1.0 Background Of The Research:

Nigeria is just a nation surrounded the Atlantic Ocean and also by additional french-speaking nations. Its regional region was roughly 924, 000 kilometers with teeming populace of 150 million. Suberu RT (2001) and OPEC ABS; (2008.). In supplying property for that Nigerian people, nevertheless efforts have now been produced by successive government since Freedom, each one of these initiatives have usually being an issue.

Akeju (2007) reports suggests that 300 was constructed by the Nigerian Government,000 property product between 1976 -2006, a period of 30 years, displaying an average houses annually of 1,000. This study claims that are further that statistically, there have been cutbacks of housing units inside the time-scale regarded for that research.

An identical research of another West African nation; Ghana having a population of around 23million people (2009 place est.) having a property section of 238,533square km offers 40,000 products of homes regularly each year. Konadu-Agyemang (2001), and Weru and Malcolm (2005).

Further reading suggests that developed nations like Uk and Germany with population of around 61.3million,(2001 census) and 82.5million respectively possess a property shares of 22,539,000 for England and wales(census 2001),while Indonesia supplied 357,000 housing units yearly between 1972-1985.

Thomas (2004) says that I t has changed all people' efforts, using its clerk merits of ease higher results, of info, financial savings, an expert, decision-support resources amongst a number of actions. Physical data programs(GIS) is just a person in these records engineering household, with great abilities for example creation, logical, manipulations, storage, etc of spatially referenced (Clarke III and Flaherty(eds), (2005),phenomena, which home opportunities /Property supply is just a spatial organization makes it vital to uses its essential providers in a competitive information-age.

All of the above numbers/infois recommended the Nigeria property requirements was really insufficient, which clearly worth study inquisitions, and problems to determine the truth that there's space in Nigerian property requirements and just how this need could be fulfilled in the viewpoint of the technical strategy (Info Conversation

Engineering, ICT-GIS) to helping the different stakeholders in home marketplace /property field, Dixon ETAL (2005).

1.1 Research Issue

This study will find response to the next;

  • Might Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Engineering enhance Property provision?
  • How well-can Data Supervision be utilized within property for Nigerians' supply?
  • Just how can GIS advantages the different stakeholders within the Home Marketplace in Nigeria?.

1.2 Range of research

The research may examine the Nigerian Property requirements and begin a considerable standard by evaluating it to property in India and Ghana Germany. The emphasis could be on Nigeria usually,but concentrated down to an elegant section of Lagos condition like a case study.The reason behind this choice of area is carried from the details that Lagos may be the industrial nerve of Company in Nigeria,surrounded from the Atlantic Sea continues to be experiencing large population surge because of the possibilities it's in attracting rural -metropolitan migration from different claims since article Freedom,very urbanized,large population density,high-cost of dwelling,with opprtunities for employements although not without slums and chanty shelters (UNHS statement 2008).

Additionally,all of the effective Governments technique about the supply of property is concentrated about the metropolitan centers are there is intensity of severe property requirements when comparing to rural housing(Ndubueze 2009)

1.3 Study Goal: To start the importance of Regional Data systems engineering (GIS) in Nigerian Property technique

1.4 Research Goals:

1.) To evaluate Nigerian Property scenario with that of England, Ghana, Germany to displays the Nigerian Property situation.

2.0Literature Review;

Property, aside from food and apparel may be the second-most essential requirements of the people competition, also it offer protection from the severe aspects of climate for example sunlight, rain, temperature that may influence his health negatively if left without shelter.Akinoladun and Oluwoye (2007).

Property may be observed from an opportunities viewpoint-an assurance for acquiring loans in the banking institutions, along with a supply for normal revenue within the type of rents and a resource for personal/business whilst the situation may be.It is just an image of power, accomplishments, standing along with a criterion of individual approval within the society.Akinoladun and Oluwoye (2007).

Daramola (2006) watch property to accept not just protection but additionally contains the instant surroundings; the models, website format, services, amenities for example colleges, stores, areas, and option of these features. Property is just a pack of privileges loved when in profession entails consumptions neighborhood support of a person for example sanitation, discharge, protection, pursuits, relationships etc that plays a role in the wellness.

Property can be seen being an environments-a property atmosphere displays relationships, displays the tenantis source and become in equilibrium using the methods Daramola(2006)

Olayiwola ETAL (2005) mentioned that sufficient source of Property is just a ‘wishful thinking desire' in a developing nations including Nigeria, as inhabitants raises at an exponential price with quick development in urbanization hence placing a continual stress on property needs. The requirement for housing CAn't be ignored as over 40% of the Nigerian Populace exists within the metropolitan centers of the town making demand strain on the requirement for property along with other fundamental resources solutions and distribution. This connected ramifications of quick price of metropolitan development(population) within the metropolitan centers results in overcrowding, slum situation,squalor,damage of current features experienced continuous need and property can't complement the price of population growth within the metropolitan centres.(UNHS Statement 2008),

Okpala (1986) Authorities in Africa had used several property technique to tackle the housing issues that are severe, and several of those methods have not established effective, resulting in the cost of the country's serious needs in misapplication of assets.

By authorities companies for that low income earners, website-and providers contains immediate property buildings among these methods strategies, squatters and slum settlement improving. Okpala (1986).Government Property programs were extraordinarily created and created for there political reasons, standing and recognition, and never to meet up people need of protection.

Okpala(1986) furthermore challenges these laudable tasks of property supply by African Authorities are often ‘white-elephant' when it comes to achieving the stated goals, in both within the temporary and long haul as these tasks are often forgotten due to the price inference on government assets. Property strategies of those character amounts from beautification of the capitals towards the property procedures of the several people that are governmental wards, all-in a bet to helps there political recognition but in the nations' cost debt property and assets requirements.

This perspective of white tigers property plan often leaves a backlog of property cutbacks decades after decades along with the reality of population boost and quick metropolitan development (Okpala 1986).

Immediate buildings of lowincome property by authorities companies hasn't work possibly, instead private industry involvement within the supply of property is more feective.The resulting result is the fact that several homes are created at high-cost beyond the reach of the lowincome earners for whom the plan is focused and these homes are later used in the richest who consequently allow it to out towards the lowincome earners at high-rent, abandoning backlogs of property cutbacks (Okpala1986)

Okpala (1986) proposes that between 1970-1974, Nigeria really created just 12% of the formally prepared housing units like a blows government participation in creating of homes for that low income earners.Akeju and Tim(2007) challenges that National

Housing Authority create 000 housing items in a period of 30years, nationwide 300 from immediate building of low income property.

Government don't have any company in Property supply that ought to be left within the sector's fingers. Immediate property building by government for low income earners is definitely an inadequate and ineffective strategy whilst the bye items (Property items) doesn't achieve the specific teams within the culture but are used in high-income earners at exorbitant cost. In his terms' in Kenyan 1979-1983 improvement strategy accepted that ‘during the last strategy amount of property supply, just 8% of low income housing units were really finished and normally price five occasions the anticipated cost".Okpala (1986).

The Nigerian Governmnet started a laudable Property plan (National Housing Resources,NHF) in 1994 targeted at supplying Property for each Nigerians employees,and people who are able to fulfill particular obligations or even in paid employement. The plan prepared 121,000 Housing Units originally and provides just 5%,, having a backlog of 95% cutbacks in Property needs,Olayiwola ETAL (2005).

Jones and Hardin (2000) claim the requirement for spatial data is essential. The requirement for spatial it is needed to gather price information, and also the capability to combine these data for evaluation and help with noise decision-making within the supply of inexpensive property.Spatial info contains electronic image, remote sensing and photogrammetry, items reputation, ecological acting and artificial intelligence.

Geographical Information programs (GIS), is just a decision-support resources that's the ability to evaluate, change and imagine spatially referenced information. It enables the mixture of electronic maps and repository info in evaluating various alternate situations towards decision-making-Wyatt and Rob (2003).

With regards to preparing inexpensive Property, GIS could be ready to find out where accessible property occur, its faculties of course if the property would work for Property improvement-Jones and Hardin (2000)

Kajogbola (2004) mentioned that data interaction engineering (ICT) has changed company and business in certain area of the globe, unlike Nigeria that depends greatly about the use of (ICT) with no power to style, produce, use and continue maintaining (ICT) elements, its effect is minor.

Jones and Hardin (2000) challenges that spatial Info is usually without developing world.

2.1 Strategy

You will find the e study techniques used by precursor in research activities of various kind. These methods are subdivided into 2 groups-specifically quantitative research techniques. This study is supposed to become scientific and wide in character. The study will contain essential evaluation of previous dissertation/ Post journals, works, and documents. The choice for this process is carried from the proven fact that sufficient data is acquire from related research work and current,. It help to put the research.Also and will help with constructing the study issue, it manage me the chance to construct on current information.

2.2 Issues Imagine Within This Study

All study are susceptible to encounter some issues for example supplies or individual encompassing the study process' span. Within this study, issues I expected contains;

  1. Time frame-in many all individual effort, time restriction is definitely a hurdle thus I'll be able by working placing individual contract through the summer to encounter distribution day.
  2. Regular access for that study subject to related information. There's private nature of government and problem since. To conquer this hurdle, I'll find the help of the school (school of improvement and culture).
  3. Monetary restriction-describes cash had a need to travel for datacollection to my topic example.

These would be the issues imagine for there possible, and now options, however in the span of occasion must additional problems occurs I really hope they'll be solved regular.

3.0 Ethical Problems

I recognize that there's been prior research completed showing different degree of likeness for this one, as well as of undertaking my research in the procedure, I'll run into a number of supplies utilized in such study. I don't plan to utilize my study to trigger harm or distress to prior scientists or by any means discredit their study result.

All data utilized from prior works is likely to be appropriately recognized and breaks will be directed at where required sufficient authorization is likely to be wanted in the copyright owner, and credited writers.

Due to the amount of data meant for use and also the character of the study, I'll guarantee safe-keeping of vulnerable information, unmutilated, and therefore are kept in complete secrecy. Protection of information is very important, information is likely to be stored in a safe pc free of disturbance. Additionally this study may completely adhere to any information applied to the Information Protection Work with regards.

In the conclusion of the study the information disposed and utilized in its procedure is likely to be ruined of in its entirety.

3.1 Expected Result

A. It's anticipated this study may show that GIS technology's ownership is effective at enhancing the Nigerian Property issue.

W. GIS Engineering may gain numerous stakeholders within the Nigerian Home marketplace

D. As a means to improve their company results to maximised revenue on the opportunities the study may get in touch with small businesses.




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