Designing a finest WiMAX network

WiMAX entry level profile


Reason for this record would be to create or created an awareness in-Field Technicians to comprehend a website assistance of LOW-OMU towns. Taking a look at the wants of services, costumer needs, physical standing, and industry requirements the community ought to be style in this method that it should have a capability to tackle these particular requirements.


Area Technicians may boost their capabilities up to improve knowledge of WATEEN WIMAX system.


Wimax is the fact that type of engineering which not just facilitates the grown up industry but additionally facilitates the requirements of increasing industry that's experiencing difficult cost limitations.

Situations like cellular or mounted, interior where the huge selection of support programs should be offered or outside, there's no additional greater engineering than wimax which fits all of the situations similarly.

Though we all know that Wimax possess a power to function huge selection of programs and providers but before creating the versatile wimax systems you have to watch about the desires of industry needs, costumer needs, physical standing, and provisional providers equally for that existing and potential situations.

Moreover, a community ought to be created in this method that was optimum that it might function the different requirements of support execution at any in another of owner.

So Motorola in Pakistan has supplied its WiMAX options maintaining the amount of physical problems, customers and costumer capacity to afford technology.

Motorolais wi4 WiMAX Versatile Access Point Profile could be quickly designed to bear

An extensive selection of protection, capability, and software situations employing a choice of options including

  • Macro,
  • Micro,
  • Outside,
  • Interior,
  • Sectorized,
  • Omni-directional,
  • Structure-top technology,
  • Dispersed technology,
  • MIMO
  • Intelligent antenna techniques.

Using the aid of the implementation providers may believe not just for today but may also decide the different situation into the future foot-print

Essentially it's made up of a WiMAX Platform Control Device that may be combined with above-discussed RF modules.

Access Point:

Entry stage includes two main subsystems:

  • RF Component
  • Foundation control device (BCU)

The RF component includes repetitive fiber optics interfaces and recipient chains two aerial component, two transmitter and DC power transformation. Two transfer and obtain stores supply built-in MIMO assistance within the entry level (AP). Entry level is made for as much as four field setup with as much as four RF Segments backed with a solitary Foundation Handle device (BCU).

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The Integral RF structure eliminates the requirement of lots of RF coaxial wires to become linked between your foundation handle device (BCU) towards the RF Component. Heatsinks inside the Integral RF component and more placing the RF components better facilitates temperature dissipation and helps the chilling needs of the bottom control device.

WiMAX Platform station device

WiMAX Platform station device may be the center of any WiMAX infrastructure identical like in GSM

Or any 3G systems. It's a primary body of WiMAX entry level. The Wimax Bottom station device was created such a method that it's little, Weatherized and compact that created implementation versatile.

The Wimax base station device with zero impact could be installed everywhere like current BTS antennas of the GSM, Shelters, rods as well as about the water tankers that are probably to determine in Pakistan. Additionally although in Pakistan they've applied a versatile community that's not just made to allow it to be suitable for potential improvements cost-effectiveness can also be considered.

The Wimax system structure of the Motorola is just a basic peer-to-peer ip-based style.

Motorolais WiMAX Access Point Handle (APC) will there be to supply the important thing to protection and flexibility and separate a handle route from IP changes and hubs.

The bottom handle device (BCU) works baseband control, website synchronizing, energy distribution and community interfacing.the BCU may stay at the end of the aerial structure.The BCU includes hot-pluggable slots for approximately two website controllers (SC) and four device forums

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Number no: 01

The bottom handle device contains the next elements as displayed in number No:01

  • Website Control card
  • Device cards
  • Alarm cards
  • Power
  • Lover


The website control card is just an electronic control card comprising a microprocessor system to get disturbance for backhaul sensors, and time reference signal or a consistency, an Ethernet change.


The device card ostensibly is just a baseband card comprising FPGA, Electronic microprocessors and hostmicroprocessor for doing PHY and 802.16e MAC running.the device card enables application only updates for MAC and PHY level adjustments.

The BCU contains one device card per-sector and four Device cards.


The alarm card produce the various sensors just like a cupboard alarm inputs, power identification info,

and software signals to some GPS device.


The BCU includes slots for three primary power models.Two energy products have to help recommended third device and a completely filled website.


Forced-air via the air plenum cools the BCU.