3. BUG Analysis

Governmental elements

  • Cuba is just a state. The divisions of the Communist Party and also their state are strongly linked as well as their energy is principally devolved from the Authority of Ministers' Executive Board.
  • Their Assembly that has legal powers that are elizabeth includes 614 people. Their next elections for that provinces and country are due in January 2012, the public elections in April 2010, despite the fact that there's just one authorized celebration that will be specifically the Cuban Communist Party (PCC). The top of authorities and condition of Cuba is Raúl Castro Ruz.

Financial elements

  • Inflation rate, or the customer costs, increased 4% in 2008 that will be, by 3, when compared with different nations, a typical number, since they're quantity 47 about the world checklist.
  • The work force matters 4.962 thousand folks of which 78% work-in 22% and their state sector within the low -state field. This number scores them quantity 74 compared to the work causes all over the world.
  • The unemployment rate is not high when compared with different nations because they position location 13 on the planet and just have 6 people, 1. This price actually enhanced from 2007 to 2008 2 PERCENT, by 0.
  • Every Cuban's purchasing energy, GDP per household, was 500 within the year 2008, $9. When compared with different nations they rank location 108 on the planetis checklist, but simply because the ideals enhanced through the years until 2008 from 2006 by $1000 per household, their rating continues to be good.
  • Cuba creates many agricultural items for example cigarette, glucose, acid, caffeine, grain,carrots, beans. Primary move items are acid, seafood, dime, caffeine, cigarette goods, glucose and its own byproducts and medications. There is due to their move of products a 2008 estimation $3.78 million making them quantity 119 about the listing of nations by exports.
  • Their primary export associates are Holland, Europe, Italy, China and Iran. Are substances, food and gear and oil.
  • Their primary transfer companions are the US and also Venezuela Italy, Europe.

Sociological elements

  • Cuba includes a population of projected 11, 652 people, 451. The populace increases by 0.233% every year.
  • 18,3% of those individuals are between 0 and 14 years, 70,4 PERCENT are between 15 and

11 and 64 yrs old,2 PERCENT are older or 65 years. And so the typical age is 37,3

years. 65,1% are bright, 24,8 PERCENT are mulatto and mestizo and 10,1% are dark (2002 census).

  • Probably the most prominent beliefs are Protestants and Roman Catholics. Almost the entire populace has the capacity to study and create (99,8%) in the era of 15 which allows them to follow a great training.
  • Most (76%) of the populace ideally lives in cities.

Technical elements

  • You may still find industries that absence improvement, although Cuba is just a known top nation within the area of biotechnology.
  • Access to the internet is for instance just supplied by one supplier at large expenses which exhibits an insufficient telecommunications infrastructure.
  • The info technology program in Cuba nevertheless needs to be enhanced, since the lucrative industries for example vacation and biotechnology need devices and constantly updated and good conversation buildings which are insufficient right now. “Castro views that modern conversation and computer systems are essential for that economy and it is prepared to start new gates to be able to get this to possible.” (I t in Cuba, 2009)

4. Cuba & World Economy

  • In 2005 Cuba experienced imports of $6.9 billion 114 of world countries, and exports of $2.4 billion .
  • Its main move associates are China 27.5%, Europe 26.9%, Holland 11.1%, Italy 4.7% (2007).
  • Cuba's main exports are glucose, dime, cigarette, seafood, medical items, acid, and caffeine; imports contain food, gas, apparel, and equipment.
  • Debt is currently held by Cuba within an amount believed to become roughly 38% of GDP, $13 million.
  • Based on the Heritage Foundation, Cuba would depend on credit balances that turn to nation from country.
  • Cuba retains 6.4% of the worldwide marketplace for dime which comprises about 25% of complete exports that are Cuban. Lately, big supplies of gas have now been present in the Northern Cuba Container.



- Attire is very casual set for both women and men,

- For males: with respect to the scenario, a guayabera shirt with good pants may not be as informal because it gets. Business-casual to get a warm-climate must suffice.

- For females: a set of good top and trousers must do. Dresses are good aswell.

- business apparel and Trousers are not usually unacceptable.


- Games are extremely essential which is better to tackle people straight by utilizing their qualified name (Mrs., or Neglect) followed closely by the surname.

- It's recommended, while not needed, to possess one aspect of one's business-card converted into Spanish. Provide the Spanish side-facing the receiver to your company card.

- There's no particular routine surrounding the offering of business cards.


- Coming promptly to get a conference is essential even although you might have to delay half an hour or even more.

- There's generally 5-15 units of small-talk before getting right down to company. It's better to permit your sponsor to start the company dialogue.

- It's deemed appropriate to disrupt somebody who is talking.


- Cubans worth relationship building so it's very important to prevent any kind of struggle or conflict, stress techniques and hard-selling.

- Choices are produced from the most effective along and certainly will take.


- Presents aren't delivered to an initial conference.

- it's better to provide anything really moderate as other things might be misinterpreted While presenting presents.


- Cubans are usually some what higher than exactly what the tradition is in The United States and immediate.


- Cubans often talk fully and quickly. They utilize systems and their fingers for importance are usually emotionally significant and when talking.

- Cubans may place by puckering their lips within individual or the path they're talking about.

- Wrinkling or scrunching up of one's nose results in, “huh” or “what?”

Geert Hofstede's Design

After viewing a few of nationis tradition and the company tradition we are able to attract some findings on the basis of the five measurements of all these design.


It's likely to have higher-power length than capitalist nations as Cuba is just a Communist nation. So are therenot any ratings over it Geert Hofstede hasn't performed his survey.


In private-sector individualism is used to attain outcomes with higher effectiveness. As Cuba's majority that will be not anticommunist in character includes a higher belief in collectivism.


We are able to quickly understand that in past it had been more of temporary focused on watching yesteryear and potential company tradition of Cuba. It's be of the long haul oriented nation today as the country keeps growing.


High Framework

Cubanis appear to virtually drop within this class. I'd prefer to suggest that simply because they act within the subsequent described method:-

  • Less verbally specific conversation, less created/official info
  • More internalized understandings of what's conveyed
  • Numerous cross cutting connections and intersections with others
  • Long haul relationships
  • Powerful limitations- who's approved as belonging vs who's regarded an "outsider"
  • Understanding is situational, relational.
  • Actions and choices concentrate face associations, frequently around a main individual who has specialist -to- around individual encounter.


Human-resource management (HRM) methods in Cuba continue to be incipient and near to what might be named the standard Soviet-design design. Quite simply, HRM in Cuba primarily includes some methods that stress cost administrative and control issues, source allowance being managed not and from the administrative structure from the industry features.

Furthermore, human-resource administration is definitely an underrated purpose when compared with the areas. These “who are bad enough for-anything else, visit the time function”, as you supervisor observed.

Within in the framework of perfeccionamiento empresarial, as well as the last couple of years concerns using human-resource management's quality have developed. The brand new objectives, in sectors that try to accomplish a competitive placement within the worldwide industry, range from team competencies' improvement.

Capacitacion (certification) turned the current key buzzword in the united states of HRM. Certification may be the main human-resource management problem for Cuban businesses, and it is seen as a required method for reaching a number of fresh company objectives, including quality, customer support and freedom within the delivery of function, which are fresh descriptors within the national enterprise language.

The brand new marketplace-oriented reasoning, that will be rising especially within the tourist field that is internationally open, is not even close to being the standard. That's perhaps among the explanations why a lot of individuals attempt to work-in vacation, another being more easy use of forex. It has resulted in what's named the inverted pyramid: a hotel waitress may enjoy better paychecks (in guidelines) compared to greatest college informed expert or “work hero”.

Macro-level management of recruiting is hence being questioned by micro reasons and it is making businesses to build up and apply incentive methods that promote personal determination, while attempting to regard the ideological inclination towards a far more non-profit and disinterested inspired conduct, like the one mentioned previously.

Actually, like a conventional principle of the Cuban business, incentivos (bonuses) are non material. They're named incentives” that was “spiritual, and could incorporate a notice, an understanding, a degree in the organization or, in a more substance degree, “a meal including lobster”. Supervisors' attitudes towards the potency of content benefits are extremely ambivalent. About the one-hand, they refuse the significance of product bonuses. To the chance of acquiring material benefits within the more modern companies, they readily refer about the hand.



Sherritt International is one of Cuba's greatest company leaders that works in Cuba. Sherritt International Company is just a varied natural source organization that creates energy, cobalt gas and oil, and dime. Its amazing systems are also licensed by it to different materials businesses. The 293.1 million stocks of Sherritt industry underneath the image S about the Toronto Stock Market. The organization manages megawatts of energy generation capability in Cuba, and also creates gas from belongings in Cuba and Pakistan.


The most crucial HRM methods used in Sherritt are

  1. time planning (i.e. to predict and anticipate the near future company and worker requirements and arrange for them)
  2. Hiring and choice work descriptions, choice resources, history investigations, presents
  3. Payment (i.e. Techniques, persistence, marketplace)
  4. Staff relations (i.e. Work contracts, performance management, disciplinary methods, staff identification)
  5. Required benefits (i.e. social protection, unemployment insurance, employeeis payment, COBRA/HIPPA)
  6. Elective class gains (i.e. insurance, time-off benefits, variable benefits, pension strategies, worker support applications, incentives)
  7. Payroll (i.e. Inner vs. exterior choices, conformity)
  8. Recordkeeping (i.e. HRIS, personnel documents, private documents, I 9, other styles)
  9. Education and progress (i.e. new staff orientation, team growth, specialized and security, management, tuition payment, job planning)
  10. Staff communications (i.e. Guide, publication, identification applications, ads, digital conversation)


The procedure of hiring starts when when their programs are posted fresh employees are wanted and stops.

The end result is just a share of programs that new workers are chosen.


Payment may be the remuneration offered to a worker in substitution for his/her

contribution towards the business. It's an organized exercise that entails managing the

Function- by giving financial and low worker connection -financial rewards to workers.


Instruction can also be offered for growing abilities and the data of individuals to get a particular objective. It will help the students obtain new abilities, specialized understanding, and problem solving capability etc. in addition, it provides an understanding of the guidelines and methods to steer their conduct therefore enhancing the efficiency of worker on existing work and makes them to take up fresh projects in future.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is just an approach to analyzing the conduct of workers within the function

Place including both quantitative facets of work performance. A procedure in

which staff's skills and flaws are recognized to enhance the efficiency

About the future and current careers. Performance evaluation is just a thorough overview of

Perhaps a team or personal is efficiency at work.

Pay-Roll Area:

After worker positioning/joining the hiring area handovers the facts of the

Workers surrounded towards the payroll office in a document. Pay-Roll procedure begins

from 25th of each month. First component is work, which is originating from last 26th to

25th of the month. Income is taken care of 1st to 31st but work is determined from 25th to

26th of the month. The Pay-Roll division subsequently takes care of the next facet of the




Every work entails hazards that are specific. To be able to give a better and healthful environment at the office

Location HSEQ is increased at-all amounts within the organization.

Possible is of event of danger possibly from inner and exterior resources. Exterior

Resources notice known structure and inner resources known Conduct of workers.

HSEQ managing the dangers involved with careers and is involved with legislation.