Saint Gobain Glass In India

Within this document, we think about our initiatives to attempt an investigation within our evaluation of the HCM program of a business. The goal of the study would be to evaluate the Business's current HCM and its own working effectiveness, to be able to achieve this we produced a survey which contains equally available and closed-end concerns to collect our feedback about the operating understanding and effectiveness of the present program. We performed a telephonic meeting with which assisted us better comprehend their time business process.


Saint gobain Glass in Asia - Leading Glass Producer (India)

Concerning the organization:

Saint Gobain is just a multinational company, started in London in 1665. The top office is situated at La D'fense.The organization began by production mirrors and extended into creating an endemic number of building and high performance components about the borders of London. Saint Gobain business it has production plants spread Singapore and works from various regional places. Saint gobain Glass Asia is just a part among the top flow glass producers on the planet, of Saint Gobain Portugal. It makes and areas solar handle glass, fire-resistant glass along with other numerous kinds of drift spectacles in India from its complex that will be situated at Sriperumbudur 40 km from Chennai, Asia.Saint Gobain Glass Asia began its enterprise in India in 1996 by obtaining many risk of Gridwell Norton. In 2000 it began its glass production.


ERP Program the organization is utilizing:

drain (program software and items)

Segments applied:

time (Human Resource)

credit (fund and managing)

Logistics (PP, MM, SD, PM, QM, CS, WM)

ERP Implementation spouse (drain):

International Business Machines and nicknamed "Big Blue" because of its established corporate color.

Aged program:

Before drain, program named Timekeeper was employed for time-sheet, Work Types, Cost Types, Payment, Budgeting and Predicting, Resource Planning, Sales Incorporation, Administration Reporting, Projectmanagement, Deal/Charge Card Transfer, Customer Services Workbench, Professional Services Workbench, Protection, Multiple Organization, Multi-Language, Multi-Currency

A short background/worth of the HCM within this business

The yearly income for Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd. (SGGI), in 2008 was over'.80 million plus they have 2, 09,180 workers employed by them.Most of the skileed labours employed in the production are employed on agreement angles and therefore are compensated accourding towards the various salary groups regular. The organization works together with business associates and workers across various civilizations; business dealings are conducted by them in various values and therefore are destined to check out government guidelines that are various. As well as their appropriate compliance procedures should stick regulation and case-law as

Well as requirements that are additional, rules of exercise or other pronouncements of all of the nations that they use. They might require something which also check their primary business functions and can improve their company actions. We all know the organization thinks in worker satisfaction after speaking using the time Group. Their administration gives their employees which inspires the employees a large amount of significance as well as in return they get effective performance in the workers, better. They genuinely believe that if the requirements of the workers may fulfill it's mutually helpful as well as assists the organization accomplish growth programs and fresh goals. It creates the administration intense steps to achieve industry share and well informed in getting more danger. Most of all the administration desired openness through the company to keep its responsibility to economic organizations investors and its stakeholders to make sure that they show the appropriate conformity procedure is currently operating as designed. Additionally responsibility is towards the public, from administration towards the regional expert plus they genuinely believe that this really is feasible just using the aid of the program which knows their business-process, is automatic and steady to be able to minimize manual mistakes.


Before execution of drain within the business they'd to Come Back on-investment - ROI

Businesses us return-on-investment to gauge the success they'll generate on every expense they choose to create. It's usually determined by getting the revenue of the financial year and separating it by favorite share collateral and popular share plus long term debt. ROI measures efficiently the company employs its money to create revenue; figures and the larger the larger the success.

The returnoninvestment method utilized in Saint Gobain is

Success = the revenue of financial year / favorite and frequent share + longterm debt.

The organization hasn't yet accomplished investment's return from execution.

Determine the ERP device to apply:

The administration needed to choose from applying perhaps a time particular software program or my drain to displace Payroll systems and their current Recruiting. Before determining they had a need to possess an obvious Task goal and aim in your mind as well as in order to organize a task objective that was clear, they used need evaluation technique.

Require evaluation may be the process of knowledge the present enterprise process and examining what modifications should be designed for perfecting the present methods within their enterprise process (incorporating or altering the present procedure) to attain greater, efficient outcomes.

A comprehensive requirements evaluation was performed by them before thinning down on the task goals. To be able to determine the task objective they collected related info from all of the divisions which include time procedure (hiring, paycheck, management...). The info was likewise distributed to it division as well as from top administration that was top. These details was evaluation to locate the division must contemplate and just how may that be performed and utilized what changes that research to produce a task objective.

These were really specific the new program that will be to become applied should create on-time and correct payroll information; it should not be unable to monitor time-sheet, worker absences. These looked at the machine like a long haul expense plus they didn't need something which may require modifications and regular revisions.

They'd wish to apply after doing an exhaustive study concerning the ERP programs. They figured SAP ERP device was ideal for them-and their company wants because it supplied an exact steady procedure to them and also the program will be a strong onetime expense.

Determining the execution companion

Saint Gobain doesn't have specialized in- home IT experts to apply the drain system. They'd to consider outside assistance from an IT organization that is established to create this fresh change efficient and feasible. Determining such organization to become there execution companion was really critical.

They got the next analysis before selecting them like a companion removed. They required a SAP HR execution company associate who'll be there to aid them. Someone who are able to empathizes for their issue in the place of sympathizes.

Their record included specifics prefer to

' The length to accomplish the execution be?.

' strategy and What technique follow?

' just how much can this execution charge them?

' just how much prior encounter does the organization they've with this specific section of execution?

' how can they filter down about the risks and what're their methods to offset dangers that are such?

' consultants' background focusing on the task and just how a lot of source may they require?

' Do they cope with problems concerning post-implementation updates?

' Do they provide of supplying technical assistance post-implementation the support?

' experienced are they in the instruction element concerning H.R?

' What's the full time length obtained by them to coach?

Abbreviated IBM, international Business Models, was selected to become their implementation partner.



A thorough strategy was obtained while coping with change, equally from personal viewpoint and a business. It has different factors that are currently changing towards the fresh change, managing the change and affecting the change. A business, change-management intended applying and determining methods, guidelines and systems to cope with modifications available environment.

Developing a task group:

Following execution companion and the task objective was determined they'd to become careful for making a task group. They desired to ensure that procedure or the everyday manufacturing isn't influenced as a result of this. Workers were likely to execute their careers that were regular alongside the drain task that was my to provide an opportunity to convey their issues to them. Their task group involved with my SAP HR execution involved folks from various worried divisions (time and Paycheck), their crucial customers, the practical task associates, the IT division, Point Supervisors and Top Administration in addition to exterior Experts.

Ethical issues associated with staff decline: several workers were educated and requested to make use of the brand new program After applying the brand new system. There have been several workers who have been requested to decide because they not performed using the new program and fresh competent workers were employed. A significant impact was produced by this on other workers. This program made the workers really vulnerable plus they began dropping their assurance within the careers given for them. Administration also create then function to achieve the daily output and needed to take actions to motivate and keep maintaining the ethical of the workers.

New management capabilities needed the administration to become certified and educated about the new program and comprehend the modifications the machine is introduced in to the business.

They'd to recognize workers who're acquainted with the company procedures, keen and fast students, having analytical and great team people. These workers correctly briefed about their duties and have to be recognized at an earlier phase.


The administration was really specific plus they desired to create total utilization of the execution interval towards the maximum. For this-they had a summary of all of the tasks a contract for every of the duties, for that execution procedure, individual accountable for a regular, handle stages along with the job and everyday Assembly Agenda - when, who, wherever and objective? They desired to follow this to make sure that the task was not and in handle deviate from period and the business-process.

While problems are recognized during execution procedure - and there have been problems every single day - these problems were have to be logged available for the task associates, on a repository. They ensured that the problems were drenched using the individual accountable; program region influenced, the day and recommended remedy. Additionally they guaranteed the problem repository is updated using the applied options for future research. This method continues to be ideal for subsequently at that time of improving the period of central instruction and also the machine.

Their execution time was also utilized by the administration much more efficiently giving their workers instruction in the place of waiting until the project's end, instruction was be completed constantly through the execution to save lots of manufacturing period. Throughout the execution they employed the task group to coach the conclusion consumer concerning the program. And throughout the implementation's screening phase the conclusion user was included by them. This assisted the task group also assisted the conclusion consumer to understand about utilizing the program, and determine trouble spots.

This exercise aid was efficient as

' task associates can begin being effective from day-one

' understanding the program

' customers could be provided use of a 'sandbox' customer and begin 'enjoying' using the program

Execution stages

Phase1: Master Information, Time-Management, Paycheck, Benefits Government, Firm Management and Paycheck

Stage 2: Personnel Improvement, Hiring, Instruction and Occasions, Vacation Supervision and Payment Administration - this stage could be divided more.

Phase3: Employee Self-Service, Supervisoris Pc


The procedure of getting presence and smooth control between many divisions, teams, businesses, methods, etc, by giving just one software for watching a simple group of buildings, along with all of the information inside an organization and calling conventions.

SAP time is incorporated having a quantity of SAP segments for example FI WF,etc. Which allowed them to link and absences and manufacturing likely - from SAP time time-management they employed the information in this instance to combine with SAP PP. The business framework described in OM is essential in workflow to path the duties towards the particular personnel. The Business's internally statistics device is built-into the SAP time.


The capabilities need to ensure the data is same while capabilities for example data change, preserving, master data storage are done about the information. The facet of data reliability would be to reveal the data and also the faculties of the data. Information reliability is licensed and constant information which may be reconciled.

Information reliability is enforced through the usage of regular guidelines and methods inside a repository at its style phase, and it is preserved through the usage of error-checking and validation programs. Precise replication of the delivered information in the receiving conclusion is accomplished through the usage of error solving and checking methods.

Ethics of data describes the truth that information, once saved, hasn't been changed within an unsanctioned method -- possibly with a person, or from the deterioration of equipment.

In the event of Saint Gobain India

They began the procedures in India like a combined cooperation with ____________. They obtained

And began the creation in _________. The SAP implementation was completed on __________. Therefore the organization didn't have any outdated information which must be used in the SAP HR program. Organization did have several additional segments like logistics and buying where the information that is outdated needed to be used in drain program that they were in carrying it out as the execution approach effective.


Web based Recruiting exhibits time experts to create ideal utilization of current systems that were online to provide more workers in a less expensive more providers. It provides tips about which methods are best in little, moderate, and big businesses and offers a construction for changing time from the help purpose to some central organization which the company may use logically Saint Gobain India doesn't utilize internet based time to handle its time procedures.


Recruiting reporting utilized in Saint Gobain

Data information is relied on by Saint Gobain plus audits are conducted by them on normal angles. They utilize both regular reviews have several customizes reporting is performed about the level and also supplied by drain.

Regular reviews

Worker checklist' This statement includes work information-such as supervisor, division, career name, placement, part, and details.

Phone-book' This statement shows contact details including fax, expansion, cell phone and phone number.

Staff Master information associated Reviews

' S_PH0_48000450-they make use of this statement for Tracking time master information

' S_PH9_46000224 ' employed for generating reviews on Training of the workers as well as their instruction planned if required.

' S_PH9_46000222 ' this statement creates information on workeris family unit members

' S_PH9_46000221 ' used-to produce listing of all of the workers enjoying Birthday. This statement is produced on regular bases.

' S_AHR_61016369 ' statement on-list of workers within the business. This could offer data centered on workers in each division.

' S_AHR_61016374 ' that is applied to create stories on Countries of the workers

' S_PH9_46000217 ' used-to produce statement on the basis of the Sex of worker as well as Form it by Seniority

Lack statement

Rehabilitation 90' Saint Gobain employs this statement for locating the proportion of work and Absences of the workers

Organizational Management Reviews

' S_AHR_61016493 ' to see statement on Organizational Design and its own task

' S_AHR_61016494 ' statement on Organizational Framework with Jobs alloted within the framework

' S_AHR_61016497 ' produce statement on current Careers within their business

' S_AHR_61016502 ' produce stories on current Jobs within their business

' S_AHR_61016503 ' produce statement On-Staff Task and its own connection

' S_AHR_61016509 ' to create the listing of empty jobs within their business

Payroll Reviews

' RPCSC000 -This deal rule would be to separate the worker (employees figures) into little models and work paycheck in parallel within the history. In this way these were ready to lessen the paycheck run-time.

' RPCDTBX0 -by using this statement they are able to know what would be the salary kinds which are to become paid, taken as well as the day of cost. In determining any extra cost to get towards the workers this can help them.

' H99_DISPLAY_PAYRESULT-this deal rule can be used to obtain factual statements about one worker's paycheck outcome.

' RPDLGA20 -this statement creates a summary of all of the salary kinds obtainable in the nation


Using the aid of ABAP they've produced several additional reviews for time statement from cumulate outcome desk

' Listing Of workers who've finished particular decades of providers within the organization

' Gas money

' Medical allocation


Saint Gobain gained from many benefits following the effective execution of drain program

' using their previous program they'd trouble in worker maintenance and supply correct, on time salaries. After MySAP HR (an extended-term answer) MySAP HR matches these problems providing a solution providing you with regular currency, regulatory, paycheck, advantages, and time management abilities for almost any kind of business.

' SAPis time option facilitates integration using their inner evaluation resources, and offers an entire image of the business and also the marketplace atmosphere by which it works (glass manufacturing).

' in addition, it enables increasing the usage of the Web allow cooperation and shared decision making between workers and time administrators, which preserves both money and time.

' these were ready to manage the Price Of Experts (companies) including managing the amount of times consultants remain on the task and choosing skilled experts, repairing the price for that advisor.

' The budget charging was set with respect to the quantity of times prepared for every advisor with the kind of job, prices and also times. By producing this budget as correct and comprehensive as you can and evaluating the expense constantly using the allocated numbers, it's really feasible to stay towards the budget and perhaps actually save some cash

They genuinely believe that the benefit of SAPis application is the fact that it retains up using laws, the newest systems and regulations plus they do not have to be changed. Updates are "mini" tasks - a lot of it may be completed in house. Updates are' more painless " than implementations due to the fact workers happen to be acquainted with the merchandise and far of the job can be achieved internally. With drain is the fact that the task never stops' there usually a range of enhancement


Despite utilizing the ERP device of drain and its own numerous segments of time, FI PP, MM PM CS Saint Gobain continues to be unable to repair particular issues they encounter within the everyday procedure. They believe the device lacks precision in handful of day, predicting and its benefits like information examining locating pace.

They believe the machine isn't having improved using the newest governmental regulations that will be exceptionally important and crucial for them for appropriate conformity

The Organization needs to watch for the drain LABORATORIES to revise suggest and the machine that the improvements are unknown plus they are receiving charged for this. They do not wish to rely on drain whenever they need an update and believe the machine ought to be more fun together.


We believe they're not utilizing the SAP time to is better potential you will find several benefits that are not utilized by them efficiently

' MSS (administration self-service) this service can be used as internet based software by managing team and point supervisors to check their everyday output and procedure. Alternatively administration team use and supervisors workbench to complete their daily tracking.

' regular reviews are used by Efficient reporting Saint Gobain supplied by the Device they don't utilize ad hoc reporting or customer-specific reporting or audience that is fast.

' Function management Saint Gobain being truly a production business do lead a portion of the return inside the business to culture and occasions. They don't preserve all of the documents of occasions costs and interpersonal financing within the drain program. It's managed independently.