Windows version

Windows edition

Adjustments between 1.0.3 and 1.0.2:


Video results:

* Repair movie quality when resizing the movie on 7 and Windows Vista, because of regressions in many popular people

* New deinterlacers segments centered on yadif and yadif(x2) calculations


* Windows version supports today natively the WMA Qualified codec, because it

Did not work-in didn't packed edition

* Resolve downmixing of particual 4.0 AC3 sound files


* x264 has account-limitter, like:



* Update for lua script that is appletrailers

* Solutions about the RAR flow filter

* Correct for E-AC3 in ATSC/TS channels

Fixes for v4l

In mjpeg demuxer Fix an accident

Support development:

* New udev module for linux


* Repairs about the flow and also the playlist output sections


* German, Galician Polish, Russian Slovak and improvements that are Ukrainian

Adjustments between 1.0.2 and 1.0.1:



* Local support with no utilization of the dlls, for WMA Skilled

* Resolve problems in subtitles SSA types

Fixes on theora


Fixes for EPG assistance in MPEG TS demuxer

* Treatments for possible heap overflow in.asf demuxers and.avi,.mp4


* Solutions for devices

* Treatments for dvb-d stations-checking

Qt Software:

* Fix some playlist problems

Mac OS X Software:

Fixed an accident when upgrading VLC

* Set an accident associated with QTKit when starting movie documents (10.6 only)

* Included the capability to perform 2nd press in-sync towards the main product (feedback-servant)

* Included the " after Play" function

Mac OS X Port:

* The "Remove Choices" software has become shipped like a Common Binary

With local code for Intel, PowerPC and Intel 64bit

* Full runtime compatibility on each Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.5

- no support for Goom

- text rendering that is limited assistance

- This interface continues to be considered despite its release as FRESH.


Transrate supply output removed

Default -ideals nearer to foreclosures that are x264.exe.

Rc -conduct repairs:

- if user identifies qp-worth, CQP-style can be used

- normally if vb=0 is defined by user, CRF-style can be used

- usually ABR-mode can be used

Set vbv-bufsize/vbv-maxsize better if these have n't been described by person:

- ABR function set vbv-max-bitrate=bitrate

- vbv-bufsize is bitrate * moments between keyframes (keyint/fps)


* Lua programs for Mpora play

Unix forms:

Fixes allow 1.0 to construct on Solaris


* New Kazakh

* Lithunanian interpretation is on Windows

* German, Japanese, Nepali Ukrainian Arabic and Galician translation changes

Adjustments between 1.0.1 and 1.0.0:



* Repair wmv/asf conditions that triggered audio to fall

Fixes for wav format for mp3, ac3 and balance

* Fix find to RFC 2326 in RTSP in submission

* Fix Dailymotion entry software

* Fix crashes in files trainer

* Resolve time and seeking problems in certain flv files on Windows version


* Include caching that is additional for documents on community shares

* Avoid integer underflow in Actual pseudo-RTSP component, found Algeria, by tixxDZ, DZCORE Laboratories


Fix seeking in video files

* Improve SSA subtitles rendering

* Update many codecs for Mac and that Windows version


* Fix recording of documents with audio

Qt Software:

* Chance to alter the Full-Screen controller's opacity degree

* Fix VIDEO_TS files starting and numerous failures

Mac OS X Software:

* Added alternatives to eliminate assistance for Press Secrets and Apple Rural

* Mounted choices for code, Quantity and Subtitle Coding

* Fixed when autosizing the movie screen redraw problems

Aid is today included by * Preferences screen through tool tips

* Communications sections and More reliable Info

Fix failures that are various


* The ZVBI component has become readily available for Windows, for teletext service that is total

Translations improvements Lithuanian, for Brazillian, French Korean Nynorsk

Adjustments between 0.9.10 and 0.9.9a:


HTTP Screen:

* Fixed default ACL

Mac OS X:

* Fixed crashes on multiple-display configurations

* Fixed subtitle and quantity development choices within the Choices

* Improved Info cell conduct, when playlist isn't shown

* Fixed QTCapture feedback assistance for that latest iSight types

* Included a selection-product to uncover the aspect ratio of the movie screen

* Fixed when autosizing the movie screen redraw problems

* Updated libpng - fribidi, mistake, libgcrypt

Various treatments towards the segments that are following:

* entry:


- updated and extra entry programs (BBC radio, dailymotion,...)

- Avoid integer underflow in Actual pseudo-RTSP component, found by tixxDZ,

Algeria, DZCORE Labs

* out flow:

- Variety Link, RTP, RTSP VoD



Adjustments between 1.0.0 and 0.9.9a:




OSS record and * Alsa hasbeen taken off the v4l accesses.

Observe 'Entry:' for more information.

Support for Mac OS X 10.4.x was fallen because of its technological restrictions


* Immediate pausing

* Body-by- playback

* Better rate control

* On-the-travel saving for several medias

* Timeshift for many medias

* RTSP trickplay support

* Subtitles repairs and primary changes


* New AES3 (SMPTE 302M) decoder

* New Dolby Digital Plus - E-AC3 (A/52b) decoder

* New Genuine HD/ parser and MLP decoder

* New Blu Ray Linear PCM decoder

* New QCELP (Qualcomm PureVoice) decoder

* Improved Real 4.0 & Video 3.0 decoder

* New WMA v1/2 fixed-point integer decoder

* Closed Captions utilizing the SCTE-20 standard are actually properly decoded

Drift style and * Enhancement of WavPack decoder to aid all integer settings

* Modifications on and 5.1 channel purchasing and decoding


Support in Matroska files for Dirac, MLP

* Main changes in RealMedia files starting (.rm and.rmvb)

* Changes of the TS demuxer for M2TS documents from Blu-Ray AVCHD and

* Metadata for mod files are protected

* GSM codecs in Wav files are recognized

* Fresh natural audio demuxer supporting PCM channels

* New Dirac demuxer for natural channels that are Dirac


* Dirac development using libdirac (backed in Ogg as well as in TS)

* Shine mp3 fixed point encoder


* RTSP authentication with Darwin Streaming Server

* On-the-travel gzip and bzip2 file decompression (except on Windows)

* Play for movie in multi-RAR archives

* DVB-S ATSC and cards help on Windows

Alsa and * New OSS accesses. V4l and the v4l2 modules no further help

OSS or Alsa input. Use --feedback-servant alsa: / // if required.

* DVB reading on linux

* FRESH Blu-Ray AVCHD Files assistance and Disk

* On-the-travel zip-file decompression and checking (MRL of the shape

Zero://!/file.avi to identify the document - the growth type of

Zero://|file.avi isn't recognized anymore)

* Starting of any document descriptor using 'fd://'

* MTP device entry on Unix

* cdtext assistance about the cdda module (CDAudio)

*: minute prices:quit-period are designed for sub-


* Mouse cursor assistance in win32 and x11 display segments

* Display component currently attributes on incomplete screencapture and mouse following

Windows OSX.


* Move the playlist in HTML

* Lua program for BBC radio play

* Better metadata handling

Linux/Windows software:

* Global Hotkeys on Windows

Solutions for interface

* Recently enjoyed listing to products

Software toolbar customizations that are *

* Various Changes about the Qt software:

- menus activities

- Better speed slider

- Changes on several dialogs

- New discussion for list that is extensions

- Fixed-size setting for movies

- trickplay channels handle, Greater Teletext

* Better integration in GTK conditions

Mac OS X Software:

* Manageable from the Press Secrets on contemporary Apple keyboards (covered Aluminum)

* Expose-in-Person performance for products that are locally saved.

* Simple inclusion of subtitles through the Movie selection

* Extra functionality improvements

Flow output:

* Restored the transrating module that was aged.

* Numerous link-in situations are actually not impossible.

* link-in may be used to manage a placeholder flow.

* Remote Audio Output Process (AirTunes) component.

* Fixed memleak that was variety. Mosaics are actually functional again.

Maemo Port:

* New Maemo interface with:

- Hildon construction was based on by an interface.

- scaler on the basis of the collection that was swscale_nokia770.

Windows CE Interface:

FRESH work with the interface that was winCE continues to be completed.

Mac OS X Port:

* FRESH support that is 64bit

* Velocity changes by utilizing llvm-gcc

* New file symbols by Dominic Spitaler

Support for latest models that are iSight

Audio output:

* Removed aRts plugins and useless Esound

* Surround support for PulseAudio


* Results (dice, torus, etc.) taken off OpenGL video output

* Movie is able to move in fullscreen and also to remain in initial measurement

(hotkey 'e') while maintaining dark edges

* Picture video output continues to be rewritten right into a movie-filter called 'picture'.

The picture movie output that was previous continues to be eliminated.

* Support for climbing with FFMPEG imgresample and transforming movie chromas

Removed because of insects. Please make use of the FFMPEG swscale that is newer .


* a phony codec to show pictures from outside programs, Invmem

New Localization:

* Khmer

* Mongolian

* Sorani

Adjustments between 0.9.9a and 0.9.9:


Mac OS X:

* Updated numerous third party libraries to retain using the Win32 interface in sync

* Play repairs for PowerPC-based Macs

Adjustments between 0.9.9 and 0.9.8a:



* Experimental decoder for 4.0 & Actual Movie 3.0


Fixes associated with real demuxer

Mac OS X Software:

* Fixed conditions, that could result in an Info screen that is empty

- observe that info will be shown by VLC on the presently _selected_ product

Rather than the presently _playing_ product, when the playlist is seen within the

Primary control screen.

* Fixed numerous UTF8 problems within the Loading / Exporting Guru

Mac OS X Port:

* Enhanced movie playback functionality on Intel-based Macs

New Localizations:

* Indonesian

* Bengali

* Improvements of localizations that are different

Numerous bugfixes:

For getting RTP packets on unusual slot numbers Support.

* Plenty Of bugfixes.

* Proper Fullscreen conduct on Multiple-Display configurations on Windows

* Telnet repairs on Windows

When transcoding * Resampling repairs,

Adjustments between 0.9.8a and 0.9.6:


Safety update:

* Fixed buffer overflow in Actual demuxer (SA-0811, CVE-2008-5276)

Couple of bugfixes.

Adjustments between 0.9.6 and 0.9.5:


New Localizations:

* Ukrainian

Protection changes:

* Fixed overflow in SIGNAL assistance from VCD entry (SA-0810, CVE-2008-5032)

* Set overflow in RealText subtitles assistance (SA-0810, CVE-2008-5036)

Adjustments between 0.9.5 and 0.9.4:


Protection changes:

* Set buffer overflow in TiVo demuxer (SA-0809, CVE-2008-4686, CVE-2008-4654)

* Set libpng CVE-2008-3964 in Win32 creates


* Closed Caption EIA 608/708 parsing enabled for libmpeg2

Numerous bugfixes:

* Fixed memleaks and numerous possible failures

* Fixed difficulties with reading from documents (particularly low-nearby)


Fix bug where software was "consuming" some press tips

Fix some failures in DirectShow access

Qt Software:

Fix bug once the discussion states were n't reset by the resetting of choices

* Correct-click selection to pick playlist posts reenabled

* Different mounted in playlist


Default now deactivates * MMAP component


* Update Swedish translation, of Brazillian

Adjustments between 0.9.4 and 0.9.3:


Numerous bugfixes:

* Failures set in ogg

* Fixes memory leaks that are many.

Mac OSX port:

* Apple devices without Quartz Extreme aren't any longer recognized (use 0.9.2 or earlier)

* Set an accident with removal of choices that were previous.

* Set targetname for updates that are downloadable


* Balance repair for the output.

Adjustments between 0.9.3 and 0.9.2:


Numerous bugfixes:

* Fixed DTS route order on 5.1 methods

* Fixed pausing conduct for for audio cd as well as subtitles

* Multiple fixes and subtitles

* Numerous failures set in PS mkv, xspf, freetype

* Fixed update program bugs

* Additional bug fixes (dvd vocabulary choice, subtitle colors, HTTP keep alive...+)

Mac OSX port:

* Fixed ffmpeg slowness on PowerPC-based Macs

* Fixed freeze on startup when mounted on previous choices

* Fixed bug in listing starting on Macos X

* Fixed choice within the Easy Choices

* Heavier edge towards the subtitle renderer

* Set playlist products within the Loading/Transcoding Wizard's look

* Fixed AC3 passthrough on Macos X

* Fixed conduct of the Amount Normalizer configurations on Macos X

* Removed the QuickDraw video output component that was deprecated to prevent on accidents

Mac OS X versions


* Fixed awareness of Full-Screen Control

* Set error messages on startup when VLC was not properly uninstalled

before installation

When returning from fullscreen playback * Correct displaying of control,

* route spot repairs and Multiple listing.


* Included Quicker/Slower symbols towards the control screen

When changing the view playlist posts were missing by * Fixed

* Added required choices to Easy choices (to prevent NVIDIA drivers problems)

Recalling of last place, * Full-Screen control: period tag that is included

* Fixed drag'n drop conduct about the playlist

* Numerous additional repairs (Enter hotkey in choices, Themes choice...)

Adjustments between 0.9.2 and 0.9.1:


* Restored the previous conduct of --sout-maintain. It's today deactivated automagically.

Skins2 interface fixed on Windows.

* Numerous bugfixes.

Adjustments between 0.9.0 and 0.9.1:


* Numerous bug fixes.

Adjustments between 0.9.0 and 0.8.6i:




* This release will require Windows 2000 and Macos X 10.4 (Lion), or even more

Current to operate properly

The HTTP software has become only on the neighborhood device automagically.

You'll need to if you like to create it accessible from different devices

Modify the ".hosts" document.

- vlc/http/.hosts, the document is in /usr/share/ On UNIX/Linux

If you should be utilizing the aged http software, it is situated in


- On Windows they're in D:System FilesVideoLANVLChttp.hosts and

C:System FilesVideoLANVLChttpold.hosts

- in, you'll find it On Mac OSX /http/.hosts

And in

This edition of VLC includes a new software for Windows.

This software includes simple choices and a full-screen control.

This software lacks the "Loading Guru" which used to become contained in VLC

Profiles are provided by 0.8.6.

* The conduct of --sout-maintain was transformed. Default currently triggered it's.

* The marq, emblem and variety instructions within the rc software improved. They

Today need a goal title as their debate. Example:

vlc --sub-filter "marq@checkmarquee=Hello" -I rc

After that you can employ instructions like: @check marq- Goodbye

Should you did not identify the item using @check, its title will default for the

plugin name (thus 'marq') within this instance.

These instructions will also be obtainable in the software.

* The "rtp" entry result component continues to be eliminated.

Please make use of the RTP flow output e.g.:

Aged: '#stdaccess=rtp, mux=ts drain'

New: '#rtpmux=ts,dst=,port=5004,drain'

* at this point you have to add --m3u-extvlcopt for your commandline allow

Options parsing in playlists. Observe that merely a set that is minimal

of options is open to m3u playlists (CVE-2007-6683).

* The previous entry:url format isn't any longer recognized to solve ambiguities

With a few filenames. Use entry:// url.

E.g.: vlc:quit -> vlc://quit ;

udp:@ -> udp://@

the avcodec has eliminated and changed * The module,

avformat, swscale (or imgresample if you are using a swscale-less ffmpeg build)

And postproc.

* the net extensions ActiveX (IE)/Firefox/Mozilla/Chrome now identify the

following states: IDLE/CLOSE=0, OPENING=1, BUFFERING=2, PLAYING=3, PAUSED=4,


BACKWARD are therefore and being reserved for potential implementations not

Useful atm.

Support in transcode and * Croping are now actually completed utilizing the movie that was croppadd

filter. For instance:

Transcodevcodec=mp2v that is,vfilter=croppaddcropttop=20, cropbottom=30

* Fabric environment in transcode has become completed utilizing the fabric movie filter.

For instance:

Transcodevcodec=mp2v that is,vfilter=canvasheight=480

* Slip video output component continues to be eliminated.



Protection changes:

* Updated libfreetype on Windows and Macos X (CVE-2008- 1806 -2008-1806,


* TTA Parser changes (CVE-2008-3732)

* MMS Access Component changes (CVE-2008-3794)


Support that was playlist improved:

* Press collection development to save lots of all of your playlist products

* " search "

Shoutcast TV listings that are *

* Audioscrobbler/Last.FM help

* Album art help

* User definable Lua playlist programs. Observe share/lua/playlist/README.txt

(Standard programs available YouTube metacafe Video and

Plenty of additional URLs)

* User definable Lua recording artwork fetcher programs. Observe share/lua/meta/README.txt


* Movie for Linux 2 (V4L2) feedback help

* UDP-Lite transportation for RTP/AVP

* DCCP transportation for RTP/AVP

* Proxy support for MMSH flow

* PORT audio feedback service

* Feedback run-time choice (enhanced live-stream saving)

BDA products entry component for DVB-D/S/T catch cards on Microsoft Windows

* re written Display entry component for Mac OSX

using OpenGL rather than QuickDraw

* Display component currently supports mouse following and partial screencapture on X11.

* Fresh EyeTV entry component

The consumer to set up a plugin is required by this

(available like a separate download).

* Easy RTP feedback (with MPEG A/V, G.711 and PCM assistance).

* RTMP feedback service

* QTKit-centered Feedback component for Macos X loading of movie and permitting show

Obtained from all iSight-branded camcorders (no audio assistance)

Gzip compressed Digest Entry and data is today supported by * HTTP access


* New choices show of and to decrease latency between appearance of natural data

frames. (--car-alter-pts-delay and --use-flow-instant)


* MP4 Apple section help and gpac

* Fixed playback of AIFF music files

* Fixed audio glitch on find

* Enhanced FLAC demuxer (length / present period / meta-data)

* AAC tags help

APEv1 /2 tags help

* Improved tags help

* Improved Ogg/Vorbis tags help

* Fresh video help

* Standard MIDI File (types 0 & 1) help

* TiVo Series 2 help

* CD+G karaoke Documents assistance

Help files

* OMA help


* VP60/VP61/VP6F/ assistance that is VP62

* Flash Screen Video help

* CamStudio Screen Video help

* DosBox Catch help

The Video help of * Karl Morton

* atrac3 help that is restricted

* Fraps help

* Fluidsynth MIDI software activity (with exterior audio fonts)

More certain documents to be supported by * New codec FOURCCs:

Enthusiastic, FCP Samsung,...

* H.264 PAFF help

* DNxHD / VC-3 service

* NellyMoser ASAO help

* MONKEY (Monkey audio) help

* RealVideo help (using the RealVideo run time)

* Dirac video help using libschroedinger


* Closed Caption Decoder (DVD, ReplayTV, TiVo, DVB/ATSC)

* VBI & EBU (Teletext) assistance (*nix, Macos)

* Ogg/ support is subtitled by Kate

Support is subtitled by * AQTitle

* MKV USF subtitles support

* HTML- subtitles support

Support is subtitled by * MPSub

Help that is standard is subtitled by * JacoSub

Support is subtitled by * MPL2

* Edit of BUTT/ subtitles help and SSA programs

* PowerDivx (.psb) Subtitles help

* Realtext subtitle support

* DKS subtitle support

* SubViewer 1.0 (SubRip09) subtitles help

* Proper Right-to- languages in help that is subtitles


* Flash Screen Video help

* Improved H.264 encoding rate

Video filters and components:

* New CoreAnimation-centered productivity component (VLCKit construction on OSX only)

* Alter, Change and Pose (currently divided into Influx, Ripple, Slope and

Psychedelic) video filters are now able to be streamed

* New problem video output filter

* Re-written motion detection video filter that is

* Fresh extract movie filter (remove Reddish, Inexperienced and Orange factors from the


* New develop video filter (boost the distinction of surrounding pixels)

* New remove video filter (eliminates images from the movie)

* Improved subtitles' renderer to not aid timid, some and italic HTML tags

(Google Summer of Signal Scholar task)

Support for RGBA mixing.

Variety processor utilization *a lot* enhances.

* Fresh visibility mask movie filter (to be used using the mosaic_bridge component).

* New bluescreen movie filter (to be used using the mosaic_bridge component).

It was formerly area of the component that is variety.

* Fixed arbitrary figures issue in RSS filter.

* Include rotate-deciangle for accuracy on filter

Support for Intel SSE2 instruction occur chroma converters

* Enhanced utilization of Intel MMX instruction occur chroma converters

Fabric video and * New croppadd filters.

Audio filters and components:

* Replay gain support

* Audio play when planning slower/quicker (with frequency correction via

new scaletempo audio filter)

* New spatializer filter

* Proper DTS output via S/PDIF

Flow output:

* RTSP for TS- broadcast channels

* New RTP payload types:

* Speex speech audio codec

* ITU T.140 (for wording, subtitles) result

* G.711 (both A-law and µ-regulation) result

* UDP-Lite transportation for RTP

* DCCP transportation for RTP

* Lots for RTSP transmission of repairs

* RTMP result


* All

* New Easy Choices dialogs displaying the options that are most crucial within an

End user method that is appropriate.

* Improved user interaction

Improved mouse actions that are *

* Greatly increased Update checker

* Complete service for meta-data modifying (ID3v2, Ogg/Vorbis, AAC, APEv1/2)

* Windows/Linux

* completely new software for Windows and Linux, on the basis of the Qt toolkit

* Full-Screen control (openness on Linux+Composite)

* Mac OS X

* Improved video output functions

* Online use of the Help Wiki within VLC of VideoLAN

* Fresh environment to eliminate the " Items " support

* While enjoying Stereo (live) channels, the present monitor is shown properly

* Proper look on Apples utilizing the graphite topic of Aqua

* Simple Extended Settings screen

* Ncurses:

* Properly shows figures that are broad when utilizing an utf 8 location,

if libncursesw can be obtained.

* Some good shades when the final facilitates it (most do)

* Experimental Lua program modules. View vlc -I lua and

Share/ lua playlist/README.txt for more information.

* Unix

* Choice To permit just one working occasion, utilizing Dbus program.

* D-Bus the MPRIS being implemented by Software

(Mediaplayer Rural Interfacing specification), a typical dbus handle

Software for media people that expects to become an xdg standard when


* Movement component utilizing drive accelerometers to maintain outside that is movie

* Plugin to create MissionControl being used by Telepathy existence concept

* Fixed VLM schedule time-on Linux

Linux Port:

* VLC currently conforms using the XDG Base Directory Specification version 0.6

/ basedir- basedir -spec-0.6.html

(meaning VLC does not make use of the $PROPERTY/.vlc listing anymore)

Mac OS X Port:

* Macos X Construction "VLCKit" that may be used-to add VLC in 3rd party

Programs (Google Summer of Signal Pupil task, Macos X 10.5 just)

* New text renderer centered on Quartz changing the Freetype answer that was present

* Total compatibility with Macos X 10.5 Leopard

* It's currently necessary to gather a fully featured develop

* Macos X 10.3.9's assistance and QuickTime 6.x was stopped.


* Function different and management changes in libvlc

(Section Of a Google Summer of Signal Scholar task)

New Localizations:

* Finnish

* Local

* Polish

* Punjabi

* Bulgarian


* LibVLC currently supports externally constructed extensions correctly.

A "vlc-plugin" pkg- package is supplied.

* Java bindings are constructed from the distinct supply.

Adjustments between 0.8.6i and 0.8.6h:


Protection changes:

* Set integer overflow in WAV demuxer (CVE-2008-2430)

Numerous bugfixes:

* Fixed choice to utilize shared-memory inside the GLX video output component

* Increased galaktos- based visualizations on FreeBSD

* Various bugfixes in libvlc as well as in numerous segments

(stream result, OSD movie filter, VCD feedback,

drain solutions breakthrough, http handle software)

* Updated Polish translation

Adjustments between 0.8.6h and 0.8.6g:


Protection changes:

* Updated GnuTLS on Windows and Macos X (CVE-2008-1948,

CVE-2008-1949, CVE-2008-1950)

* Updated libxml2 on Windows and Macos X (CVE-2007-6284)


* Updated libebml on Macos X. Stability changes.

* Various bugfixes in libvlc as well as in numerous segments

(ftp access, movie filters, report access filter interface,

playlist demuxer, IP marketing, MPJPEG muxer, flow results)

* Enhanced service for MPEG2 information developed by Final Cut Pro

* More reliable party for MPEG TS channels

* Set regression where using the picture function might cause

To a program termination that is unexpected

* New Serbian translation

* Updated Romanian translation

Adjustments between 0.8.6g and 0.8.6f:


Protection changes:

* Removed VLC configurations from Mozilla

(CVE-2007-6683, VideoLAN-SA-0804)

* Removed running extensions in the existing listing

(CVE-2008-2147, VideoLAN-SA-0805)

* Updated libpng on Windows and Macos X (CVE-2008-1382)

* Fixed libid3tag denial-of support (CVE-2008-2109)

* Fixed libvorbis weaknesses (CVE-2008-1419, CVE-2008-1420, CVE-2008-1423)

* Set speex inadequate border examine (CVE-2008-1686, oCERT-2008-004)

Numerous bugfixes:

* Fixed numerous memory leaks, when operating like a host increasing balance

* Fixed collection with current versions of FFmpeg

* Properly parses SAP ads from MPEG TS

* Fixed AAC resampling

* The Full-Screen Control seems properly on Mac OSX,

When the 'Always On-top' choice that was movie was chosen.

Adjustments between 0.8.6f and 0.8.6e:


Protection changes:

* Truly mounted subtitle stream overflow (CVE-2007-6681, CVE-2008-1881)

* Mounted Real RTSP code delivery issue (CVE-2008-0073)

* Set MP4 integer overflows (CVE-2008-1489, CVE-2008-1768)

* Fixed cinepak weaknesses (CVE-2008-1769)

- extra information are available in VideoLAN-SA- 0801 -SA-0803.

Numerous bugfixes:

* The Mozilla plugin registers a functional selection of MIME-sorts on Macos X

* Enhanced VLCis movie output conduct on multiple-display configurations running Mac OSX

* Fixed crashes in packetizer

* Close MMS entry on network timeout

* Resolve some issues with packetizer & AAC decoder

Adjustments between 0.8.6e and 0.8.6d:


Numerous bugfixes:

* Application play for viewing information over FTP

* Fixed XShm recognition with X11

Protection changes:

* Subtitle demuxers flood (CVE-2007-6681)

* HTTP listener format line shot (CVE-2007-6682)

* Fixed buffer overflow within the SDL_image collection (CVE-2006-4484)

* Real RTSP overflows (CVE-2008- 0225 -2008-0295, CVE-2008-0296,


* Arbitrary memory overwrite within the demuxer (PRIMARY-2008-0130,


Audio filter:

* Set DTS to S/PDIF converter

Audio output:

* Fixed 5.1 sound on ALSA


* Set person and some hanging /code passing through RTSP URLs

Flow output:

* Fixed awaiting SPS/PPS issue in packetizer


For making H.264 movie files * Improved compatibility, usable on iPhones

* Improved recognition of optimum quantity of posts for multiple-threaded H.264

Coding on multi-processor systems

- observe that that is utilized when transcode posts is placed to 0 (standard)

- Not recognized on Windows (numerous posts need manual setup)

Mac OS X Software & Port:

* Restored compatibility with Mac OSX 10.3.9

* Fixed behaviour of the Preferences screen

* VLC no further accidents on quit while playing


* Updated Romanian

Adjustments between 0.8.6d and 0.8.6c:


Numerous bugfixes:

* Mozilla plugin: facilitates an acceptable quantity of types on Windows

* Linux: Set S/PDIF passthrough with ALSA

* Automated restoration on sudden flow discontinuity (time space) situations

in input

* Use area purchase (leading/base) for proper frank/linear deinterlacing

* Fix broken free in packing code that is favorites


* FLAC Security Update (CVE-2007-4619) to avoid multiple integer overflows

Activex plugin:

* Safety update (VideoLAN-SA-0703, CVE-2007-6262)

Mac OS X Software & Port:

* Apple Remote assistance on Macos X 10.5 Leopard with improved performance

* Improved Video Output compatibility for Macos X 10.5 Leopard

* Improved style changes between and conduct of the Full-Screen Control


* Melted the bright display items that'll seem throughout the change of

Two movies

Support for Ogg file types that are existing

NOTICE: Mac OSX 10.4 or more is required by This launch.

Mac OSX 10.3.9 isn't recognized anymore.


* Improved velocity on Macos X

Additional modifications:

* The automated updating service was removed

* at this point you have to add --m3u-extvlcopt for your commandline allow

Options parsing in playlists.

* RTSP server remote denial-of support set (CVE-2007-6684).

Adjustments between 0.8.6c and 0.8.6b:


Numerous bugfixes, somewhat:

* Windows Vista compatibility

* Showing in Direct3D

* Fullscreen change accident on Macos X

* RSS filter string overflow

* Several memory leaks

* MKV demuxer accident (associated with seeking)

CDDA / Vorbis / Theora / drain extensions:

* Protection improvements (VideoLAN-SA-0702, CVE-2007-3316, US CERT VU#200928)


* Set an issue with discovering stuck subtitles (GAB2 structure) in AVI

* Avoid WAV file integer overflow (CVE-2007-3467 & CVE-2007-3468)


* Updated FLAC API compatibility


* Support for v4l2 that is brand new encoder API


* New localisation: Arabic, Local

Adjustments between 0.8.6b and 0.8.6a:


Numerous bugfixes, somewhat:

* Out-of-bound read in demuxers

* Demuxers failures (incl. CVE-2007-0256)

* Mac OS X Software failures

* VP31 decoding on Windows systems

* Direct3D Video Output adjustments for Landscape compatibility

* Proper conduct for giving channels to Icecast servers


* Enhanced Flash Movie help incl. VP61

* Teletext subtitles (telx) help

Webbrowser extensions:

* Fixed enhanced functionality and conduct

Mac OS X Software & Port:

Various usability improvements that are *

* New expert choice to add subtitles

* Screensaver/ automated sleep setting is allowed whenever there is a movie stopped

* Improved Remove-Preferences-Software

Adjustments between 0.8.6a and 0.8.6:


CDDA / VCDX extensions:

* Protection improvements (VideoLAN-SA-0701, CVE-2007-0017)

Mac OS X Software:

Fullscreen control changes that are *

Adjustments between 0.8.6 and 0.8.5:



* Shoutcast TV listings assistance


Support for RTSP authentication

Support for putting subtitles onthefly

* Fixed MPEG PS length formula

* ATSC support for DVB input

* Incomplete reading assistance for dvrms tracks

* Incomplete reading assistance for MXF fileformat

* Improved support for Flash Movie files


* WMV9 that is Indigenous /VC 1 help

* WMA Talk assistance (through binary codecs)

* VP5/VP6 - Display Movie assistance (not VP61)

* The Real Audio Lossless support

* Matroska WavPack support

* Improved H.264 support (intertwined, rate changes etc but no PAFF)

* Set an issue with MPEG2 area images

* Fixed changed colors


* Extra OpenGL results (tube, torus, world,...)

* Fresh Direct3D 9 video output (win32). Best served on Vista:)

* Improved libcaca support


* All

* New hotkeys for move and harvest

Support in the HTTP software for pictures

* Windows

* Systray support in themes


Support for Apple Remote control

* Full-Screen control cell (art by Simon Damkjær Andersen)

* New playmode switches (art by Simon Damkjær Andersen)

* correct/ctrl-press selection in video results

When playing movies in fullscreen mode * Main Menu employs autohide,

* Linux

* Notices using notice-daemon


* Support for Unicode filenames (Windows NT and above)

Windows 9x/ME users:

- take note these variations of Windows aren't officially recognized

- for Windows 9x/ME programs can be obtained through the Unicode support

Microsoft Coating for Unicode accessible in the following site:

/ globaldev/handson/dev/mslu_announce.mspx

Obtain the MSLU bundle (unicows) and remove this content in to the file


* Fixed service about the client-side

* Set disable screensaver (Direct3D and DirectX video output)


* Add Czech

* Add Slovak

* Include Malay

* Add Slovenian


* Improvements towards the API

* Treatments for that mozilla extensions

Adjustments between 0.8.5 and 0.8.4a


Primary help:

* Data series (bitrates, packages, contacts,...)

Support for updates that are installing

* Updated strings


* Preliminary assistance for RTSP-over-HTTP (to permit NAT traversal)

* Linux DV (Digital Video - Firewire) feedback

* Changes for the Audio CD input

- Separate entries for that songs

- Service for CDDB

* Support for more DVB (satellite) security modules

* Enhanced subtitles encoding support

For enjoying with MP4 files on the internet * Enhanced service


* Cook (audio) help

Playlist / Services breakthrough:

* XSPF playlist support

* Podcast support

New record to be used by * Updated Shoutcast

Audio output:

* New PORT audio output


* New video filters:

- amplify: enables you to move on area of the picture

- slope and edge recognition: "animation- like " impact that is

- bluescreen: overlay areas of a movie transparently on a different one

* Emblem movie filter: are now able to hook through numerous pictures

* RSS movie filter: show supply pictures. Help for Atom feeds.

* Changes for the rendering

Flow output:

* Preliminary assistance for throttling customers on VOD channels


The demand and user info to be informed by * Program

- HTTP authentication

- Critical errors



- VLM (VideoLAN Media Manager) control panel

- Enhanced advertising info cell (exhibits data, metadata,...)

- Drag assistance within the playlist


- New default skin

- Service for Winamp 2 cases

- Improved playlist handling

- Help for popup menus, equalizer, animated bitmaps,...


- Embedded Video output

- new Go To-Specific-Moment function

- while playing changing

- Enhanced advertising info cell (exhibits data, metadata,...)

- for running numerous products using the magician in one single work help

- choice to save choices within the magician to get a program (default allowed)


- New standard software websites for VLC and VLM (including a mosaic magician)

- a lot of RPN functions that are new

Windows Port:

* MSN messenger " playing " assistance

OSX Port:

* Mac-Intel compatibility

* Improved service of audio output products that were numerous

* Growl " playing " help

*Nix port:

* Capability To record to syslog

* Origin wrapper to prevent running VLC as root


* New libvlc API (not completed yet)

* Java bindings

* a little more automated testing

Adjustments between 0.8.4a and 0.8.4:


Audio output:

* Fix a52 over spdif in alsa

* SPDIF output available within the Macos X Audio selection.


* Include support for brand new BMP and Prepare (RealAudio G2) decoders in ffmpeg

* Include support for many non standard FOURCCs useful for H.264/H.263


Bug with a few HE AAC sound files

Services Development:

* HAL repairs, must currently use new API

* drain, repair 20-second freeze on windows

* UPnP fixes

* Avahi 0.6 assistance


* Mac OS X

- encoding of H.264 information while using the magician

Adjustments between 0.8.4 and 0.8.2:


Primary help:

* Inner strings handling has become utf 8 based

* New OSD program


* Fixed issues with OpenGL output

* New --check-par (aspect ratio) choice

* Mounted screen issues with HDTV-1080 structure


* Improved DVB service for satellite rings apart from Ku band

* IPv6 passive mode service for FTP

IPv6 Source Multicast service

* GnomeVFS input element

Support for RTP packet reordering

* Fixed format for FTP URLs


Support for libSDL_image to transfer picture types that are various

* Musepack decoder using libmpdec

* QDM2 audio assistance (requirements ffmpeg from 19th March 2005 or later)

Services breakthrough:

* UPnP support development (Linux just right now)

* Bonjour support development using avahi (Linux only)

Movie filters:

* feed overlay

Audio filters:

Fresh choices, improvements and * Repairs associated with the Headset Station

Machine and Dolby Surround

Flow output:

* Fresh scream output component to forward channels to icecast servers

* SDP announcement insects and Set many drain



- new cone image by Rich ¯iestad (Eurodata,

* Mac OS X

- New transcoding and loading wizard

- New expanded cell to settings

- New bookmarks window

- Fixed playlist sorting

- Mounted pull-and-fall within the playlist


- Rename wxWindows interface in wxWidgets.

- All of The --wxwin-* choices are wx-*

- Help for RTP streaming in Stream Ouput

- Now with Unicode support


- Tree playlist


- New RPN functions to manage VLC functions (view play-howto)

- Amenities to properly manage low- areas and ASCII characters in

Files' names

- Include macro to incorporate documents that are other

- CGI 1.0 support

ActiveX plugin:

* Must currently perform outside IE aswell

Mac OSX port:

The choices to be deleted by * New software immediately


* Fixed bandwidth issues of HTTP streaming

* Mounted audio issues with DirectX output


The next languages were included:

* Galician

* Korean

* Romanian

* Simplified Chinese

The next languages were re-included:

* Swedish

Adjustments between 0.8.2 and 0.8.1:


Primary help:

* Edit of the playlist

- tree-structure

- Feedback preparsing (for metadata)

- Group (by performer,...) help

* Choices changes:

- New business, made to enhance functionality

- New setup types (listing of segments,...)

* XML parsers

* Primary image manipulation help

* Customer-part SSL/TLS help

* SSL Client records examining assistance (enables safe VoD)

* Renamed --spu- channel sub-monitor

* Renamed --spumargin to --sub-border

* Renamed --audio-route to --audio-monitor

* Renamed --filter to --vout-filter

Visualizations interfaces, filters and service development modules are

Currently divided by ':' in the place of','

* Entry filter structure

* Monitor choice centered on chosen language (--subscription-language and --audio-vocabulary)

* Zsh autocompletion for the arguments of VLC

* Several bugfixes...


Support for SOCKS proxy

Support for Shoutcast metadata

* Support for (HE-)AAC natural-audio channels

* Support for pictures on the HTTP server that get renewed about the host

* Better support for Kasenna channels

* RTSP UDP->TCP rollover assistance

Matroska improvements

Support for XA audio recordings

* TiVo demuxer

* Samba (Windows shares) entry component

* Enhanced CDDAX component (uses many playlist products)

* Solutions to Linux DVB support

* Resolve the "damaging subtitles wait" bug

Support over IPv6 for FTP

Decoders / Encoders:

* Dirac decoder

* PNG decoder/encoder

* Changes to DVB subtitles encoder

Support for Apple Lossless Audio Codec

Entry filters:

* New Report and filters

Services breakthrough:

* New kind of segments, that include the playlist and what

* completely new SAP component

* make it possible for drain, at this point you have to utilize "-S sap" or include drain in

the "Handle->Services Breakthrough" selection

(IPv6 drain has become allowed automagically)

* non standard assistance for HTTP channels drain announces eliminated

* HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) finding

* DAAP (iTunes shares) help

* Shoutcast

Audio output:

Support for 20/24 bits LPCM


* Movie overview assistance (png or jpeg)

* Picture file video output (png)

* Movement detection filter (can trigger playlist steps)

* Changes to wall filter

Support for opacity and font color

Flow output:

* Muxers

- ASF changes

* VLM / VoD

- Capability To fill a configuration file

- Seeking assistance in VoD streams

* Variety (image-in-picture program)



- Redesigned playlist: include playlist, include listing,...

- Improved preferences

- Changes for the expert

- VCD CD navigation links, DVD

* MacOS X

- Redesigned playlist

- Improved preferences

* Themes

- Service for actions

- Solutions


- Service for your playlist system that is new

* Lirc

- Currently uses config options. View doc/lirc/example.lirc

Windows port:

* Screensaver disabling fix

* DirectShow receiver setup

Support for no-design windows

MacOS X interface:

* Several Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger repairs that are related

* The OpenGL video output is back

* a brand new audio component which should function less false for audio result in a variety of designs.

- Supports multichannel output that is discrete

- Digital audio output demands one to alter a preference setting since it

Isn't yet available within the component that is new

- Please browse the README.MacOSX.rtf apply for extra information.


Support for single- overlay

Pocket PC interface:


* New software

* New video output

Mozilla Plugin:

* Javascript fixes

* Mozilla plugin for MacOS X is again (not yet dispersed)

IE Plugin:

* completely new Ie ActiveX plugin


The next languages were included:

* Catalan

* Danish

* Turkish

Adjustments between 0.8.1 and 0.8.0:


Primary help:

* Contain TLS/SSL API (on plattforms where libgnutls can be obtained)

* SSL service within the HTTP daemon (HTTP flow result and HTTP software)


* Fixed win32 multichannel audio output assistance (that was broken-in 0.8.0)

* Mounted DV and MPEG (WinTV PVR 250/350) assistance within the dshow input

After changing to fullscreen * Fixed taskbar product,


* several more improvements (we still miss a software along with a quick video output).

Audio Output:

* Portaudio output plugin changes

Video Output:

* Correct subpictures climbing utilizing the aspect ratio data when available


* Fixed crash with avi files

* Set autodetection of VCD/SVCD bin files

* Helps Kasenna VoD (MPEG2 only) and simulcast streaming


* Encoders:

* Fixed aspect ratio in ffmpeg encoder component and intertwined assistance

* Flow output:

Support of team statement that is playlist

Adjustments between 0.8.0 and 0.7.2:


Primary help:

* Main focus on libvlc. Modified/renamed/added capabilities

* Total change towards the fresh input primary (better seeking, multiple-feedback,...)

* New extensions cache to speed start period up

* perform -- New -and- end function which prevents the playlist after every performed with product

* Daemon function (to operate vlc within the history)

* Main improvements OSD subsystem


* Fresh screencapture input plugin for BeOS, Win32, X11 and Mac OSX

(Supply your pc)

* Enhanced DVD assistance:

- uses for enjoying DVDs with selections help libdvdnav

- uses libdvdread for play that is easy with selections (eg. for loading)

* Fresh multiple-input assistance (use --feedback-servant to perform with-it)

* Automatic MTU discovery for UDP streams

* stronger MRL format for DVD/VCD/CDDA entry

(choice of games/sections).


Support for Music Store previews

Webcams (i.e. AXIS cameras)

* Added mpeg-ts and preliminary mp4 text monitor help

* Windows Media Server RTSP support

* Support for MPEG TS channels with error correction (204/192 bytes TS packages)

* Support for DTS sound in MPEG-TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)

* Skins2.vlt document loader (only if skins2 may be the present software)

* Improved Ogg demuxer

With MPEG-4 movie Support for MPEG-PS channels.

Support for so AACPlus webstreams that is called



TS text help

* MPEG 4 text help

* Greatly increased DVB subtitles decoder (ETS 300 743)

* Enabled color in DVB subtitles rendering

* VobSub backed in Matroska as well as both externally



* re use audio movie that is / /spu decoders in transcoder module. From on,

Exactly what is usable by VLC ought to be transcodable aswell

* Subtitles protecting in transcoder

* Subpictures protecting in transcoder (view video output)

* frame-rate choice within the transcoder

* DVB subtitles encoder

Libtoolame being used by * MPEG-1 Layer-2 audio encoder

* Improved vorbis/theora encoding


* Text track muxing for mp4

* Multipart. Your movie is immediately readable in a Mozilla Browser

* 14496-17 text track muxing for MPEG TS

* Support for DTS sound in MPEG-TS (ETSI TS 102 154 Annex G)

* Teletext (0x56 descriptor) loading assistance in MPEG-TS.

* New WAV muxer (facilitates multi channel sound)

* Improved ASF muxer


* H.263 RTP streaming service

More certified SDPs are output by * SDP technology and certainly will produce SDP documents today

* Improved RTSP and VoD server (experimental)

Audio Output:

* New equalizer filter

* Really volume normalizer that is insignificant

* Accurate channel downmixing when enjoying 5:1 content on Music

* More resampling that ought to enhance the message impact that is altering

* New output plugin

Video Output:

* Roku HD1000 Video output

* Fresh universal OpenGL video output (X11, Win32, MacOS X)

with support for results.

Improved filter

- New filters could be streamed.

- "Subpicture filters" to overlay subpictures on video

- Central running and mixing

* New filters:

- "time", to show time that is recent

- "marq", to show a marquee


* OSD sliders for postition and quantity info

* OSD icons for Stop and Play

* New Streaming Expert for Windows and Linux standard interfaces (wxWindows)

* several skins2 changes

Added quantity, research, cycle and arbitrary capabilities towards the ncurses program

* Included the ncurses program and a filesystem visitor

* The handheld remote control software are now able to hear for instructions on sockets

* Enhanced CORBA control module

Mac OSX port:

* Set the "can't set buffersize [no]" coreaudio issue

* Main speed changes towards the Quartz video output

* The Mac OSX software isn't any longer necessary to show video


* New galaktos creation plugin (MilkDrop-appropriate)

* Experimental SVG rendering component

Support for DVB CAMERA modules.


* DirectX Media Target decoder (enables enjoying some press types, like WMV3)

* DirectX Media Thing encoder and sound

Flow is handled by * Fixed long-standing thread

* Fixed issue with subtitles making with processor utilization

* Picture mode for that DirectX video output (just in overlay style)


* Huge update (we still miss a software along with a quick video output).

Mozilla plugin:

* Included lots of Javascript funtionality that was available

Placement, * Quantity, duration, find etc etc etc.


* Host/customer system synchronization module

* VBrick streams supported

* Cisco IP/TV channels supported

* VLM enhancements

Adjustments between 0.7.2 and 0.7.1:


Primary help:

For more easy seeking/ access * Favorites function.

Support for result inserted in interfaces.

* Improved HTTP daemon.

* Saved playlists today remember VLC- options.


* New Constant Media Markup Language (CMML) codec.


* New H.261 video decoder.

* H264 demuxer, encoder and packetizer.

When required * Packetizer interfaces between codec and demux

(enables using ffmpeg plugin to decode MPEG channels and greater aac decoding).

* Support for Theora alpha3 (both decoding and development).


* --start time and --quit-period to start and stop playing a

Document in the specific quantity of moments. Just works with several

fileformats (avi, port, mkv, mp4)

* Enhanced index entry component.

* New "document-kitten" choice to perform truncated films.

* Better handling of meta data (name, writer, explanation, etc...).

Meta data to be passed by * New choices towards the feedback.

* It's currently feasible to stream applications from the dvb s/D/T flow

(satellite, wire, or digital terestrial tv)


* Annodex ( assistance.

* mmsh streaming solutions.

* Fixed endless loop on damaged/unfinished documents within the AVI demux.


* Subviewer subtitles assistance.

* Capability To select subtitles route that is autodetected.

* Subtitles wait could be transformed with hotkeys instantly.

Flow output:

* Improved program announcement process.

* Reduce posts utilization automagically.

* Included quicker than realtime flow output (restricted to processor) for document output.

* Improved MOV muxer.

* Improved MPEG TS muxer.

* Improved transrater.

* Meta data choices utilized by the muxers.

* New configuration program.

* Greater audio stations when transcoding downmixing.

VideoLAN manager:

* New videolan (press) supervisor (vlm): only a little manager made to start

Streams are managed by and from within one occasion of VLC.

Streams live.

* Supports arrangement.

* Telnet software for vlm.

* HTTP interface for vlm.


* Themes two (Windows and Linux only)

- Capability To add video output.

- Service for bitmap fonts.

- Plenty Of changes.

* wxWindows (standard Windows and Linux software)

- New style and group of symbols.

- Capability To add video output.

- Service for hotkeys.

- Service for bookmarks.

* Mac OS X

- Help for 'teams' and product attributes.

- Better hotkeys.

Mac OSX port:

* OpenGL video output has become the default.

* Included FAAC encoder (mp4a).

Result repair to work well with numerous channels on the HAL system.

* Possible fix for clash with CodeTek VirtualDesktop (untested).


* DirectShow input plugin must use more products.

When viewing films * Disable check down power.

* Improved Windows installer.


* PowerPC solutions.


* Changes towards the Goom visualization plugin.

* Roku HD1000 audio output.

Adjustments between 0.7.1a and 0.7.1:


Mac OS X:

* Set the notorious 'mp3 requires twice the processor it will consider' bug

* Playing MOD documents is currently working today.

Adjustments between 0.7.1 and 0.7.0:


Primary help:

* Set an awful insect that triggers choices to not be preserved some occasions.

IGMPv3 support under Linux and Windows XP.


* completely new DTS Coherent Acoustics decoder centered on libdts


* Fixed DTS S/PDIF output

* SVCD (Philips OGT) and CVD subtitles


* Internal improvments

Import /export


* Fresh support for Nullsoft streaming movie(.nsv) and actual press(.rm)

Pot formars.

* New demux module from ffmpeg that employs libavformat. Provides support for all

Small and platforms that are unusual.

* New PVA demux.

* New MOD demux.

Support for A52 and DTS /AC3 wav files.

* Support for A52 and DTS audio CD.

* Fresh and fresh DVD input plugin with selections assistance (using libdvdnav).

* Added DV assistance in natural DV demuxer back.

Flow output:

* MP4/PORT muxer changes (quick-start, aac in port, etc...).

* Set an awful bug.

* Increased transcoding (multithreading, more tuning, etc...).

Support development:

* Set sdp in drain.

Mac OSX port:

* New opengl output plugin.


* several improvements.

* Fixed name resolution.

Adjustments between 0.7.0 and 0.6.2:


Primary help:

* completely new decoder/packetizer api.

While simplifying the decoder plugins provides much more versatility.

* New encoder api (Ffmpeg, Vorbis, Theora, Flac and Speex encoders available).

When possible * Video results are recycled,.

This eliminates any 'sparkle' between two movie files that are similiar.

* Set the video filters. When utilizing filters movie must no further proceed dark.

* New insight key. Benefits are: greater more sensitive, service for

Subtitle files in far, and the primary a lot more.


* Included a repeat style to replicate just one document again and again.

* Playlist working


* RTP/RTSP support.

* Fixed frustrating seeking issue with Ogg files (seeking might take ages).

Support for Flac in Ogg files.

* MPEG-TS demuxer also addresses AAC and A52 sound in DVB channels.

* Edit of the demuxer.

* cddax using libvcd, libcdio and libvcdinfo. (Linux only)

* Altered DVB.

* Better Icecast support.

* New MPEG movie elementary streams demuxer.

* New DTS elementary streams demuxer.


Support for Theora coding.

* Support for Speex sound decoding/development.

* Edit of the decoder + coding help.

* Support for MPEG2 422 decoding that was recently put into libmpeg2 (cvs).

Support for correct multi-channel and AAC + SBR re ordering.

* MPEG help.

* Removed deprecated decoders (a52_old, mpeg_video and mpeg_audio).

Flow output:

* Changes towards the MPEG TS muxer.

* New transrating module for movie.

* Included packetization for MPEG AAC ADTS streams.

* Included packetizers for Theora, Speex, Flac, LPCM, DTS streams.

* Improved muxing and included when transcoding AAC/MP4V assistance.

* Improved Ogg muxing and included subtitles, Speex and Theora assistance.

* MPEG TS muxer uses the ATSC/DVB specifications for embedded A52 sound.

* --sout-maintain choice to maintain feedback available while changing.

* Initial RTP service.

* Solutions to SAP announces.


* Themes:

- Bugfixes

- misc changes (eg, "remain on leading" choice).

* New standardized hotkeys.


- Playlist changes (Kind, Research, style switches).

- Changes and assist in preferences

- New streaming wizard

- Modified Disc Open menu


- Changes of the pages that are conventional

- Service for directions that are new

* OSD (OSX and hotkeys just atm).

Support development:

Repairs towards the SAP component

* SAP currently supports HTTP channels


* Text subtitles are in possession of a dark format.

* Text subtitles autodetection.

* Text subtitles autodetection.

* Text subtitles for several videofiles. Outcomes can vary.

* Text subtitles in Hebrew are recognized. Arabic partly.

* Automated fontsize choice for text subtitles.

* Fixed SAMI text subtitles service.

Support for subtitles in Matroska files.

Support for subtitles in DVB channels.

Mac OSX port:

* New control created by Max Rudberg from

* Save playlist.

* Works on. Apologies for that issue.

Support for Panther.

Support for natural disposal of channels to drive.

* Mozilla plugin for Macos X (experimental).


* New DirectShow input component (for movie purchase cards, webcams, PVRs...).

* VLC could be mounted like a Windows NT support.

* Permit onthefly switching of the primary software.

Support in output for 3F2R.

* New --one-occasion choice to "pressure" example of VLC working.

* Mozilla plugin for Windows (experimental).

* Multimonitor support (untested).

* Fixed time bug that was awful with systems on some double-processor / P4.


Input Improved. Additionally additional assistance for an audio feedback that was only.

Support for real time concern when operating with root privileges.

* Permit onthefly switching of the primary software.


* completely new Gtk 2 software


* audio-visual effects filters (range, range and arbitrary).

* audio-visual effects filter using goom.

* Spanish, Portuguese Brazilian translations.

* libcaca video output (colored ascii)

Adjustments between 0.6.2 and 0.6.1:


Primary help:

* Set an awful regression in 0.6.1 which created some streams not playable.

Flow output:

* Transcoder currently creates correct pts/dts hence must function better.

* Improved MPEG TS muxer.

Entry feedback:

Support for dvb s/D/T cards using v4l2 API for Linux kernels.

* Several fixes.


Support for DVD selections navigation and the wxWindows program added together.

UNIX locations:

* ALSA multi channel assistance examined and set.

* Fixed fullscreen with metacity.


* Fixed VCD assistance that was damaged on some devices.


* Common software with Gtk+-1.2 and GPE help eliminated (deprecreated).


* Text subtitles today based on the image.

Correct pts are currently generated by * Ffmpeg decoder and certainly will be utilized to perform

mpeg1/2 movies.

Adjustments between 0.6.1 and 0.6.0:


Primary help:

* there must be fake resampling that is less, especially on DVDs.

* VLC may now watch for the method to wake before beginning its time up

Following a stop.

Flow output:

* Added audio support.

* Added vorbis transcoding service.

* Added mp3 audio transcoding assistance (when ffmpeg is gathered with mp3lame).

UNIX locations:

* ALSA multi channel assistance examined and set.

* Fixed fullscreen with metacity.


* Fixed VCD assistance that was damaged on some devices.


* Common software with Gtk+-1.2 and GPE help eliminated (deprecreated).


* Text subtitles today based on the image.

Correct pts are currently generated by * Ffmpeg decoder and certainly will be utilized to perform

mpeg1/2 movies.

Adjustments between 0.6.1 and 0.6.0:


Primary help:

* there must be fake resampling that is less, especially on DVDs.

* VLC may now watch for the method to wake before beginning its time up

Following a stop.

Flow output:

* Added audio support.

* Added vorbis transcoding service.

* Added mp3 audio transcoding assistance (when ffmpeg is gathered with mp3lame).

* PS muxer create channels with program headers and can make mpeg1 files today.

* you are able to transcode a52 with increased than two stations to mpga today.


* Mounted DVD assistance that was partially damaged as a result of bug in libdvdcss

* Set 5.1 audio assistance for that sblive/audigy soundcards.

* Fixed audio on Windows NT.

UNIX locations:

* Set allowed multi-channel and /enhanced ALSA help output.

* X11/Xvideo: Must now focus on big endian devices, and you will now

Make use of the arrow keys to search through the DVD selections.


* Gtk+2 software named PDA

* Common Gtk+ has become deprecreated

Faad2 * Codec a52 and flac flac included

* Video4Linux allowed (demux and transcode)

* Flow Out with transcode service allowed (use codecs: HuffYuvv Along With A-regulation).


* Little improvements/fixes towards the wxWindows program.

* Improved HTTP control software. Now you can produce your personal HTML websites.

* a brand new CORBA control plugin.

Feedback demux:

* Enhanced service for that Matroska container structure.


* Improved build process.

* New movie filter plugin to overlay images.

* Additional support.

* New subtitle component which uses freetype2 to make arbitrary fonts in virtually any dimension.

Also needs to use languages like russion for example.

Adjustments between 0.6.0 and 0.5.3:


Core Support:

* Route Host help was eliminated (was deprecated)

Entry that is feedback:

* Set a large pest in ftp and http entry that avoided several systems (OSX most plainly) to see ftp and http channels.

* Fixed file service on Windows

* Video 4 Linux support

* CD Digital Audio help

* Fixed IPv6 multicasting on Windows.

Feedback demux:

* Greater recognition of files and AAC

Support for OpenDML avi files

* More .mp4 that is full support

* Really early assistance for that Matroska container structure (do not protest if it generally does not function;)


* VLC's own 2 decoder continues to be replaced with libmpeg2

* Support for Sorenson 3 (SVQ3 or Quicktime information) via ffmpeg

* OSX help for QDM2 audio, frequently utilized in QT information.

* Set a bug that was creating artefacts in flash movie (ffmpeg)

* Updated our theora decoder to make use of libtheora's alpha-2 launch

* If rather than stopping completely cannot continue, miss and attempt to recover

* Indeo Video 3 (IV32) assistance for Little Endian computers. (therefore not for OSX)


* The wxWindows program has become completely useful in addition to Unicode secure

* New HTTP control software

Flow output:

* Fresh flow output plan. It's currently feasible to construct a series of flow results allowing to flow for example and show some information in the same period.

The flow result that is * today enables to transcode information onthefly.

* Fixed key insect that avoided loading mpeg 1/2 movie with pulldown information.

* SAP/SDP announcing service. (both IPv4 and IPv6)


* New solution for that choices

* you are able to set your vocabulary within the prefences

* New movie chroma transformation component using ffmpeg

* Included the submission and a Gentoo ebuild

* Included a brand new smaller subtitles font (today the standard) + programs to create your personal

* SAP/SDP IPv6 help

UNIX locations:

* Fundamental assistance for that X11 Xinerama extension.

* New skinable interface.

* Work opie- vlc -vlc as GuiServer

Mac OSX port:

Whenever you include the playlist and many what *, they're categorized alphabetically.

* New about renewed and panel preferences screen.

* Set the menu.

* Match to Display, Drift on the top along with an Openness choice for video-out.

* New result discussion while flow abilities for transcode.

* New designs by Davor Orel.

* New resampler. Must make VLC even more quickly.

* Fixed vanishing and crackling audio (PTS has gone out of variety insect)

* We whenever you stop immediately save the choices, the applying

* Arrow keys are now actually use to see the selections in a DVD


* the wxWindows interface has become the standard software

* The keyboard shortcuts are just like the linux version

* Set the "no audio" issue on NT4

* Enhanced skinnable program (it today employs the wxWindows interface dialogs).

* Added support for compressed themes files (.vlt documents)

* Fixed SVCD chapters assistance.

* Set memory leak with 5.1 audio.


* Software localization

If playing in fullscreen * Screensaver disabled,

* several keyboard shortcuts that are new

Full - Preferences window that is featured

Adjustments between 0.5.3 and 0.5.2:


Core Support:

* set DTS S output on Little Endian machines

* help in the software level for themes

* OSD that is new module using Freetype2

Once the related input stops video results are now actually ruined

* the movie output considers the caching delay presented in the

Before falling outdated structures feedback stage.

* setup choice to eliminate the interface's interpretation

Entry that is feedback:

* HTTP redirects that are fixed

Support for starting a whole directory

* EOF must be found more easily

* new entry plug in

* kfir entry that is new plug in made to work a pest within the kfir driver around

Feedback demux:

* included flow form for many Motorola MPEG 2 video encoders

Fix for many ogg internet radio channels

* reading that is set TS streams HTTP


* help for 3ivx D4 (not prior versions)

* help for '3ivd' and '3vid' encodings

* help for 'MSS1' codec (just like WMV2)

* help for SAMI subtitles (untested and imperfect)

SSA4 subtitles recognition

Codec for I420 video

* changes towards the libmpeg2-based MPEG decoder


* changes to wxWindows based software

(even though it still misses some essential functions)

Skeleton to get a Gnome2 plug in

Flow output:

* HTTP output that is new service

* set a segfault within the AVI muxer

* AV synchronization problems that are fixed


* service for id3 genres

UNIX locations:

* the SDL vout plug in will currently focus on Big Endian machines

Mac OSX port:

* reorderable playlist

* set the hiding of the mouse on screens

* set a large problem with a few Hardware speakers

Support for audio output units that are mono

Reset the audio-system before stopping VLC to its standard style

* set aesthetic problems that are many

* you are able to pull the control screen by its history (because it ought to be)

* lines are remembered by the messages window

Fps and * wait are now able to be overturned with files

* http output options

Pals and * Apple selection may now be interpreted too


* skinnable interface that is new

The directx video output does not crash on occasions that are ctrl+alt+del.

Linux port that is iPAQ common:

Support for FLAC format

* the software adjusts towards the screen-size/turn

Playlist that is *

* system bill within the software

* "use" handling in choices

Adjustments between 0.5.2 and 0.5.1a:


Primary help:

Default now actually hides * config options that were sophisticated

New --spdif choice to make use of the S/ PDIF output automagically

* set a 'pressing' audio when converting between channels

* new resampler which should enhance quality on mainly

Mac OS X

* set an issue with sound over http that triggered some internet radios not to work

* DTS S/PDIF support


* help for DV audio through the library

Support for FLAC audio through libflac

* fundamental although fresh MPEG movie decoder centered on libmpeg2

* set a significant insect in LPCM signal (repairs an issue with iDVD devices)

Flow output:

* help for loading DivX 1/2/3, wmv1/2, h/i263 over MPEG2 TS

Ttl choice for Timetolive

DVD assistance:

* set a number of issues with the dvd selection help

UNIX locations:

* set the GNU-pth support


* multi-channel S and sound /PDIF service for both Waveout and the DirectX


Localization service via gettext has become fully operating

Rc interface has become fully useful

* set creation files

Mac OSX port:

* many repairs for multi-channel audio products. AC3 over SPDIF with

M audio Sonica Movie nevertheless doesn't function. That is a driver that is probably

Insect and it has been documented to M Audio. (Delta, Sonica, Innovation, Griffin

iMate and MOTU firewire products must function)

The standard audio system is today used by * VLC

* data screen that is new

* extremely initial support for VLC control via applescript

Support for mouse actions

Priority plan permitting to prevent lock ups on low end devices


* there's an entire new interface for that linupy submission utilized by o.a. the

YOPY PDA. It's still fresh, please test drive it


Improved ID3 tag detection

Many mistakes improved the often reported "that is

Not really a PS supply, ongoing" is one of these simple

Mouse actions that are * focus on osx and windows, but there is still any useless


* some assistance for playlists utilized by shoutcast

Adjustments between 0.5.1a and 0.5.1:


Mac OSX port:

* set an issue that triggered the incorrect terminology to be selected by VLC when

English was established because the language

Adjustments between 0.5.1 and 0.5.0:


Primary help:

* mouse gesture that is new interface

Volume are now able to be transformed anytime, even if no document is


Entry that is feedback:

* numerous small repairs about the community inputs

* set some strange link parsing issues (/Sizes/toto:tata/harry@coin.mpg)

* VCD: section indexing and mounted monitor number

Feedback demux:

* set a poor initialization within the mp4 plug in

* new --cart-psi choice for TS channels which don't revise their

continuity counter


* help for MPEG 2 intra piece refresh (aka. Piece-I) channels

DVD assistance:

* set a bug which switched the standard software command line just

With no user permission

UNIX locations:

* GTK an accident changing quantity in the or when planning fullscreen

popup menu

* X11: new screen saver limiting plug in (--extraintf screensaver)

* KDE collection with KDE 3.1

* ALSA: mono files output that is fixed

Mac OSX port:

* set an accident on start up on some methods that were local

* decreased real time goals to prevent lock ups on devices that are slow

* VLC are now able to be produced the trainer of udp URLs and ftp http mms

Playlist improvements that are *

* included half, dual and regular movie screen menu items

* new advance/move backward instructions

* the pier must no further be noticeable in fullscreen mode

* the Mac OSX binary has become gathered with Ogg/Theora support

* has become


* set the " line attachment problem" bug

* VLC are now able to be run from outside its installation service

* set a bug that avoided to obtain the standard subtitle font


* wiser BeOS goals to prevent lock ups

* several improvements within the software (particularly the Options screen)


* local video output is currently working again

Commandline interface support

* help for MPEG4, DivX through ffmpeg package

Adjustments between 0.5.0 and 0.4.6:


Primary framework:

* item framework that allows for complete reentrancy, called libvlc

* new output structure centered on filter pipelines, offering

S multi-channel and /PDIF service

Localization service of all architectures via gettext

* fresh flow productivity structure, permitting to make use of VLC to unicast,

Multicast or transmit a flow to a different VLC (just MPEG 4 and multicast, 2

Along With A/52 channels are backed)

* create program today uses autoconf/automake/autopoint

Entry that is feedback:

* mms:// help

* ftp:// help

* security fixes within the HTTP access

Auto -recognition of RTP encapsulation

* VCD entrypoints help

* VCD image file support

Feedback demux:

Support for *.asf structure

* enhanced service over an HTTP link, particularly for *.avi

Support for structure that is *.mov and *.mp4

Support for ogg encapsulation

Support for DV format that is raw

Support for structure that is *.wav

* new demuxdump demux permitting to save lots of a flow to some document

* AAC support that is raw

Flow finding & playlists:

* help for that drain/ SLP methods and SDP

Support for extendable that is.m3u

Support for.asx extendable

* crack to obtain the loading resources in html-websites with wmp


* help ssa2, for that microdvd ssa1 -4 subtitles file types

(only accessible using the.avi demux)

Support for ADPCM audio codec

Support for PCM data

Support for Cinepak video codec

* help for DV video codec via libdv

* help for AAC codec via libfaad2

Support for Xvid codec

* help for the Vorbis audio of codec

* help for Xiph.orgis Tremor audio codec (when producing from resources)

* help for the Tarkin of codecs (when producing

from sources)

New codecs WMA, WMV, SVQ 1, H263,

MJPEG A/W, H263i

* set an bug in LPCM codec

DVD assistance:

* fresh initial support via libdvdplay for DVD menus


WxWindows interface

* all permit to dynamically alter the audio, the amount


* headset channel mixer with spatialization effect

* Mozilla plugin centered on libvlc for play in websites of any

format that VLC can play

* swedish translation that is new

* improvements of the window

Debug data to be seen by communications screen

Several failures were set by *


Slider bar in GTK+/GPE Common software

Crash on listing change in Common software

* included qte_main component to be used in most segments that require Qte or Opie assistance

* local video output component for Qt Set/Opie isn't currently working