Provision of affordable housing in bangladesh

1.1 Launch

Private-sector property company has commenced in Bangladesh in 1970 and capital city Dhaka was the primary emphasis for that private sector traders. Over the last 2 decades it's developed and today need is rapidly growing. As migration towards the towns is large Bangladesh is among the urbanizing countries. In my own study I looked over how middle income or low-income centered individuals react to their property requirements and just how individual industry businesses enjoying with their part to meet up the marketplace need.

This study hasbeen performed among some chosen businesses who primarily run their activities. Since it includes a big population and property issue is really severe in Dhaka Dhaka has been selected by me. I existed for ten years in Dhaka . Therefore it was cozy for me personally to carry my study out.

Individuals have an enthusiastic curiosity about the property industry. They like businesses that preserve security, quality and client choice. Formerly property businesses were active developing building homes or plots, flats just for the wealthy people their luxuries. Their actions were limited within the places that were extremely aristocrat. Each day custom is changing. Initiatives and their problem can also be altering to advertise property for middle income people. Consequently property business is growing quickly. The less-developed areas of the town being a modernized location with the amenities and obtaining the contact of the individual market traders. The primary need is for flats or houses, whilst the middle income people can't afford to purchase a bit of property within the town.

Private-sector traders within the property business have an affiliation referred to as REHABILITATION (Property and Housing Association of Bangladesh). It's 558 users that are registered. I've chosen five well-reputed businesses for my study.

Section outline:

In section 1 I mentioned concerning the businesses I've chosen

In section 2 the literature has been examined by me.

In section 3 I described concerning the goals and goal of my study.

In section 4 the strategy that's been utilized has been mentioned by me.

In section 5 studies and outcome

In section 6 dialogue on foundation results and evaluation

In section 7 suggestion

In section 8 described referrals and all resources.

1.2 Account of the chosen businesses:


It's a sibling problem of Navana Team began its procedure in property field in 1996. Inside a short time of period it's become among the most dependable businesses in property company.


  • To become unique
  • To become reliable
  • And also to be conclusive.

Company type:

  • Building flats,
  • Industrial room,
  • And property that is developing.


Navana Property Ltd includes a distinctive mixture of experts of administration and specialized knowledge including Accountants, Architects Technicians and Financial Experts.


NREL has finished large numbers of tasks in Dhaka Uttara, at Gulshan Banani Mohammadpur Shukrabad Road Mogh bazar.

Today NREL has 40 continuing tasks at Baridhara, Gulshan, Niketan, Banani, New DOHS, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhanmondi, Mohammadpur, Natural Street, Mogh bazaar, Eskaton, Shahbag, Bailey Street, Segun Bagicha, Bijoy Nagar, Paltan, Kakrail, Bashabo, Kamlapur, Wari, Hath Khola, Mirpur, and Uttara.

Currently NREL has started its procedure in Chittagong (the primary port-city of Bangladesh). In Chittagong it's developing tasks at East Madarbari, Nizam Road, Mehedibagh Khulshi and Abedin Nest.

Bearing in mind Dhaka City's near future growth, NREL can also be inland improvement tasks. Currently NREL has handed at Kallayanpur over property task, and two tasks at Ashulia called Navana natural Houses and Navana Village. Now NREL has tasks at Siddirgonj, Navana Bhuiyan Town was called by Narayangonj and at Surabari, Navana Area was called by Ashulia.




Urban Design & Development Ltd (UDDL) began its company in 1995. It's a platinum person in REHABILITATION (property and property organization of Bangladesh). It stresses to make sure healthful atmosphere with its buildings, contemporary amenities.

Its goals are the following:

  • To keep quality
  • To satisfy dedication
  • To make sure professionalism

Company type:

Building condo

Industrial room

Group: it's an excellent team of experts.


UDDL has finished 4 task lay Banani, 50 tasks at Dhanmondi,1 task at Natural Street, 3 tasks at Gulshan, 1 task at Lalmatia, 1 task at Mirpur, 1 task at Mohammadpur, 1 task at New D.O.H.S., 1 task at New Eskaton, 1 task at Purana Polton, 4 tasks at Uttara, and 2 tasks at Zigatola.

Presently UDDL has 2 tasks at Eskaton, 2 tasks at Dhanmondi, 3 tasks at Banani, 1 task at Natural Street, 1 task at Narayangonj, 1 task at New Eskaton.



D) Concord Property & Development Ltd.

It began its functioning in1972. Today it's become among the exclusive building companies in the united states. Luxurious apartment was created by it . Development Ltd & Concord property includes a broad knowledge its procedures. It's some initiatives that are milestone. It's built nation's greatest airport terminal, theme park, national monument clinic. Additionally, it finished a project.


To keep reliability

Commitment to quality

Company type:


Industrial room




It's finished over 600 various kinds of tasks in the united states.

Presently in Dhaka it's 2 tasks at Armanitola, 1 task at Azimpur, 6 tasks at Banani, 1 task at Baridhara, 3 tasks at Dhanmondi, 1 task at Village Entrance, 9 tasks at Gulshan, 1 task at Hatkhola, 1 task at E M Das Street, 1 task at Khilkhet, 1 task at Motijheel, 1 task at Shewrapara, and 6 tasks at Uttara.

In Chittagong it's two continuing tasks at Khulshi.



(N) Amin Mohammad Basis Ltd:

Amin Mohammad Basis Ltd (AMFL) does its actions for 25 years. It's created industrial structures and several luxurious condo. It centers around the expanding interest in suburban dwelling. It seeks to build satellite townships up .


  • To keep visually impressive structure
  • To keep quality
  • To keep development that is eco-friendly.

Company kind

Support for condo,

Support for plots and

Support for ready-mix cement


It's experienced work power, specialized knowledge and honest management group.


AMFL has finished 10 tasks at Banani, 3 tasks at Baridhara, 11 tasks at Dhanmondi, 18 tasks at Gulshan, 3 tasks at Mirpur, 3 tasks at Moghbazar, 2 tasks at Mohammadpur, 1 task at New Eskaton, 7 tasks at Niketon, 1 task at Rampura, 1 task at Segunbagicha, 1 task at Shantinagar, 1 task at Siddeshwary, and 5 tasks at Uttara.

AMFL has 1 continuing task at Ashulia, 4 tasks at Banani, 5 tasks at Dhanmondi, 3 tasks at Gulshan, 3 tasks at Mirpur, 1 task at Moghbazar, 1 task at Mohammadpur, 1 task at Motijheel, 1 task at Paribagh, 2 tasks at Progati Sharani and 15 jobs at Uttara.




Bangladesh has among the biggest communities on the planet. It's recognized to the planet for poverty and its disaster. However it includes a wonderful record. The country's state title is “the individuals republic of Bangladesh”. It's within the south Asia, has edge with India on all attributes, aside from Myanmar (Burma) towards the far southeast. It had been part of India's region. Bangladesh was dominated by Maurya, Mughal and was part of India during English interval (1858-1947).

The Islamic portion of Bengal turn into an area of the nation of Pakistan and was called “East Pakistan.” however it confronted monetary and governmental neglect and start to become impartial adhering to a freedom struggle in 1971.

The nation is split by six sections- Barisal, and Dhaka Rajshahi Sylhet. Dhaka may be Bangladesh's capital city. Thinking about the administrative models it's 599 police station, 6 Town Company, 308 cities, and 64 areas.

Bangladesh includes a democracy. Leader may be state's key, and minister may be the government's mind.

Existing inhabitants of Bangladesh is 162.2 million (16.22 crore). Development pace of the nation is 1.4 percent. It's about 20-million homes. A home has 5.6 individuals normally. About 80 percent individuals reside in towns plus they rely on farming for living.

The main sectors are readymade clothes, drugs, concrete, leather products, fabrics, tea running, chemical fertilizers etc.

Primary nutrients are gas, coal, bright clay, lime.

Bangladesh can be an agriculture-based nation. Though share of farming to GDP is lowering today each day, nevertheless it performs with an essential part for that nation. Freemarket rules are followed by Bangladesh.


Dhaka may be the primary administrative area. It brings business of the nation, and industry. It's also a town. Dhaka division has seventeen areas. It brings the social pursuits of nation.

Population within the Dhaka urban centers is 9.3 million as well as in the town company is 6million. Dhaka includes a population development of 6% each year. Complete property section of Dhaka downtown is 360 km.

50% of the folks have been in fulltime work. Rate in Dhaka is a lot much better than additional divisional towns, that will be 63.2%. Heat differs from 21.1 diploma D to 36.7 diploma D (within the summertime) and 10.5 to 31.7 level D within the winter.

Dhaka city company region is divided in to 10 areas and 90 wards.

Property situation in Dhaka:

Urbanizing procedure in Dhaka is hardly slow. Outfit market business has all developed extremely quickly around Dhaka. Besides several traders are establishing sectors like drugs, food-processing models, etc. Being the country's primary administrative town, Dhaka may be the first-choice for that resident. Personal universities schools, all reputed universities are located in Dhaka. In various field job development continues to be powerful in Dhaka. In reaction to these interpersonal, affordable and social practice property situation is hardly good in Dhaka.

Dhaka 231580 is held in by complete house. ( Dhaka City Company set the keeping duty at12% in 1986. It makes 200 croer taka (normally) annual.

Dhaka is growing with no urban plans that are appropriate. It's today 1.5 croer people's city. The town improvement expert (RAJUK) attempting to develop a masterplan going back 15 years. However it isn't finished yet. (

The strategy that was final was produced during Pakistan interval in 1960 which period populace was just 500. The townis (Dhaka) populace has exploded up 25 occasions because Bangladesh acquired separate in 1971. It's extended 18 occasions than it had been before. Government regarded Comprehensive Area Program (DAP) in 1995, however the procedure continues to be postponed.

Dhaka's surroundings gets worse. Stress of rural- migration is making a lot of issues. Individuals are currently living within unclean situation. Urbanization rate was 3.4PERCENT during 1975-1995(annual). Besides this, Dhaka has large slums and 450 little comprising 15 people. (

Bangladesh is experiencing climate change's issue. This really is another reason behind migration of individuals from areas. Individuals within the coastal locations can't develop their property due to oceans water's flooding. So that they are coming to Dhaka particularly to towns to generate their dwelling. They're not returning for their house again and remain completely within the slums (

Goals and goals of the research:

Setting goals up is essential for almost any study. The goals of my research are the following-

  • To find existing situation in Dhaka out.
  • To discover the effort of government.
  • To find private sector actions in property field out.
  • To create suggestion.


All of the data integrated within this statement continues to be gathered equally in the main sources as well as as in the secondary resources. The facts of those resources are outlined within the subsequent-

  1. Main resources of data data straight in the useful area is known as main supply of data. The techniques which were used-to gather the main information are the following:
  2. Dialogue with authorities of the property organization that is chosen.

    Survey technique.

  3. Extra resources of information: I used textbooks, web, paper, and different brochures about the services and products provided by many

Property Organization.

Moral problems:

I've preserved the 'signal of integrity' while gathering information and taken into account these followers-

  • Substance collected won't be created by any means.
  • I've not revealed the identification of anyone.


I confronted some issue in instances of gathering information. Budget and our time were restricted. Many people were strange with this kind of function. Many people resented revealing data.