Product character and life cycle analysis

Great Hair-Day (GHD) Hair Styler

Since January 2001 [2], what's been the fastest-selling item within the hairstyling marketplace? The GHD Hair Styler. Based on [3] (in colaboration with the Sunday Times Newspaper), GHD:

"Sales have rocketed 365% annually, from an annualised £459,000 in 2001 to £46.1m in 2004".

What's the GHD Styler's event?

Many design tongs produced in this type of form as demonstrated in [Number 1] are made only by operating it to correct the hair. Nevertheless the GHD Styler was made not just to curl but additionally to correct hair hair, to get a number of designs.


Who'll make use of the styler? Originally, GHDs were directed at the feminine marketplace nevertheless males have began to correct their hair. In 2005 there have been "revenue to over 10,000 skilled English Hair Salons" [3], this suggests that Hair Salons are now actually utilizing the Stylers aswell. Therefore the primary customers are Feminine, Male, Hair Salons generally.

What's the Styler for? Trend and gHD Stylers are accustomed to straighten hair.

Where are GHDs employed? They're mainly utilized athome but additionally within the workplace (hair salons). They therefore are consequently being all around the globe and are offered worldwide.

When would be the Stylers utilized? These details is determined by the consumer:

  • Hair salons often utilize them everyday
  • Customers who utilize them athome differ; while others utilize them significantly less than monthly or just for special events some utilize them daily.

Why is this item used by customers? With appearance getting more very important to some customers and cultures, the GHDs is visible to become increasing people look. Consequently I believe the key reason the product can be used would be to enhance hair's look.

Supplies and Produce procedures:

The supplies utilized to produce GHDs proceed under lots of pressure in a high heat; the dishes achieve a typical temperature of 175 - 185^(0)D [4]. Based on Jemella Ltd; GHDs' manufacturer is, the engineering utilized includes "aluminum-metal design dishes" [4]. The material was made to ensure that ions are released which "can help in guarding hair" [4].

To be an extremely difficult substance and that's why they've been employed for these Stylers ceramics are recognized. It's mentioned that the "aluminum-metal" [4] hasbeen employed for the plates; this implies materials have now been combined to produce the plates.

Aluminum oxide is believed to possess a large melting point-of 2050^(0)D [5] that will be well suited for the dishes because they have to achieve 175 - 185^(0)D. Smallman and Bishop (1995, p336) [5] examine the thought of Alumina being truly a substance with great electric insulating qualities whilst the kind of nuclear connection which happens means you will find no free electrons.


Bodily Fits: Actual matching is essential using the utilization of hair stylers, specifically for individuals who utilize them frequently since if they're utilized improperly they might cause RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) and sometimes even back issues from an inappropriate position. GHD have experienced to consider the dimension and fat of the merchandise along with the customer such that it is too light to put on while style hair. Having carefully examined the stylers, they've excellent bodily complement, they're too light, simple to maintain for making various designs and also have excellent hold.

Information Exchange: There's where the off change is, this change also offers an useful BROUGHT lighting wording created to sign; then when the stylers are changed on the light can come on a continuing red having a "beep" sound. When the stylers are prepared to make use of the DIRECTED and heated-up is likely to flash red and create a "beep" sound.

Environmental Disruption: Jemella Ltd (the organization who produced GHD), have really regarded environmentally friendly impact on the GHDs themselves to prevent any harm happening. There's a surgical procedure named Shiver style that will be made to guard the interior of the stylers. Once the heat is something less than 8^(0)D, the GHD may turn off to avoid condensation from occurring inside. [4]


Aesthetics: The colour of the dishes is smooth beige as the keeping addresses really are a deeper brown color. So they slip during your hair with minimal harm as the grasp is powerful so they are simple to maintain the dishes are actually sleek.

Organizations: the merchandise could be related to superstar followers, when GHD arrived it had been published throughout publications that she swore by them and that Madonna was among the celebrities to buy the merchandise. The merchandise continues to be marketed to not provide poor looking, magnificent hair.

Ideas: The intelligent manner in which the merchandise is publicized provides the notion of being gorgeous, having magnificent superstar type hair and being common. Of possessing them the truth is the fact that before you accomplish superstar fashion hair you've to possess lots of exercise.

Number 2 is just a graph displaying Revenue Volume vs. Year. GHD don't have these details available to the general public thus I performed my very own study to locate this data that is unique to evaluate. the red exhibits the revenue amount of other stylers and also the orange color exhibits the revenue amount of GHD, GHD typically includes a greater revenue amount from its' second-year for sale.

Quantity offered (out-of 87 customers)

You will find 5 various phases which may be proven in an item life-cycle graph; Improvement (study and improvement/advertising strategies), Launch in to the marketplace, Progress -a rise within the revenue, Readiness where the sales quit growing and often remain degree and lastly Drop where sales start to reduce.

In Figure 2, it's obvious to determine as you will find zero revenue based on my information that in 2001, GHD is certainly going through its growth phase. This really is where individuals are however to discover concerning the item and you will find advertising strategies improve and to try brand energy.

Where the merchandise starts to enter the marketplace and customers be much more conscious of it subsequently by 2002 to 2004 GHD have joined the Launch stage.

A definite escalation is in revenue in 2005 displaying the Development interval. A minor decrease is in 2006. I believe the readiness stage happens between 2007 where the revenue are neither growing or decreasing. There are lots of factors that would be influencing this. There's been a downturn consequently customers have income.

Yet in 2009 you will find obvious indicators of a rise in revenue. As there's no actual decrease this doesn't follow the pattern of the merchandise life-cycle; the reason behind the reason being GHD started some new advertising strategies and may have expected a decline within their revenue. It's essential that the business may anticipate when you will see a decrease from declining since it may avoid the item. Fortunately for GHD since it is becoming this type of item that is common it possesses a sizable share of the hair styler marketplace consequently even yet in a downturn it had been ready to endure effortlessly.

I believe the main impacts about this product originate from the caliber of the product's life-cycle. About buying another manufacturer most of the customers I've voiced to say that after approximately 4 decades the merchandise has failed nonetheless they didn't think hard. They insisted that GHD was an excellent manufacturer plus sustained outcomes could be achieved by them using the item. GHD have developed from significantly decreasing a powerful brand that we believe has stored the revenue.


  3. "Fast Course 100 rankings Britainis hundred individual businesses using the fastest-growing revenue during the last 3 years. Revenue development ranged from 53PERCENT pa to 225PERCENT pa, with revenue usually between £10m and £50m."
  4. These details was possibly about the product's box or within the container.
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