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1. Study Question

May The take over of Computers by Technology Mahindra not be unprofitable to Technology Mahindra and Mahindra?

The main goal of the article will be to answer the aforementioned research issue through secondary and primary information as well as using different analytical resources so that you can create a successful solution to the preceding issue. The primary business Satyam Computers, in the investigation issue is. My essay may look into the aftermaths of the largest frauds on earth, the 7000 crore scam of one. My article additionally uses the 2nd business mentioned in the study issue, Technology Mahindra which determined as it had been advantageous to them to takeover Computers. About the complete, this take over will be evaluated by my composition and call whether this could be rewarding to its own parent organization Mahindra & Mahindra and Mahindra.

2. Framework

I am using different company ideas to take out a substantial response to assess my research issue efficiently. I am going to use these ideas and analytic resources within my article:-

  1. SWOT Examination
  2. Lewin's pressure industry Evaluation
  3. BUG Evaluation to the event of take over.
  4. The Wheel of Fortune- Post Amalgamation and Pre Amalgamation Evaluation
  5. Charts showing the increase and drop in share value prior to and following the take over

3.Areas of study

IB Business and Management HL Component 1:

  1. Mergers
  2. Moral principles

4. Method of Action of Program and Analysis

I 'll tackle wide-ranging investigation of the scam by examining it in major Company Publications like World Of Business as well as contain the numerous interviews the chairman Mr. Ramalinga Raju has offered since the scam. Re Search that is extra will even contain analyzing documents that are official such as the notice of confession of Raju when he also said the grounds for this and offered the precise quantity scam. Additional study will even contain arranging interviews with a top supervisor from Technical Mahindra who had been made to states over there at Satyam and seeing with the Satyam head office.


May The take over of Computers by Technology Mahindra not be unprofitable to Technology Mahindra and Mahindra?

ndia. In cases like this, Technology Mahindra got a scam- as they believed it might be advantageous for their sake to reinforce their hold as it has been doing in the Auto market reach on Computers. They've obtained the choice to get Satyam Computers so that you can own a stalwart maintain in the field as The Team will not have a powerful presence in the field. Why The Team determined to get Computers the primary facet which attracted attention towards this task was.

About what were the motives for Mahindra to get Computers the motivation behind this task will be to assess. Through investigation it is often discovered there have been several advantages for Technology Mahindra behind this buy. Through this purchase, they might also provide them a lot of recognition in the field and would get to be the 4th biggest IT company in India. Mahindra will be released to lots of new businesses as Satyam includes a powerful presence in the market also from manufacturing to services as well as in the Aerospace business. Therefore, this buy might cause them to become leaders in the field.

After examining utilizing the resources that are analytic, and growth in Technical Mahindra along with price of Satyam before as well as after its purchase. It was reasoned that the purchase of Satyam of Technical Mahindra was actually advantageous for Technology Mahindra. Therefore, the ultimate decision will be that Technical Mahindra, by means of this purchase would enhance not just the state of Satyam the remain of The Team


Background knowledge of the firms

Technical Mahindra-

The Mahindra Team, having a net worth of US $6.3 million is among the best 10 industrial houses in India. It's an industry innovator in multiple-energy vehicles in the marketplace that is Indian and the 2nd biggest manufacturer of trucks of globe. The Group has a presence in the important areas of the market including commerce, the economic solutions, retailing and strategies, auto parts and Facilities. It is likewise the happy recipient of the Japan Quality Medal, the business that is only world-wide to be bestowed this honour. In addition, it holds the distinction to be the business that is only world-wide to win the Prize. The US based Institute rated Mahindra among the top Indian firms in its Global 200: The Planet's Greatest Corporate Standings list.

The Team has a lot of verticals of its own company. Architectural Solutions, Plantation Products, Facilities and Property, cars also IT are its primary verticals. The vertical of the company of Mahindra is known as Technology Mahindra.

With over 25000 workers, Tech Mahindra Ltd once called Mahindra British Telecom (MBT) is an Indian It company based in Pune, Indian. It's the 6th biggest software exporter in India (Nasscoms, 2007) and 2nd biggest Telephony Applications Supplier in Indian (Words & Info, 2007) and JV between Mahindra & Mahindra Restricted (M&M) and British Telecommunications plc (BT). Mahindra is a top supplier of services and solutions having a majority position in collaboration with British Telecommunications plc. In the year ended March 3 1, 2009 thousand with profits of R S 44,647, Tech telecom service.! integrators providers, products makers, computer software


Satyam, Indian's No. 4 computer software solutions exporter, was set up in 1987 by its own chairman B Ramalinga Raju, who was created in to a group of producers. He began packaged ton of IT jobs from US businesses and Computers with 20 workers.


Satyam debuted in 1991 to the Indian marketplaces, accompanied with a list in The Big Apple in 2001. In 2008, it established another listing on Euronext Amsterdam under NYSE Euronext's fresh "quick route" procedure for combination listings in The Big Apple and Europe. Satyam, located in the southern city of Hyderabad has .! workers 52,865

Computers is a major international business and it Services Business, which provides methods integration, consulting, and outsourcing solutions. Satyam leverages deep industry and functional knowledge, top engineering methods, and an innovative, world-wide dwell

Ry product to help customers change their maximum-worth business processes. The specialists of the firm shine in supply chain administration, improvement, customer connection administration, business procedure quality enterprise integration among other abilities that are essential. Satyam accommodates additional solutions including Facilities Administration and Business Integration. It specializes in the areas of Electric Sectors and Cars in Manufacturing and Sheet Metal Components. Computers even offers a powerful presence in the Aerospace Business. Satyam, whose customers include Nestle, Ge and Fujitsu, offers back-office, and additionally focuses on company software freelancing and consulting solutions. It plays with international majors like Accenture and IBM, for out sourcing prices as additionally nearby players like Wipro, Tata Consultancy Solutions and Infosys Systems.


3.1: background knowledge of the scam:-

They experienced the necessity to progress in the field as Mahindra turned out to be a modest participant in the market though Team has a stronghold in the Auto market. They understood the quickest means to develop in the field was through Purchases and Mergers. In the yr 2007, Mahindra began searching for firms to get in the field. In 2008 Mahindra supplied a way to Satyam to unite together and sent feelers.

This proposition was in when B. Ramalinga Raju was nonetheless the Chairperson and moreover it had been before the fraud was disclosed. He chose never to reply this suggestion, though Raju needed to unite with Mahindra. Shortly next Raju confessed to the scams. Mahindra believed this was the break through they lunged at it and needed in the field. A scholar in B.Com, Raju did MBA from Kansas University. Before Satyam, Raju went into other companies including fabrics and building.

3.2: The states causing the aftermaths: its own scam, -

It began with Satyam's strategies to purchase Maytas properties and Maytas Infrastructure Organization to get a planned $1.6 million. Satyam decided to get of a 51 percent stake in Maytas Infrastructure charging $300 thousand as well as a 100 percent reveal in Maytas Properties which will price them $1.3 thousand. Satyam might purchase 3 1 per share percent stakein Infra from marketers at Rs 475 with the offer that is open to people for 20 percent stake at Rs 525 per share.

It appeared that this deal might bare Satyam's treasury and might make debt along with incorporating nearly $1.48 million to the marketers' pot. Shock waves were sent by the information of this purchase around the united states challenging the outlines that were concealed on the other side of the offer. He asked the wrath of the traders shortly after Raju declared that Satyam would get Properties and Infrastructure. Up against complaint that was significant and investor's revolt over corporate governance problems, the offer was withdrawn by Satyam of creating the suggestion within hours. But that point, the harm completed. What had surprised traders is this may be financed from debt and cash reserves in 75:25 percentages. The major issue was the reason why a discuss exchange choice could not are contemplated as an alternative to emptying the cashreserves of Satyam Pc.

3.3: Investigation results about events which put into Satyam the distress: of 's -

A serious setback to the Hyderabad-centered IT supplier facing criticism from traders on its choice' was of it being banned by Globe Bank . Satyam has been prohibited by the Bank from supplying solutions including bribery, for ten years for malpractices to it. The prohibition would seriously affect the prospects of the Hyderabad-based firm, previously fighting bring and to keep new company in a recession- strike on marketplace that is world wide. The World Bank debarment had been meted out for "improper advantages to bank employees" and "insufficient paperwork on invoices.”

Satyam began supplying the Bank in 2003 with IT solutions. A couple of years after, claims of bribery appeared. In 2007, an inner World Bank study discovered that former VP Mohamed Muhsin had procured agreements and buy requests worth $100 thousand for the Indian company in exchange for Satyam's inventory alternatives (ADRs) at preferential costs. And he was prohibited forever from your banking. But Satyam was permitted till 2008 to benefit the banking.

There are also claims of creating safety violations in the financial institution against Satyam. The records, which include sensitive financial advice of Globe Bank, have allegedly been unlawfully obtained in the last twelvemonth. This elevated concerns that were better !

For this reason, a study was performed in the sales statements of Satyam and there have been shown to be substantial differences in the balance sheet as well as overpriced income among others in _ _ _ _ (Day).

Ramalinga Raju subsequently confessed to perpetrating a fraud of Rs.7000 crore and kept himself in charge of the differences in the balance sheet as well as additional balances. On Jan 7, 2009 Raju published a letter to the Chairperson of SEBI in addition to to the directorate about the fraud that has been perpetrated by him. He said how he'd interfered with all the balance sheet and the accounts by bolstering the funds and banking bills as well as the gains, by accumulating non-existent passions that were and by over-stating consumers' standing.

This is an excerpt from his letter of admission:-

Dear Panel Members,

It's with deep sorrow and great weight that I 'm carrying on my mind, which I want to create these facts to your own notice:-

  1. Overpriced (nonexistent) money and bank bills of Rs.5040 crore (as against Rs.5361 crore as revealed in the novels)
  2. An accrued interest of Rs.376 crore that will be nonexistent.
  3. A modest obligation of Rs.1230 crore on account of funds organized by me.
  4. An over stated debtors standing of Rs.490 crore (as against Rs.2651 represented in the novels)

3.4: Charts Revealing the Share Price of Satyam Computers and Technology Mahindra before as well as following the scam as well as the Take Over.

3.5: Tech Mahindra Satyam offer:-

The state of Satyam went from bad to worse. Therefore, the Authorities seceded to make four managers for Satyam till Satyam was taken over by some one and created states better. Afterwards, a bet was used by the Authorities for the takeover of Computers. According to experts, the likelihood of a tactical take over have brightened following the firm declared the potential dilution of position by supporter Ramalinga Raju and creator.

In spite of the improvements that are current, IT experts think the next-largest software exporter is a purchase that is good, as the Indian freelancing narrative is complete. International Business Machines Corporation has experience across verticals. This, it had been nicely placed to influence on its advantages. The Large Doldrums international solutions delivery capacity would be further strengthened by an acquisition of a business like Satyam. Yet another customer that is anticipated was the United States of America based Aware. A purchase will construct level that is major and deliver it in to the big category of IT gamers, in accordance with marketplace trackers.

On the other hand, the victor that was surprising ended up being Technical Mahindra, using the command by thunderstorm and coming right out of the blue. After offering at Rs 5 8 per share Mahindra had won the bid for Pc. Mahindra would spend Rs1, 757 crore. Satyam might run as a special purpose car until Technology Mahindra increases its stake to 51%.No additional bet was within a minimum of 90 percent of Technology Mahindra's bet. While L&T's bet was at Rs 4 6/discuss, WL bet for Satyam stood at R S 20/discuss. I gate, International Business Machines Corporation and spruce Corp were among these verified after revealing an interest titles that dropped from the competition. On April 1 3, 2009, the Maryland at Satyam, Kiran Karnik declared IT solutions supplier Mahindra end up being the newest operator of the business and had provided the best bid at Rs 5 8. Satyam, But might operate as a completely independent business with obligations that are independent.


4.1: Advantages on the other side of Tech: the take over of Satyam by -

The Group is among the top commercial properties in India. It even offers a presence in the significant areas of the market including commerce, the financial-services, retailing and logistics IT and has turned out to be a leader in the auto market. Technology Mahindra (IT) is a supplier of solutions and services to the telecommunications sector, having a majority position held by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, in collaboration with British Telecommunications plc.

The team, even though powerful in the vehicle business, isn't well balanced in the field. Therefore, build a title for it self there the same as it's completed in the cars and farm-equipment industries and it had a need to broaden itself in the IT field. Having a stronghold in the field might prove valuable for Mahindra as its flexibility would be enhanced by it. A break-through was supplied by the problem of the support large Satyam Computers for Technical Mahindra. The bet was won by Mahindra at the cost of Rs 5 8/ discuss in the existence of leaders like !, I-gate, L&T Ross IBM

After the bet was won by Technical Mahindra for Computers who owns The Mahindra Team disclosed the reason behind the take-over stating, “We are interested in being the innovator in the area. But the job will be to create again the business on course.” Technical Mahindra in Method Integration and in Telephony solutions, Applications vendoring, Gear production specific before the acquisition. Where as following the buy, they'd focus on additional areas in the place where they've too little expertise like Contacting providers, Out-Sourcing options, Architectural and Merchandise Improvement, Provide String conduite, Company Intelligence, Enterprise Integration, Facilities direction, etc.

Satyam furthermore provides architectural solutions to a lot of the part manufacturing companies in the planet nowadays particularly in Sheetmetal Components and Manufacturing that are employed in Auto and Power Industries.This cope with Satyam might furthermore provide Technical Mahindra in to fresh sectors from production to financial-services. As Satyam h-AS a powerful presence inside it could likewise expose Satyam in the Aerospace Business. With ability power of approximately 6,000 technicians, the perform in this vertical might be taken care of efficiently.

By means of this take over, Technical Mahindra is among the most 4th biggest IT support organization in Indian just behind Infosys Technologies, Wipro Systems and Tata Consultancy Solutions. Preceding to the take-over, Technical Mahindra received nearly 50% of its earnings from a customer that was single - English Telephony plc. However, by means of the take-over of Satyam, they'd be servicing the clients of Satyam like Ford, Opel, etc. who need models, sketches, etc. in the technologists of Satyam. Mr. C.P. Gurnani, the to-be Chief Executive of Mahindra Satyam mentioned it will be advantageous for Satyam to be linked to the 65- year-old Technology Mahindra. It is because of the reality the firm might get 1 10 of the clients of Technical Mahindra for the Businesses Solutions business. Acquiring again Satyam on the right track would not be any simple job as there will be a number of problems which have come face to face subsequent to the take-over. These difficulties will soon be cited below.

4.2: Problems for Technology:-

The largest problem that Technology Mahindra must confront is they must trim the work force as Satyam Computers has about 50,000 workers the majority of whom have been in unproductive to an optimum amount which is a struggle

  1. Yet another huge problem for Technology Mahindra is to recover consumer assurance.
  2. Technical Mahindra doesn't possess the sufficient expertise Satyam 's business verticals in all also it'll be difficult to take care of the problems associated with these verticals.
  3. Mahindra must finish all of the legal obligations of Computers.
  4. Mahindra must confront problem of merging the task civilizations of the corporations as the task civilizations of the firms are dissimilar. In addition, it must confront the task of winning the trust of the workers of additional human re Source direction problems as well as Satyam in.
  5. It will be challenging for Mahindra - business as it will not be easy to understand regarding where the cash that is dropped went. Yet another obstacle is showing deficits and the actual earnings of Computers.
  6. The measures obtained by Mahindra need to be selected cautiously as they may be today handling among the IT leaders that are largest in Indian. Any transfer that is wrong might bring about really dreadful situation for Technology Mahindra.