Study On The Features Of Hypertext Preprocessor Computer Science Essay

PHP means Hypertext Preprocessor, it's a popular and renowned host-side scripting language to create web-development and powerful webpages. PHP code may combine into HTML source doc to be able to produce web site doc deliver back again to client-side and it'll gather by PHP processor component in a web-server. Supply doc for PHP and all of the software is only going to approach in host- the customer and also part may never understand supply file information and the fundamental signal, it may avoid the origin code explodes to customers.

Pictures, question sources can be generated by pHP code, study and create documents and PHP help Apache, that will be almost all many, utilized on the planet of web-server. Additionally, database which produced by Microsoft is additionally supported by PHP and it is free for PHP developed several helpful purpose to dealing with database and all customers. PHP is open-source which everybody may access and utilizing the source of the supply of PHP motor around you would like with no any celebration may ask you for any charge for permits and assistance.

PHP may perform properly in equally command line style and foundation running system that is Visual and creating suitable results out to match operating system's different. PHP is backed PC in our times in addition to all of the web-server, platform and the mobility independent attribute were guide PHP popular in web-development and web site areas and become renowned.

Paul Whitehead, Joel Desamero (2001, pg 3)

1.2 What PHP may do?

PHP is just a server-side scripting meaning PHP code may approach in server-part and only deliver back caused by the signal to customers, customer might only get a basic html-file to show the end result just, it may decrease the computer using the customer since signal performing have been completed from the server.

Creator just need to set up PHP parser possibly is CGI or server component, a web server along with an internet browser for their individual residence device, creator can tinkering with PHP development, access the PHP system result with internet browser and watch the PHP website by utilizing web-server.

PHP may help command-line scripting which is really a PHP software without visitor or host also the PHP parser is simply required by it. Some basic text job can be processed by command-line software.

PHP may use on main of running system marketplace which including Linux, Unix (including Solaris, OpenBSD), Macos, Microsoft Windows and etc. In other-hand, PHP may help various type of internet server including Apache, Xitami, Caudium, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Netscape, Individual Web-Server and so forth. Mobility and large flexibility trigger PHP get to be the preferred web-development vocabulary for several web site creator.

PHP may produce the result in HTML format PHP may produce pictures, some powerful PDF format file and sometimes even expensive movie file. Additionally, any wording can be easily generated by PHP in XHTML any XML document structure.

PHP may help wide selection of repository which offer handy to various creator, php-supported repository that will be dBase, MySQL, IBM DB2, Oracle, Unix dbm and etc. PHP may also help the planet standard Open Database Link Standard (ODBC), which imply developer may link every other repository that will be help ODBC.


2.1 How PHP Works

The next methods may display that a PHP file is requested by series of customer:

A website is requested by customer from every other expansion collection handled as PHP document or web-server having a.php expansion.

Web-server may obtain the PHP parser that will be built-in web-server binary or CGI (Common Gateway Interface).

The PHP parser may check the required apply for PHP code.

When the PHP parser discovered the PHP code, that code result will be executed by PHP parser right into a document which filled from the code.

The Net host may deliver the result document back to customeris internet browser.

The clientis internet browser may show result or the result to client.

When the webpage is able to delivered back to customers, that webpage referred to as fixed website whenever a customer demand a webpage from web-server. Nevertheless PHP can offer personalized website to client when client demand that website from web-server, which imply internet server may approach the PHP code and produce personalized website to client based on ip of the customer, time, various of internet browser or etc.

Some php-based webpage permit customer to create their choose modification such-like background-color, term dimension, term font, music and so forth, all of this modification environment could be saved in web-server repository by determining login or shop these placing in client-side snacks when the customer logoff the website. When the client demand again the net site from web-server, the net server may get the personalized environment from customeris snacks document or internet server repository and produce the powerful web site towards the client appropriately.

Beside that, some php-based individual website website permit customers to add setup and some individual image their very own web site using the style of customer and each diverse area may even modify their individual website may show factor that is various to customer that is various. PHP signal may seize the counting of customer that watch the private website webpage, each time the webpage is viewed by a new customer, the PHP code increases the count of sights for that webpage.

Finally, web-server meaning the website delivered to client doesn't include any PHP code the outcome will directed at customer had been totally processed by by all of the PHP code.

Figure 2.1

Figure 2.1 obviously demonstrate the procedure for when the client demand a PHP site, the net server may approach all of the PHP code and benefiting from required info from repository and sometimes even email server, after PHP parser procedure completed and also the outcome may go back to internet server, internet server is only going to deliver back some easy extendable webpage using the outcome prepared so on html-file to customeris internet browser.

Meloni, Julie(2003, pg 30)

2.2 Benefits Of Utilizing PHP

The next benefits clearly present that web-development area is grown quickly in by the factors of PHP:

Effectiveness and quick reaction - web-server will be only performed in by all PHP code, the net server is only going to deliver customeris internet browser output document like html-file structure, html-file consider time that is really short show and to procedure the result.

Free open-source - the source can be used by customers as much without obtaining any cost from any celebration as they need.

Platform-independent - PHP may operate on all of the OS on the market so on Linux, Windows, Macos and sometimes even UNIX.

Easy apply and to discover - Format for PHP is simple apply and to comprehend for actually low-development employees that are simple. PHP code was created to be incorporated quickly in a html-file when utilizing PHP for the web sites.

Tech support team is broadly accessible - A broadly selection of tech support team was obtainable in online source, customers can easily discovered some site that training the format of PHP, repository and PHP and etc, some PHP tech support team site enjoys, Besides that, PHP's improvement group additionally offers email assistance to explain some improving issue that encounter by customers.

Safe and trusted - Customer that demand if creator of the website created the PHP code properly PHP website can't discover the origin PHP code.

Personalized - Though PHP is definitely an open-source and it is free for everybody, nevertheless, it permit creator to change the PHP code to include some new functions to match their very own website atmosphere and PHP supply some substantial control within the atmosphere to be able to decrease the disappointment of the PHP code.

Janet Valade (2004, pg 10)

2.3 Development Resources for PHP

Eclipse PDT

Eclipse application is growth environment which including IDE (integral development setting) meaning it is a bundle that involved a sourcecode manager, compiler and debugger for developer to build up their application and site. Eclipse is just a multi language so on COBOL, C Java and etc, Eclipse PDT is definitely an expanded application by Eclipse that will be only help PHP development.


XAMPP is definitely an open-source cross platform web server bundle which can be incorporated Apache HTTP server, MySQL database and etc. XAMPP permit creator check their created website within their personal computer, which imply it developed a digital web server to handy creator without use of Web, beside that, XAMPP also eliminate a number of protection functions to be able to simpler creator function.

(Kai 'Oswald' Seidler, 2010)

Internet browser based PHP Development Resources

To hosting web-server beside an internet site enable person, it supply mySQL database for customers and free PHP website hosting to produce their repository by copy their database aswell and using SQL question.

Internet browser based development resources site is completely handy for creator to build up in their website anytime and everywhere without their very own pc or laptop, it is simply need any pc and web connection to be able to continue their improvement. Among the renowned internet browser based PHP development websites is:

2.4 Assessment of PHP Variable with ASP.NET Variable

The event of variable in most development language is currently keeping prices like strings, integer and etc, variable in PHP assertion begin with $ image. Beside that, factors in PHP doesn't have to determine the type integer, for example variety, strings, PHP may instantly transform the variable to fix information form. Additionally, variable report involved several guidelines that will be adjustable label should begin with a notice or an underscore (_), variable title can't include any areas and variable label can only just include alpha numeric identity and emphasize which is really a-z, AZ, _ and 0-9. Figure 2.2 below was display the instance for assertion of variable of PHP code:

(Refsnes Data,w3schools 2010)

Number 2.2 Number 2.3

Figure 2.3 above was display C's instance # ASP.NET signal that proclaiming the if creator utilizing ASP.NET to build up an internet site, creator need before investing in price to state the variable. Nevertheless, PHP doesn't need proclaiming the variable information type before utilizing it since the variable will be instantly converted by PHP into proper information form. In signal, in other hand, after the variable was announced by creator, in to the variable after feedback some incorrect information form price, it'll had some system problem. Thus, PHP code was less inflexible when growth phase evaluating to ASP.NET code and time-saving.

2.5 Assessment of Database Connection Between PHP and ASP.NET

MySQL is sources that permit multiple-user use of the repository. Make it possible for a PHP website entry a repository which saved in MySQL server, creator should create the bond towards the MySQL with mysql_connect() perform that contained in PHP code. The format of mysql_connect() was display in Figure 2.4, the servername parameter represent the host that are looking to attach, the login parameter is represent the login to login towards the database, the code parameter represent the code of the login to login towards the database.

Figure 2.4

Figure 2.5

Figure 2.5 was the PHP rules that allow creator to determine the bond in localhost that will be the MySQL to repository ran on a single pc with login "admin" and "admin123". When the MySQL doesn't placing having a login or code, person may simply place empty strings ("") for both parameter. The purpose that is mysql_select_db enables creator to find the repository that is proper within the link. Whenever a PHP software a MySQL link start, the connection may instantly shut when the PHP software was end performed. In other hand, developer may personally shut the bond by utilizing mysql_close() purpose prior to the PHP signal finished, the final section of PHP code contained in Figure 2.5 was display just how just how to shut the bond manually by creator.

Paul Whitehead, Joel Desamero (2001, pg 184)

Figure 2.6

Figure 2.6 was by utilizing ODBC link display the ASP.NET signal for connect with MySQL database. Creator should transfer the bond that links to MySQL is before started by the ODBC course. The ConnStr chain in Figure 2.6 minute section of signal was the primary signal that needs to state by utilizing ASP.NET to build up an internet site for connecting to MySQL. Connection.Open and the connection () purpose in Figure 2.6 third-part may be the signal for the bond between database and the signal.

Code that need for connecting to MySQL database is more difficult which evaluating to PHP code. PHP give a purpose that will be mysql_connect() purpose to permit creator direct connect with MySQL database, nevertheless, to be able to start an association to MySQL database ASP.NET need to transfer an ODBC course. PHP code is easy evaluate to ASP.NET and a lot easier, PHP supply to be able to supply easier creator built-in MySQL purpose.

2.6 Overview

Within the beginning of section 2 was plainly mentioned the PHP works circulation which is really a beginning with a customer demand a PHP site with internet browser before customer obtain show and the outcome on the internet browser. Besides that, PHP one of them chapter's benefits was display that PHP had PHP is system independence attribute whenever a creator utilizing PHP language to creator an internet site and lots of advantage so on PHP is definitely an open-source.

In other hand, a number of improvements resources info was obvious display out creator may utilizing various kind of resources to begin the improvement of PHP site and every various of improvement resources had various reinforce in various areas, nevertheless, creator may pick the the most suitable improvement resources to satisfy their necessity.

Finally, ultimately of the section involved assessment of PHP and ASP.NET signal in variable report and MySQL database link, following the assessment of PHP and ASP.NET for the reason that 2 areas, PHP was more versatile and easy code in variable report and MySQL database connection evaluating to ASP.NET.

3 PHP Security

A totally mistake-free and safe program, software, websites are inability instantly because of the web planet had a group number of hackers looking to get their status for themselves by targeting your sites, splitting your signal, discover your loophole in your websites and sometimes even publishing some unnecessary information inside your site without expert.

To get a website are accountable to improve the protection of websites nevertheless, turn into a creator and decrease the chance of turn into a goal of hackers' group number.

3.1 Error Reporting

Error reporting will give you creator with some helpful info to understand what mistake happen on the site, error reporting will give you some suggestions for creator to repair issue and the insect. Nevertheless, whenever an anonymous individual demand a webpage from web-server, when the webpage was disappointment and display out a depth problem record to some unknown, it'll providing all of the depth info towards the anonymous and also the webpage weaknesses will subjected to community, some reckless opponent will utilizing the weakness or loophole of the website to begin their targeting or piling motion towards the site.

Consequently, creator must eliminate the depth problem reporting purpose on the manufacturing setting (real time sites that hosting in web-server) to be able to prevent revealing the weakness or loophole of the site to community. Nevertheless, the error purpose must allow in-development environment that will be the private pc of the creator to be able to allow creator herself to check on the error record to repair mistake and some insects.

In file that will be usually contained in the web-server, here are displaying the several instruction title that highly relevant to the subject note above,

Display_errors: an information that handle not or if the problem reporting may show about the display.

error_reporting: an information that control-which mistake ought to be show, this method must set the worthiness become E_ALL meaning all of the mistake may display to person.

Log_errors: an information that handle not or whether all of the mistake ought to be save in a log-file.

error_log: an information to allow creator to create their road to conserve the problem log-file.

Instruction name

Production Environment

Development Environment













Table 3.1 Recommended Price for Instruction

Table 3.1 appear the proposed price for creator to be able to eliminate the depth problem reporting on manufacturing environment when altering the value file.

Mehdi Achour, Friedhelm Betz(2010)

3.2 Covering PHP

By using covering PHP among a method to boost the protection of the site is covering the web site PHP vocabulary utilizing, the web site vocabulary using won't immediately subjected to community. Creator may placing "expose_php" directives to "off" worth including in file, this method may conceal some information of site to community.

In other hand, creator can applying another methods that will be manage various file sort is parsed by web-servers with apache setup document or file, creator can by using this method to produce distress file extension to community.

Number 3.1was display to covering PHP expansion become another vocabulary expansion so on.asp,.py,.pl the signal:

Figure 3.1

Number 3.2was display to covering PHP expansion become some unfamiliar document type expansion so,.a123,.f33d the signal:

Figure 3.2

Figure 3.3 was display to covering PHP extension become form expansion the signal

Figure 3.3

Mehdi Achour, Friedhelm Betz(2010)

3.3 Session Fixation

An extremely typical assault that will be this assault strategy, program fixation was easy when the opponent can acquire a good session identifier. The opponent may impersonate an user using the person's program identifier applying this strategy. Number 3.4show the hyperlink's html page by having an embedded program identifier:

Figure 3.4

Once a goal of opponent click the "Sign In" url above and continue the program recognized as "abcd", of course if the goal of opponent sign in their user account, the opponent can utilizing the targetis program to impersonate the user and also the opponent may do anything same using the person's benefit level.

Luckily, there's an easy method to avoid this issue happen, that will be replenish the program identifier with instruction session_regenerate_id(), Number 3.5 was display the PHP code that will be replenish the sessionid when the userlogin:

Figure 3.5

Using the session_regenerate_id() may avoid the program fixation that will be prevent any hacker to hijack and impersonate every other person to complete harmful motion in site since it may guarantee every person who in is designated a randomly and new-session identifier.

Daniel Egeberg(2008)

3.4 Overview

This section was problem the PHP protection that will be enables creator to improve vulnerability's safety for site. The very first component within this section that will be problem reporting is explain creator must concealed all of the depth problem statement and site disappointment concept from community to be able to boost the protection of PHP site since the depth problem statement may display out the weakness of the web site to unknown and also the threat of obtaining assault was boost aswell.

Besides that, the 2nd protection function contained in PHP is covering the extension of document from community and decrease the threat of obtaining targeting from destructive hacker since covering the extension may confuse the unknown that the PHP foundation site is create with additional vocabulary since the actual.php extension have been transformed to additional vocabulary extension or unknown expansion.

Finally, the program fixation was plainly mentioned just how for creator out to be able to prevent some malicious opponent employing program recognized to impersonate different person to designated a brand new sessionid for each user login.


None of the development language is not wholly insecure, insect-free and certainly will satisfy every area of sites, program and application. Nevertheless, PHP is a scripting language that is great to get even low or a creator -development ability fundamental creator to begin to build up their sites. ASP.NET is just a rival of PHP in-development site area. I am here to using ASP.NET explain the improving and advantages of utilizing PHP to creating a sites and to complete comparison.

4.1 Introduction to ASP.NET

ASP.NET is just a Microsoft created engineering for server side scripting that allow software or the signal completes in a host that is web. ASP.NET is application that operates in a Microsoftis Web host phone as Internet Information Services (IIS). ASP.NET is just a web software construction that will be made supply and to help handy to internet designer to produce web-services and powerful sites, internet software. ASP.NET is made centered on CLR (Common Language Runtime) and thus ASP.NET permit developer create ASP.NET signal in virtually any kind of.NET vocabulary so on D#, C++, VB.NET, Jscript.NET and etc. ASP.NET was created by Microsoft and also the first launched of ASP.NET on January 2002 with.NET Framework version 1.0. Besides, support repository entry that will be currently utilizing the globe standard of ODBC which imply ASP.NET may keep in touch with any repository that help ODBC standard. Under may display of works the process:

IIS may move the motor in web-server whenever a customer utilizing internet browser demand an ASP.NET website.

Engine may perform programs and all of the signal and procedure the end result.

The net host may return customeris internet browser the end result in HTML.

(Refsnes Data,w3schools 2010)

4.2 Assessment of ASP.NET with PHP



Software Price

Free - any costs may state by any portion

Free - all of the assets can be utilized by Customers with Windows certificate that is real.

Licensing Cost

Free - with no certification price

Large Certification Charge - Microsoft may cost for permit or update charge specifically for business and enterprise business

Table 4.1 Cost Comparison

Price Thought: out the two various price of both host, it obviously display In Table 4.1 though equally improvement application are totally free scripting language but ASP.NET to be able to begin create a powerful website need a Windows foundation system. the permit contract for company organization and business is difficult and also Windows license cost is very large for person and need to pay for update price or some yearly permit. Creator should purchase a Windows system permit if using ASP.NET to produce a powerful website. Nevertheless, PHP improvement could work on various of running system so on Windows Macos, meaning to be able to begin the advancement of website the improvement not essential to get a particular operating system.

Jason M. Hanley (2010)




Multiple - May help etc and UNIX or Windows Macos.

Limited - windows-only

Table 4.2 Platform Assessment

System Thought: In Table 4.2 display out the PHP and ASP.NET supported platform, by utilizing ASP.NET to build up a website, creator will not able to alter the platform of OS since the ASP.NET only assistance in windows-based platform, therefore if using ASP.NET to build up a website, the creator will experiencing the platform separate problem which it'll just restricted the creator permanently utilizing the windows-based platform for further improvement. In other hand, if creator utilizing PHP for site improvement, the creator may change to other system for development since PHP may help major system in marketplace so on etc, Macos, Windows and Linux.



Development Software Requirement

Solitary application- XAMPP(A bundle that including Apache HTTP server, MySQL database)

Several application needed- Internet Information Services (IIS), Providers Pack 2 for Windows 2000, Microsoft.NET Construction, Microsoft.NET Application Development Package (SDK) or Microsoft Visual Studio

Table 4.3 Development Software Requirement

Development Software Necessity Thought: In stand 4.3, it exhibits some application that required to set up in to the creatoris system before begin to create some sites out. By utilizing ASP.NET to build up a website, creator need to a lot of outside application to be able to begin their improvement, these necessary application required by ASP.NET was big also it estimation need several Gigabyte of document, it need a high-bandwidth and far of time for you to obtain all of the necessary application before begin to create a website. Nevertheless, XAMPP is just a complete bundle of required application which MB creator, for several various OS just need to obtain XAMPP subsequently can begin to build up their PHP site. a simple application to begin create a site is just required by pHP, it is a lot more versatility and time-saving.



Programming Approach

Practical and code that is rapid

Longer code evaluate to PHP signal Desk 4.4 Development strategy assessment


$text = "Welcome to PHP";

echo $text;



Gray text

text = "Welcome to PHP"



Figure 4.1

Figure 4.2

Programming Method Thought: In Table 4.4, it mentioned even though creator doesn't have any development language fundamental may also discover PHP in a short while interval PHP is a lot easier and simple to discover with a creator. Number 4.1show out the PHP code for result an easy expression in HTML structure, PHP variable doesn't need to announced before introducing value to it, beside that, PHP variable doesn't need to particular the information type so on Integer, Chain, Dual since PHP may instantly transform the variable to fix information form. Figure 4.2 displays the sourcecode out for out an easy expression in HTML structure, creator need before introducing value involved with it proclaiming the variable. Nevertheless, the PHP code is simple to comprehension, a lot more straightforward to understanding and smaller code evaluating to ASP.NET.



Equipment requirement

Reduced - PHP only an internet site to be developed by a language

Large - ASP.NET is just a language which need.NET big construction to be able to operate efficiently therefore it need greater equipment necessity

Table 4.5 Equipment requirement assessment

Equipment necessity thought: In Table 4.5, it mentioned that ASP.NET need.NET construction plus some additional subscription application to be able to begin the growth phase meaning if creator utilizing ASP.NET to build up site, the creator need some higher-spec of system to be able to operate all development resources easily. Nevertheless, it plus PHP only a basic software language may operate easily in reduced need system also.




Quickly - PHP parser just completes return result and these PHP code to customer and web-server.

Slow - ASP.NET involved object oriented design which direct ASP.NET code is needing additional time produce and to perform these result.

Table 4.6 Performance assessment

Performance Thought: Table 4.6 was mentioned ASP.NET had several object oriented versions which direct ASP.NET code need a lot more time for you to perform, nevertheless, php only a host scripting language also it needed time that is reduced for you to execute evaluate to ASP.NET. In other hand, Wrensoft is just an internet search engine software option organization had perform a study check between PHP and ASP.NET, nevertheless, all of the check outcome display that PHP execute looking quicker than ASP.NET twice, it is without doubt on Wrensoft does not had any prejudice on the vocabulary since they're supplying 4 distinct vocabulary variety software that will be PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript and CGI.

5 Summary

5.1 View

PHP not really a totally mistake-free and safe scripting language for web-development, it had been without doubt PHP remain some restriction so on PHP only a scripting language also it nevertheless need html page to developed the software of site, nevertheless, html page platform software of website was really basically and insufficient appealing. PHP is just a server-side scripting language that will be every PHP signal was perform in server, to be able to enhance the software of PHP site also it seriously determined by the server-part, it need high net bandwidth for that customer and assets in web server. Hence, the execution of Javascript like a client-side vocabulary and AJAX technology within our final-year task may resolve the issue above since Javascript is just a client-side vocabulary and certainly will perform some easy and never vulnerable signal in client-side and decrease the determined by web-server. Beside since AJAX technology makes it possible for customer reloading area of the website as opposed to the whole site that, execution of AJAX technology may reduce the packing period of the website, therefore the running and packing period of the website may somewhat decrease.

Next to the limitation PHP involved a restriction evaluating to ASP.NET that will be ASP.NET may help 25 additional development terminology so on C++, D#, VB.NET and etc but PHP help PHP code that was simple . Nevertheless, the execution AJAX technology into our final-year task, of mixture PHP, Javascript may satisfy all section of our final-year task and thus PHP code is not a lot more difficult and versatile evaluating to additional programming language.

5.2 Findings

At the conclusion of my workshop, there doesn't had a scripting or development language is wholly satisfy every creator on the planet, nevertheless, every various of language had their power and weakness, therefore it was rely on the creator power and expert which kind of vocabulary.

Security may be the among essential component in software or an internet site, nevertheless there doesn't had any vocabulary that may assure mistake- free prevent any opponent in the world wide. Hence, every kind of vocabulary offers some protection function for creator to improve the protection and stability of software and site.

Finally, PHP may be the appropriate host-side scripting language for my final-year project web-base atmosphere program also it satisfies all of the necessity. Nevertheless, I'll not determine it would be the the most suitable for my phase on create an internet browser component for my program although PHP is the greatest vocabulary within the site improvement area.